"Yamauchi" TRENCH COAT

A super big game that came here and came.

The 2020SS season has started, but with things like this, I think it's a question of whether you want it or not, and whether you want to wear it as a fashion lover.

"Yamauchi" Recently, I had a silk shirt that was specially made for sale.

Thankfully, it far exceeded our expectations.

But, well, that fabric is made in that way. Moreover, I worked very hard on the price.

But of course, we were able to achieve that price without simplifying the fabrics and specifications from the beginning, so I hope that those who purchase it will wear it heavily in their own way.

By the way, that shirt was made for the 2020SS season, but today's trench coat is for the 2019-20AW season.

The timeline is already messed up. Well, I think you can understand how difficult it is to make.

Yamauchi's clothing is already super-complex, but it surpasses the towering hurdles of making clothes in the future. I don't think I've ever seen a coat like this, let alone picked it up. A trench coat infused with the highest level of Japanese technology.

It's called a 3way trench coat. I think most of them are things that can be removed or changed in some way, but this is a completely different story.

1st place + 1st place is 1st place. In other words, it means that two clothes are one. Moreover, each one of them is a thing that faints in agony.

Two coats with a clear sense of luxury and overwhelming simplicity and robustness. It is a special trench coat that consists of it.

First, let me introduce each of them.

It's called a "liner".

Well, if this is a liner, what is the quality of the liner that exists in the world? The fabric is 100% wool.

This wool was born from the wonderful idea of ​​no-mulesing wool, which Yamauchi has been developing in his collection for several years.

Simply put, wool that does not abuse sheep at all.

SUPER 120'S OF IT. It's a very thin wool fiber.

Furthermore, we thought out the wool fiber from the stage of designing it into yarn, and incorporated special technology when weaving it into the fabric, so to speak, cashmere touch wool. The fabric is so smooth that you can't help but doubt your own hands, and the luster is so beautiful that you'll have to look at it twice. It's a coat, and it's a fabric that has a heavy finish.

Just imagine, the dense melton used in outerwear is softened, smoothed, irritated, lightened, and natural at the universe level It feels shiny.

It is a liner trench coat made by Yamauchi's tailoring.

It has sufficient heat retention as an outerwear to wear in autumn, and above all, the stitching work makes it look like a high-quality dress shirt even though it is an outerwear. Strictly speaking, the sewing thread count is lower than that of the dress shirt, so the stitches look strong, but each stitch is shining.

If you wear this on the street, I think that anyone who sees it will recognize you as someone who wears an endlessly high-quality tailored coat. Adding to that is the elegance of wool with this cashmere touch. A drape with a profound feeling that appears conspicuously every time you move. Well, get your hands on it and be impressed.

This is a so-called outerwear.

It looks almost the same as before.

This fabric is 65% cotton and 35% linen. It is from Enshu.

Even if you say cotton and linen, I don't think anyone can imagine this cotton linen fabric.

Because this is a super strong twist. It seems that it is the best strong twist that can be done in Japan.

This time, I will omit the explanation about "strong twist" and "twisting". Normally, a hard twist is said to be about 1200 twists.

This is a whopping 2000 times.

You've come up with some impressive numbers.

In addition, most fabrics such as cotton and linen are surface-treated after weaving, but this is almost untreated. It's a technique that can only be achieved with this "super strong twist".

When I first saw this coat, Mr. Yamauchi said, "It's cotton and linen." Unimaginable fabric.

Of course, because it is super-strongly twisted, the firmness and smoothness of the surface are amazing. Also, the bounce of the fabric is amazing. Linen wrinkles quickly, doesn't it? Due to the characteristics of the fiber, it can't be helped, but this can bounce off the wrinkles of linen. Is it that the elasticity exceeds the experience value? surprise.

Of course, I was looking into the lens with a microscope this time as well, and I wanted to tell everyone about it, but the moment I saw it, I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture. Let's call it fabric that makes you forget about work.

So, this 3way trench coat is made up of these two pieces.

Collar, cuffs, facing, these three parts are equipped with buttons for attachment and detachment. It is also enshrined majestically with a genuine water buffalo button.

By the way, this is the inside of the outer, but it is unlined.

So that you can wear it as a spring coat.

There are two inner pockets on the left and right that use the facing of the front body. The zipper is of course Excela.

A waist belt unique to a trench coat is attached to the back body, but it has an ultra-complicated structure.

First of all, the waist belt is a belt made of cotton linen super strong twist fabric.

One belt made of no mulesing wool fabric.

It's okay to wear two together, or just one.

Each does not have a buckle. The reason is that Mr. Yamauchi doesn't like buckles.

And in order to eliminate the loss of the belt, which is common with trench coats, the belt of the belt is attached to prevent the belt from falling off. Detachable with a button.

and a belt loop.

do you understand? ? It's a multistep loop.

I think this belt loop is definitely the most polite loop in the world.

If you wear a belt, you can't see it at all, but even the invisible parts are carefully made. The word "crafted" clothes is appropriate.

This separates the part where the belt is passed through to prevent the belt from being lost, and the part where the belt is passed through.

I will actually explain it at the store.

This is the liner only.

I think you can see the thickness and the aura that this clothes has. Luster that overflows from the deep jet black of the highest quality wool. Rich drape and its shadows. However, the trench coat was originally military.

It's not just a sense of luxury, but it's a manly smell. The pattern has been carefully thought out to make the most of the characteristics of this fabric, and there is no feminine feeling at all. Yamauchi, who makes men's clothes, has a thick skeleton.

This is worn only as an outerwear.

It's still lighter than wool. in appearance.

However, it is hard to believe that this is a natural fiber that has not been processed in most ways. I think it's because it brings out the best qualities of the highest quality fibers. There is lightness, but there is no feeling of cheap pera. The firmness is strong, and the shape comes out very three-dimensionally. It sits firmly on your shoulder, so you can feel the weight just right. How comfortable is it?

And this is the finished form.

If you come this far, it will completely respond to winter. I don't feel cold wearing this anymore.

Well, it's not high-performance wear, but it keeps you warm. Also, it is made to feel the weight firmly on the shoulder. However, I don't think it feels like my shoulders are stiff. There are parts that comfortably ride on the human body and parts that follow.

It's good to close everything. It will smell more earthy. I wonder if there are people who like this kind of thing.

This coat has crossed the line in our recent handling. Both in terms of the level of manufacturing and in terms of price.

I don't know if anyone will buy it or not. And it will arrive in January. But I wanted people to actually see this, and I thought I should introduce it properly. So I dealt with it.

By the way, the size is 3. We often hear that some brands have gone up in price. Maybe it's not because the quality has gone up, but maybe the price has gone up as part of branding.

In other words, the price of things stays the same.

However, in terms of this court, it's the number 2 level I've experienced in my life so far.

quality of manufacturing.

A coat that made me realize that clothes can do so much. Until last year, Yamauchi's most expensive outerwear was 160,000 yen, but this year the price is completely different. However, when you hold the actual item in your hand, I think that you will be able to immediately judge that this price is due to the amount of clothing that has been put into making it.

It's amazing. this.

By the way, number 1 will be in stock soon.

even later.

From Yamauchi.

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