We will introduce a new one today. It debuted in the 2020SS season. A brand that makes bags. AL. Ol. Since it is a debut, there is no previous information, so I think it would be good if you could see it from an unbiased point of view. I think there are many people who go out empty-handed without carrying a bag, but I think one of the reasons is that they don't have anything they want to carry anymore. So, I wonder what this will be like. Since it's the debut season, there's no influence on who owns it, but there's no doubt that it's a bag that has never existed before. The theme is "YOU MAY ALSO LIKE" "Maybe you like it" Bags are generally made of canvas or leather. AL is completely different. If the material is different, the atmosphere that comes out of it will be completely different, so I think people who like this kind of thing will like it. All 4 types. There are 3 types of handbag materials and a shoulder bag. However, I don't have any shoulder bags, so I'll introduce you to what I have today. First of all. I wonder if this will be the most synonymous with AL. The body is made of octopus thread. Octopus thread for the warp and nylon thread for the weft. The fabric is densely knitted. I think you can understand that octopus thread is strong and durable, but it is woven quite tightly. So it's definitely thick. Well, in terms of usage, it wasn't originally used for this kind of thing, so no one thinks about knitting it. In other words, it seems that there are not many people who can knit octopus thread. The thread itself is thick, and just thinking about it sounds like it would be very difficult. However, it seems that there was only one craftsman in Kyoto who could shape it, and it was completed beautifully. It has elasticity like a spring, and it moves flexibly even if you put a heavy object in it and walk. It doesn't stretch and sag. In fact, it seems to be a very suitable material for bags. Still, the appearance is very distinctive because it is knitted with octopus thread. A peculiar atmosphere that creates a sense of volume and appearance. Also, I think this perverted feeling will be conveyed somewhat to those who know. It's really hard to smell, but it's radiating. A tightly knitted body. and this handle. This uses a different one for the octopus thread of the body. With a plastic core, cotton is wrapped around it, and the wax is drawn from there. That's why each thread of this handle is strong, and although there is flexibility due to the unique elasticity of the knitted fabric, the thread itself does not stretch. It's perfect for use as a steering wheel, and I think the contrast between the material and the body is good. By the way, it has a cotton lining. You feel safe, don't you? This will improve durability even further. Also, although it's hard to see, it also has a zippered inner pocket. By the way, there are hooks on both sides of the zipper. Do you understand. This is for future attachment of shoulder belts. However, this season the brand is not making. shoulder belt. Is there such a thing? It's a feeling, but it's a bag that will be completed over time. Ah~ I'm so attached. I'm charming. That kind of. good stance. Humanity that does not aim for perfection from the beginning. Japanese people are too diligent and demand perfection from others. It makes me think again about how to live like a human being. It's not deep enough to say, but it's just that I didn't make it, Well, I'm Japanese. Designer making. But you can trust the quality of the product itself. It is a two-color development. As you can see, it's also available in black. So I'm curious about this. The packaging of this brand is also interesting. The wind that came back from the cleaning shop. This is water resistant to some extent, so you can leave it on, but I think it will become a little worn after washing. But once you take it off, you can't wear it the same way again, so at first you might be laughed at by the people around you who are heartless, but have fun with this. Next is this. It's the same shape, but the fabric is different. special fabric. Knitted octopus thread is used as thread, but black thread is added to it. A mesh like a honeycomb weave. The black thread is heat hardened polyester. In other words, it might be better if you thought it was plastic. It's a strange fabric weave, but this is also unique to AL. The name AL seems to have several origins. One of them is "weaving". One of the themes is the pursuit of weaving and knitting, and that is why the use of unique materials. The combination of this octopus thread and plastic achieves a touch that has never been touched. Come on, bling. I think it's a feeling of the unknown. Even so, the fabric has a sense of sheerness, so you may be a little uneasy, but I think that you will feel that the combination of different materials makes it look really strong, so your worries will surely disappear. In addition,,, It doesn't have a lining and is see-through, but for some strange reason it's not see-through at all. It fits like you're putting something in it. The handle is the same as before. If you look closely, you can see that it has a beautiful three-dimensional shape that looks like a spiral staircase. Inner pocket with zipper. No lining specification. Have fun with this bling fabric. All AL bags are wrapped in original packaging like this. Dry cleaner-like complete style. That's why some of them are still on display in stores. Next is this. "YOU MAY ALSO LIKE" "Maybe you'll like it" bag. This is a body inspired by Panama, a summer tradition. Woven by craftsmen in Kyoto from jute thread and black nylon that looks like panama grass. Nylon spreads all over the mouth like Panama. If this is real Panama grass, it will tear when you use it, but it's okay because it's nylon tape. Moreover, it is overwhelmingly softer than the fiber of Panama grass, and it is gentle on the hit. It doesn't damage your clothes and it lasts well. This body is also sturdy enough for a bag and is impregnated with wax after the fabric is finished. Impregnation (ganshin) is not a coating on the surface, but it is immersed in liquid and the wax penetrates into the thread, so this state continues. If it is only the surface, it will gradually peel off. So it's fine. Impregnation of peace of mind and trust. This model also has OFF WHITE. It's okay to have this peculiarity again. This feeling that I do not know if something is cheap or expensive. There is something like the Alt key on a computer, It seems to be an abbreviation for Alt = Alternative, Alternative means "another option". So it makes sense that it's another option for bags. "Maybe another option, you might like this bag." Reinforcement parts for attaching the inner pocket on the back. I think this type is the most suitable for people who have a strong atmosphere in clothes. I like people who like it, but in terms of the high approval rate, it's probably the first octopus thread bag. Well, it's up to you what you choose. I also have a shoulder bag like this, but it's the only one I have at the moment. It will be ready if you wait a little longer. Small and cute, right? It also has a zipper for opening and closing, but you can squeeze the mouth. This is the lineup. AL's first season. I think that the size has a certain amount of capacity. I thought I'd show up after a long time. It is a shoulder length that can be worn properly on the shoulder. Together with your favorite amachi. shirt. I think this is the one that is easy to balance with the amachi. shirt. However, the problem is that I have a bicycle life every day, so it is difficult to carry. Can you make me a shoulder belt soon? All of the handbag-type models in our shop can be worn over the shoulder. ALs can be seen hanging in the back left from a little while ago. The handling quantity is not so large, but I think that people who like this AL bag will be addicted to it. The materials used are unique, and the designers who make the first pieces are incredibly creative, and their ideas are superhuman. Still, I feel that I was able to create such a product because of this person who has been doing this kind of bag industry for a long time and has know-how. Because of this kind of thing, I think that the designer can make a bag that you want to have, and I definitely want to handle it. Please take a look at the real thing at the store. Well then.
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