Yamauchi's new season

Today, I would like to introduce Yamauchi.

The MOTHER HAND artisan knit that I introduced the other day is also available to people who really like clothes, so thank you.

The second day after the sale has ended, but there are one size 5 and one size 6 left, so if you are interested, please take a look.

And Yamauchi.

Yamauchi's delivery of the collection now is super excellent.

Until now, there were almost no deliveries in January and February.

Mr. Yamauchi seems to have been very conscious of that this time.

So let me introduce you.

A shirt and pants.

I think it's a good one.

Of this time.


Cotton Cupra Random Stripe Shirt

material _ COTTON 65%, CUPRO 35%



first. this.

striped shirt.

Even though it's called a shirt, it's not shaped like a standard shirt. at all.

The fabric and the shape of the clothes are very well balanced, and I think it gives a very handsome impression.

I think this is the most handsome and cool Yamauchi shirt for this spring/summer season.

First, this.

The organization is Aya.

The mix ratio is as above.

Yamauchi's original fabric made by WATANABE TEXTILE located in Fujiyoshida City, Japan's largest producer of cupra.

The warp is hard-twisted cotton.

The weft is a fabric called cupra.

In the first place, this can be said for clothes in general, but when it comes to clothes, striped fabrics become stripes, but most of the fabrics are "bordered".

This is trivia.

In other words, most of the striped clothes use the fabric sideways.

Even Mr. WATANABE TEXTILE seems to use "cupra" as the warp for all the looms.

It is a weaving shop that is characterized by creating very creative and unprecedented fabrics by putting different materials in the weft under the condition that the warp is cupra.

Therefore, this Yamauchi original fabric was originally made with cupra for the warp and black for the weft as the ground, and random white cotton threads were woven into the target areas.

And the finished border fabric.

It's the reason why it's "horizontal" and stripes.

In terms of the touch of the fabric, the cupra surface that touches the skin is incredibly comfortable.

It's cold this time of year, so I can't wear it alone as an outer shirt, but I thought it would be cool in the hot weather, so I ordered it.

Also, it looks like a pretty deep black, but maybe because the cupra diffuses the reflection, it looks white and withered.

However, it is a fabric that gives off a very strong sense of luxury.

A feature of this shirt is the neck.

It features a stand-up collar, or a highly raised collar.

So, from the shoulder up, it looks more like a blouson.

I myself have collected, owned, and made quite a few shirts, and I've always been looking for something a little different from the authentic shirt genre.

If it's a regular color shirt, I can somehow imagine it, and I wanted to introduce something different at our shop.

It doesn't look like a standard shirt shape, but the fabric is suitable for a shirt, so I wanted something that could be worn as a spring/summer shirt.

I thought that kind of thing was necessary, but Mr. Yamauchi made it wonderfully.

Moreover, it was very handsome.

When all the buttons on the neck are fastened, the overlap is set deep, so it has an asymmetrical collar shape on the left and right.

Of course, it's okay to fasten all the buttons on this collar, and it's okay to wear it with the collar turned back.

In Mr. Yamauchi's design, it seems that he was thinking of wearing it with the collar turned back, but I think it's better to wear it in a standing state.

Well, the best thing for me is to open up to the top 3 and wear it as a stand with a loose feeling.

If it's a shirt that's made to a shoddy level, it's absolutely NG, but it's a Yamauchi-quality shirt that has a very fine design and is carefully made, so it's best to wear it roughly.

Then, when you wear it, it will be very balanced.

The buttons are white buffalo buttons to match the stripes that go everywhere.

I think this button coloration is rare in Yamauchi.

I like the size and color of the buttons.

And this shirt is an original fabric that Mr. Yamauchi from Yamauchi has been thinking about with Mr. Watanabe from WATANABE TEXTILE for quite some time.

When I look at this shirt, I can't help but feel that it must have taken a lot of time to sew each piece.

It is full of sewing specifications that are considered to be the right material in the right place, such as "folding stitches", "split stitches", "three rolls" and "overlocks".

The shoulders, left and right sides of the body, and the inner sleeves are sewn with "warifuku" stitching.

The armhole is folded down.

The two sleeves are overlocked so that the seams are not visible from the front.

It's all detailed.

Unlike normal shirts, it's a fun shirt just to watch the sewing.

The cuffs are sword ragged opening cuffs that use Yamauchi's "switching between two sleeves".

This is also a white water buffalo button.

oh yeah.

The length of the shirt is long, so there are slits on the sides of the hem to make it suitable for movement.

By the way, the hem is square.

I don't do rounds.

This is also not shaped like a shirt.

As far as size is concerned, it feels comfortable.

I think the usual Yamauchi size is fine.

I'm 167cm tall and weigh 52kg, so the bottom size 2 is the best.

As you can see from the photos, I think the way the neck stands and the size of the neck are the best balance.

As for the season to wear it, I think it will be active from around April to May, but the ideal style is to roll up the sleeves and wear it roughly in the summer.

As an inner layer, I wear an OLDE HOMESTEADER sleeveless shirt, and without thinking about anything, just roll up the sleeves, leave the collar unbuttoned, let the wind blow, and wear it naturally.

I think it's a fabric that allows the wind to pass through well, and I think it's a shirt that looks good with the natural wrinkles of washing and bleaching.

There is no yoke on the back.

And behind the heart.

I don't often feel it with shirts, but I can feel the aura of this shirt, including the sewing side.

I think that the combination of fabric, design, and sewing is at a high level.




Do you understand?

You know, the seam allowance on the back is too beautiful to make a statement.

Of course, when you wear it, it doesn't interfere negatively.

Please rest assured.

Well, I can't help but notice the stripes, but the sewing is amazing.

this shirt.

Super quality everywhere you look.

Very beautiful.

The collar, the sleeves, and the stitching of the body are all superb.

Even in the actual sewing process, you can see that he sewed slowly without stopping in the middle, and it is impossible to sew to this level of perfection without doing the ironing work in the previous stage.

Sewing is by Nako Kanan.

It's the first name I've seen.

Are you sewing a lot? Yamauchi clothes.

The fact that a lot of time and effort is put into each piece is evident from the clothes.

Putting aside whether you like the look or not, I think it's a very high quality shirt.

This is a mess in the summer. In a good way.

Well, it's still early, but I think it's good to have people who can consider such a time take a look.

I'm sure it's a shirt that you can feel.

And one more thing, pants.


120/2 Super Strong Twisted Broad Cargo Pants

material_COTTON 100%



These pants.

This is out.

The fabric is Kaneta.

As mentioned above, both warp and weft are 120-count two-ply yarns.

Spinning is Z-twisted.

The twisting of two-ply yarn is also Z-twisting,

ZZ's super strong twist, no edge...

It is a fabric of “ZZ super strong twist”.

There is already a strong touch unique to Kaneta.

This fabric is perfect for summer wear.


I think it's cold because the touch of the fabric is too strong. smile

Do you understand?

This feeling.

When you take a photo in natural light, the fabric has a peculiar sparkle.

If you are new to this fabric, you may not think it is 100% cotton.

Well, when it comes to my level, I can instantly understand Kaneta's ZZ strength just by touching it.

Well, Kaneta-san also has various nuances of ZZ strong twist, but this one is relatively suitable for summer.

quite light.

However, if it gets wet, I think it will become quite stiff.

It's because the threads in the fabric stand up. Standing

It's very finely textured, and it's the fabric of THE Kaneta Orimono.

I will tell you the specifications of the pants.

The characteristic of these pants is the switching of the knees.

This is it.

The front side is the front side, and the back side is the back side.

this switch.

Amazing, isn't it?

Kaneta's hardware has an amazing look that makes it hard to believe that the fabrics overlap.

Once sewn, the needle hole will open, so it's a fabric that can't be sewn again, but it's sewn in a straight line.

I don't think the count of the sewing thread is usually seen on pants, and the pitch is also unheard of for pants.

The sewing is alive and well around the waist.

Darts, waist belt, belt loops, pocket openings.

The back pocket is a water buffalo button specification with a single bead.

The specifications of the inside of the waist are also Yamauchi.

The endpaper specifications, tengu, carrying out, and Excela fasteners are still alive as usual.

With this waist structure, you can feel a great sense of confidence around your waist when you wear it.

Because the inside is not inside anymore.

This is Yamauchi.

When I sold the Ferreira Mohair series in December, I think that the people who met Mr. Yamauchi at the store felt that Mr. Yamauchi was straight-forward and serious about making clothes. I think Yamauchi's clothes are a very rich reflection of his own personality.

I think this level is difficult without this brand.

And back.

If anything, I think these pants are very suitable for summer, and since they are 100% cotton, there is no lining.

By the way, the cotton is Supima.

A cord is attached to the hem.

It's okay to wear it with the cord tightened, but I think it's also good to wear it with a string. smile

I think many people will step on this code if they don't squeeze it. perhaps.

Well, take your pick.

Regarding these pants, in addition to the NAVY this time, I also ordered a type of mud dyed in Amami Oshima, but it seems that it will be a little longer.

Like this one, Kaneta's fabric is mud-dyed in Amami Oshima.

Maybe that one will stop by the year-round system.

However, the price changes quite a bit.

Shoko Sako sewed the pants this time.

You see my name sometimes.

As for the shape of the pants, it's rather roomy.

I also posted a picture of me wearing it on Instagram, so it would be nice if you could see it there.

I wear a size 2.

Also, the kasuri lattice shirts are coming back to our shop, and I wrote about them on my blog before, so please take a look.

If you also like Yamauchi in the new season, please take a look.

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