Yamauchi "Three kinds of clothes"

The three types of clothes that we have announced so far are "Yamauchi × CASANOVA&CO × Kuzuri Keori Kogyo".

In previous blogs, I have introduced the process of making it, but today, let me introduce the clothes themselves. So today, it's visual. First, this.

Yamauchi × CASANOVA&CO × Kuzuri Keori Industry
Ferreira Mohair Jacket

Mixing rate _ Ferreira Mohair 100%
Fabric structure _ double diagonal weave

Ferreira mohair jacket. As I told you before, this one was made by Mr. Yamauchi with the aim of "a tailored jacket that can also be used as a stand collar".

However, when it comes to achieving both, it is common to have no choice but to make it a "too casual light jacket", but instead, it is Yamauchi's specification, but it is a "hard" jacket that is suitable for wearing with a tailored collar. It is a design that emphasizes the importance of giving out "satisfaction" and "heaviness".

stand collar. As I introduced before, when using a stand collar, if you want to fasten the button, the setting is to fasten the first button and the second button.

Anyway, the lapel was born as a result of Mr. Yamauchi's repeated trial and error.

A well-tailored collar jacket has a problem that the collar is too high and the size around the neck becomes cramped when the stand-up collar is used, but we have completed a neck that does not have such problems at all.

Furthermore, even if the lapels are layered, there is no unnatural floating of the fabric in the center.

And a tailored collar that returns the essential collar.

Gorge line to a comfortable position. The collar itself is also swollen and returns beautifully.

The usual problem with stand-up collars is that the lapel becomes too small when the collar is turned back. Even with a tailored collar, the size of the lapel is just right enough to make it hard to stand. Within the framework of ready-made clothes, I think it gives a solid and weighty impression compared to any tailored jacket anywhere.

"Stand Collar" and "Tailored Collar" are at this level, and the lapel that is compatible with each other is something that you can hardly find even if you look around the world.

A lapel that spreads out three-dimensionally symmetrically on the left and right.

Since it is not iron-pressed at the "return position" as a tailored collar, there is no unnatural return line on the collar even when it is a stand-up collar.

This is the benefit of the original pattern that Mr. Yamauchi spent a lot of time and completed face-to-face. Superhuman perfection.

Among Yamauchi's jackets, it's designed with a lot of volume, but not only the movement of the Ferreira mohair when worn, but also the "edge + 4mm" double stitching on the edge of the body beautifully brings out the edge of the clothes. Teru.

This is because the impression is completely different between the softness and this specification. Such double-stitch specifications are impossible for a jacket made by a "tailor". For us, it is Ferreira mohair, so we think it is a well-established sewing specification.

However, this is also unique to a seamstress who can sew at this level.

A Ferreira mohair fabric that looks completely different every time it moves in natural light. Areas where the deep navy color of the warp appears strong, and areas where the brown color of the weft appears strongly. So far, I have never experienced it. smile

It shows a surprising transcendental depth.

And if you don't mind the sleeves on the face, I think it would be nice if you could fold the cuffs. There are various theories about the origin of the hon-face, but I think that in modern times, the hon-face exists only to fold cuffs.

The fabric has a basis weight of "581g", so if you are mainly traveling by car this season, you can use it as an outerwear without any problems. However, since it is a worsted fabric and the Ferreira mohair itself has almost no fuzz, it has a very heavy feeling, but as a setting time, it is assumed to be worn in early spring, autumn and winter. It all depends on what you choose for the inner layer.

There is also the amount of material used and the density of the fabric Kuzuri Keori weaves. That's why it boasts a surprising level of durability. In addition to that, it's Yamauchi's specification. I don't think it's going to be a jacket that fits easily for a while.

I've been wearing it for the past week, and I still don't feel like I'm getting used to it. It's going to take a lot of time. lol in a good way.


Yamauchi × CASANOVA&CO × Kuzuri Keori Industry
Ferreira Mohair Trousers

Mixing rate _ Ferreira Mohair 100%
Fabric structure _ double diagonal weave

trousers. Since there aren't many details on the surface, Mr. Yamauchi put a lot of effort into making the inside. However, the texture of the Ferreira Mohair fabric has been maximized.

There are no seams on the outside. And the pants designed for this time are thicker than Yamauchi's. However, it is also compatible with Pikaichi.

A generous drape. This is the case with all three types, but it has a tremendous luster. It's already soaking wet.

Due to the fabric with strong repulsion, a clear form is born.

Since there are no seams on the outside, the sides of the fabric are not too stiff, and the fabric wobbles.

A splendid outline due to the repulsion unique to the plain weave deformed structure. However, by using a large amount of thin threads of thin fibers in pants with a large amount, we succeeded in creating a feeling of looseness and flexibility.

Ferreira mohair jacket and Ferreira mohair trouser setup.

A combination of tailored colors.

The price of a single item is also reasonable, so I don't know how many people will be able to realize it, but after all, it's amazing when it comes to top and bottom. Ferreira mohair setup. When you combine them, you will feel an overwhelming aura.

And set up with a stand collar. This will change the impression completely, but that is the aim.

When wearing a stand-up collar, the wide hem is emphasized by closing the neck.

Jackets with such a mood when worn with a stand collar are something that overseas brands are good at, but in such brands, fabrics of a genre different from such worsted fabrics are used. Because it's central, I feel like I've created something new genre. And finally,

Yamauchi × CASANOVA&CO × Kuzuri Keori Industry
Ferreira Mohair Coat

Mixing rate _ Ferreira Mohair 100%
Fabric structure _ Double diagonal weave Size _ S, M, L

When it comes to the court, it was a completely unexperienced area to see how well it would be completed and how powerful it would be, but it was a masterpiece. It has become a super power piece. smile

There is a 3-way type docking coat that originally existed in Yamauchi's collection, and it is based on that. However, after all, it is overwhelming when it comes to the fabric so far. After all, when it comes to coats, I think you can instantly feel the awesomeness of the coat when you see it in person.

Due to the amount and belt originally provided, the shade of the Ferreira mohair fabric is overwhelming. From the start of production, we were able to create clothes that were beyond our imagination.

Drape shadows from all directions. However, not only the shadows, but also Mr. Narikiyo's sewing shines. The "stiffness" and the potential of the Ferreira Mohair fabric. I am certain that everyone who sees this will be stunned.



When the collar is raised, the mountain sashimi stitch and the moon waist stitch are exposed.

The length is generally at the knee position. I think it's a relatively good length, but it has a lot of volume, so it feels heavy when worn.

However, it is the privilege of "wearing a coat".

Fluctuations in the amount of fabric that only coats have.

Even if you come empty-handed, you might get bored. The fabric is also durable, so you don't have to worry about sagging.

And the setup of the coat and trousers.

A super gentleman's style is completed only for super limited people. After all, I think that the waist belt will be quite effective when it comes to the back.

A combination in which the drape emerges from under the drape.

Anyhow, the fabric looks completely different due to the reflection of light every time it moves. That's why the colors look different, but they're all real colors.

And finally "three pieces".

It's pretty heavy, but it makes the inside of your clothes incredibly comfortable. The functional potential of the Ferreira mohair fiber is also evident.

Jacket, coat, trousers, Ferreira mohair from the three individuals. Well, I don't know if that kind of person will come out, but it's definitely a world that can't be experienced anymore.

In this wearing photo, I am wearing the jacket, trousers, and coat in S size.

167cm tall, 52kg with short hands, size S. The smallest S size is based on my own size for all three types. Please see below for size dimensions.

<Ferreira Mohair Jacket>

Size S Shoulder width: 45.7cm Chest circumference: 110cm Length: 74cm Sleeve length: 60cm ・Size M Shoulder width: 47.3cm Chest circumference: 114cm Length: 76cm Sleeve length: 61.8cm ・Size L Shoulder width: 48.9cm Chest circumference: 118cm Length: 78cm Sleeve length: 63.6cm

<Ferreira Mohair Coat>

・Size S Shoulder width: 45.6cm Chest circumference: 123cm Length: 104.5cm Sleeve length: 61.5cm ・Size M Shoulder width: 47.2cm Chest circumference: 127cm Length: 107cm Sleeve length: 63cm ・Size L Shoulder width: 48.8cm Chest circumference: 131cm Length: 109.5cm Sleeve length: 64.5cm

<Ferreira Mohair Trousers>

・Size S Waist: 73cm Hips: 111cm Rise: 31.5cm Inseam: 69cm ・Size M Waist: 80cm Hips: 119cm Rise: 32cm Inseam: 71cm ・Size L Waist: 86cm Hips: 125cm Rise: 32.5cm Inseam: 79cm

Above size dimensions.

and Price. I touched on this a little bit yesterday, but since the fabric is fabric, the price was appropriate.

I actually wanted to open all of them, so I consulted Mr. Kuzuya about whether it would be okay to disclose the price of the fabric per meter. Let's talk.

It seems that the price will not go down from now on at this level of fiber. Well, when I talked about fabric prices with various designers that I talk to on a daily basis, they all said prices that they had never used before. Even Kuzuri Keori, who makes the finest worsted fabric in Japan, has become a special fabric.

However, I wanted to get as many people as possible to try it, so I talked with Mr. Yamauchi and Mr. Kuzuya until the very end about the price aspect. That's the price.

<Ferreira Mohair Jacket>
\250,000- (\275,000-)

<Ferreira Mohair Coat>
\380,000- (\418,000-)

<Ferreira Mohair Trousers>
\150,000- (\165,000-)

This price.

Regarding sales, we are currently considering it a little because the price is a price. On the 17th (Saturday), Mr. and Mrs. Yamauchi will be in the store as we announced, so I think it will probably be over-the-counter only, but after the next day, I am thinking about it. If you have any requests, please contact us.

Also, I think it would be good not only to sell by mail order or online store, but also in the form of online customer service such as zoom, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us. I think Tomorrow, we plan to post an interview with Mr. Yamauchi and his wife, Tomomi.


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