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SILK SHIRT that has been introduced before

I think there may be some people who didn't have this color in the image of "Yamauchi".

Moreover, the material is 100% silk. I think it's a little unusual for the brand's development so far.

But, I made a shirt that is completely Yamauchi.

Thankfully, I think that people who call from afar and who come to the store are also concerned.

I was hesitant, but it's coming soon. You can see it.

In the past, most Yamauchi shirts were without collars.

In particular, when it comes to salt-shrinking linen shirts, I feel that the shape of the base collar without the feather collar is a perfect balance, so I've been dealing with it. But this time it has a collar. As for the shape of the shirt, it's not an obvious different shirt. However, you can feel the splendor of the shape of this shirt there. Of course, it will be Yamauchi's original shirt pattern.

Mr. Yamauchi himself no longer writes on the brand's homepage blog anymore, but I think he wrote about shirts before. I don't remember it clearly, but it said something like this.

``I think shirts have been perfected for quite some time.

So, at first glance, the shape of this shirt is also a standard shirt type. That's good. However, even if it is a standard shirt type, it has an elaborate pattern made with Yamauchi quality.

The size of the collar, the width of the placket, the height of the sleeves, the size of the armholes, the width of the sleeves, the length of the dress, the width of the cuffs, etc. I think there is no end to it.

In particular, the cufflinks and sword rags are clearly different from ordinary shirts.

I think people who have used Yamauchi's shirts will understand this part, but when you fasten the cuff buttons on a regular shirt, a gap is created in the sword rags, which can lead to a gap on the wrist. Or I think that the inner can be seen.

For Mr. Yamauchi, this part is a shortcoming of the shirt, and in order to eliminate the opening of the sword rags, the sword rags are set using the pattern of switching the two sleeves.

this part.

Well, it's rare for a shirt to have two sleeves in the first place, but I think it's one of Mr. Yamauchi's unique ways to think about opening the cuffs using that.

Also, compared to regular shirts, the sleeves of the two-sleeves fall three-dimensionally down so that they fit the human arm, which is unique to well-tailored shirts.

So, regarding the shape of this shirt this time, there is a reason why I adopted this. It's because of the strong silk fabric that gives this impression. A thick, stiff cotton-like fabric. Super high density. Luster emitted from the depths of the fiber.

At first glance, it looks matte.

Silk neps appear here and there. But not excessive.

Folded vertical lines created by a special dyeing method. There are individual differences in this.

and faded pink. You could call it dry pink.

Even the silk fabric alone is extremely special. Moreover, what is added to it is the unusual and polite tailoring.

Furthermore, even the button is a natural brown shell button of the brown butterfly shell.

That's why it wasn't something for Yamauchi-san to overtly change the shape of the shirt.

A shirt that makes the most of everything that makes up this shirt.

When it comes to sewing, I checked everything, but all of them are first-class products.

The parts that expose the stitches are exposed, and the hidden parts are hidden.

The stitches are not visible from the front, such as the side seams of the body and the switching between two sleeves.

As for Yamauchi, the fineness of the stitching is also one of its characteristics, but it doesn't feel like it's going to appeal to everyone and furiously.

. The meticulousness of the sewing is a result of one technique, but all of this is to ensure that the person who picks up this shirt can wear it for a long time and that it looks good, and to raise that level to the utmost. I am alive and well.

Homogeneity at such a high level that I can say no more.

The only difference is the personality of this fabric and the expression of the real tea butterfly shell.

By the way, this photo has a lot of wrinkles from dyeing. This is quite included. I think the quality of the fabric, pattern, and sewing was really good.

Since this is the only thing, I think it's good to have the feeling that you can pass through your sleeves in various ways.

It's like simply rolling up the sleeves of the finest shirt and wearing it.

Regarding the size of this shirt, unless you have an extreme desire to wear it, I think you should choose your normal size.

By the way, I went up one size.

The reason was that there was just a nice, well-tailored pink shirt. Because I wanted to put it on like that.

The one I'm wearing in the photo is 3. Here's a photo of it in brand new condition. As I wrote in my previous blog, I washed it.

But just in case, I hand-washed it so that I could see the transformation of the fabric in the water. Then. It was great.

Can you tell me? This feeling. It was amazingly soft.

Plus fine wrinkles from washing.

But the touch is something else.

Also, after washing it, I noticed something else. This silk is so dense that water cannot pass through it.

When you wash your shirt by hand, or soak a towel in the bath water, the water will sizzle through it. None of that. There are too many gaps in the fabric.

Up until now, I have only encountered such fabrics at APPLETREES, which we carry in our shop. But it's 100% cotton.

This time, silk 100. It is a pleasure to meet such a fabric. It is unique to silk that Mr. Yamauchi says. This is proof that it was woven tightly with a Hamamatsu cotton loom.

This is it. this. I'm sure there's no gap. I can't get through the water. this density.

At first, the fabric was stiff, but it came off.

Then came the silky texture.

I think that there are likes and dislikes about this, but please enjoy the combination because of this tailoring. However, the extraordinary quality of this silk does not disappear. I think it will be fun to wear it for many years.

I'm wearing this while writing this blog. As expected, I still refrain from wearing it during business hours. Great, isn't it? Super favourite.

Also, as a tie-up, it will be released as part of the 20SS season. wonder or wonder. This is what a year-round shirt is all about. The body temperature control function inside the silk clothes is also fully equipped, and there is no fluentness.

The shirt this time is this one. Mizude's factory. When it comes to shirts, this is the quality.

I think that you will be satisfied no matter where you look. This sewing level.

Well, I usually use a lot of silly words, but this shirt has a very special finish.

As for sales, I'm a little confused.

As I wrote at the beginning, I also received contacts from people far away in advance.

So, our first business day in 2020 is from 11:00 on January 2nd, but please allow us to sell only at the store on the first day.

Also, I usually don't plan to post it on the online shop, but this shirt will be posted on the online shop.

The online shop will be posted at 12:00 on the 3rd. At the same time, we also accept mail-order sales over the phone. I believe that those who are far away and who care about this shirt must have read this blog, and I would like to deliver it to such people.

I believe that we have achieved a level of quality that cannot be produced by other brands.

The price is ¥ 42,000- (excluding tax). Nearly 70,000 yen is reasonable if it is the original price theory street. First and last.

The size is the full size of Yamauchi's size expansion, 2 to 5.

As for the price, it is absolutely impossible.

That's why I would be happy if you could choose it for those who like it.

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