Yamauchi T-shirt

Today, let me introduce Yamauchi's T-shirt.

I've sold this T-shirt three times in the past, and when I released it just after the coronavirus hit, I did an Instagram live with Mr. Yamauchi and his wife Tomomi. bottom.

Yamauchi's collection continues to appear at this time, but it is a T-shirt that can only be experienced at Yamauchi.

The fabric, the stitching, the shape when you wear it, the coolness, the durability, the price, I think it's all well-balanced.


Strong Twisted Free Cut Punch / Short-sleeved T-shirt

material _ COTTON 83%, POLYURETHANE 12%, NYLON 5%



price_19,800-(tax included)


Strong Twisted Free Cut Punch / Short-sleeved T-shirt

material _ COTTON 83%, POLYURETHANE 12%, NYLON 5%



price_19,800-(tax included)

It is a development in two colors of brown and black called charcoal brown.

In terms of blend ratio, as mentioned above, cotton is the main one.

Cotton on the front, polyurethane on the back, and a little bit of nylon as a binder.

If you made cut and sewn fabrics mainly from cotton, wouldn't you be the number one in Japan? This is a fabric developed by Ono Meiyasu in Tokyo.

The cotton that appears on the surface has a strong twisted yarn, and you can't even feel the slight fluff on the surface. So, the knitted fabric is all "bleeding".

In other words, it's a cutoff.

All the parts that make up this T-shirt are "cut off", and although the edges of the fabric are not treated, the threads do not blow out like fabric (woven fabric).

The reason is polyurethane.

The polyurethane that appears on the back supports the strong-twisted cotton thread, preventing the thread from blowing out.

Moreover, there is no such thing as "curling", which is a T-shirt with the edges of the fabric curling up naturally.

Thanks to polyurethane.

This is amazing.

And the surface texture is overwhelmingly fine. In addition to natural luster.

The structure of the knitted fabric is also very beautiful.

This is a fabric with a high degree of freedom that allows for movement, but since all the edges of the fabric are cut off and there is no overlapping of the fabric, the way the edges of the T-shirt sway is wonderful.

So, this is the back side, but unlike the front side, a lot of polyurethane is exposed, so some people might imagine that in the summer, if you sweat, it will be sticky.

But non non non.

That's not true.

It doesn't stick to the skin at all, it lets the wind through, and even if you sweat, it dries fairly quickly.

Before I met this T-shirt for the first time 4 or 5 years ago, I had high hopes for this fabric from Mr. Yamauchi.

I've been told that.

Until then, I only liked T-shirts made of 100% cotton or natural fibers such as wool and silk, which touched my skin directly.

No matter what, I was not good at "that" unique stimulation when it hits the skin with chemical fibers.

That's why I sometimes try to put on the inner AIRism T-shirt from Uniqlo that I bought a few years ago when I'm asleep at home, but I take it off in a second.


At that time, when Mr. Yamauchi told me about it, I thought it would be fine if Mr. Yamauchi said so, but I was half in doubt until I tried it on.

But when I wore it, I changed my mind.

This Yamauchi T-shirt is exceptional.

It feels comfortable to the touch and feels more secure than 100% cotton.

T-shirt like that.

As mentioned above, all parts are "cut off".

neck too.

Gently rounded hem.

By the way, the back of the neck does not have any facing parts on the front side.

So super flat.

However, you don't have to think about the neck stretching at all.

Don't worry.

I wonder if the back part of the back of the neck will be attached.

And the feature of this T-shirt is also in its "sewing specifications".


Looking from the front, all the seams look like this.

side too.

Armhole too.

Also the shoulder line on the front and back.

Same sewing specifications.

This sewing is not normal.


back seam.

Usually T-shirts,

This is a picture of the hem,

Looking from the front, it looks like "lockstitch" like this.

the back is


The feature is that the front and back seams are different.

The reason is that cut-and-sew fabrics such as T-shirts are knitted, so the fabric itself is stretchy.

Therefore, it is necessary to expand and contract the seams so that they follow the fabric.

As a result, the seams are sewn for "cut-and-sew" with elasticity.

Probably everything except Yamauchi's T-shirt this time.

But Mr. Yamauchi.

Mr. Yamauchi specializes in sewing woven fabrics, rather than "sewing cut-and-sews", and he is pursuing it anyway.

So, this time's t-shirt.

Cut-and-sew is a knitted fabric, but the sewing method is different.

That's it.

In order to make the most of the fabric that will not fray even after repeated wear and washing, the back side is also "cut off", but all the seam allowances are "fixed" and sewn with "lockstitch". .

So, although the fabric is very soft, only the seam allowance is hard.

Its "fixed". That way.

Attach interfacing to "all seam allowances" on the back.

super technique.

Its width, 4mm.

Paste the fusible interfacing endlessly with a width of 4 mm, and fix the fabric only at that point.

side too.

Also sleeves.

4 mm.

The stitching on the front and back is also 4mm.

As you can see by looking at the actual product, it stretches and shrinks a lot, and it's a moving fabric, so it's difficult just to sew it normally.

But it's not just that the sewing specifications have changed, it's also a benefit to the wearer.

The seam allowance fixed by this interlining is fixed, so when you wear it, it becomes like a "framework" and the shape comes out very beautifully.

Slightly shaped waist.

just slightly.

Round and three-dimensional shoulder circumference.

This will give you a completely different look than other T-shirts.

That's what makes it so good.

The texture of the fabric is also fine, and the slightly longer sleeve length and rounded hem shape.

This is completely different from the t-shirt that teens wear.

at all.

This is BLACK.

Well, pick your favorite color.

A very special mixture.

Of course, laundry is okay.

Well, it says hand wash, but I put it in the washing machine.

There are many times when I can't even put it on the net, but if I put it on the net, it's safe.

According to Mr. Yamauchi of Yamauchi, some stores in Yamauchi no longer carry this T-shirt because the threads of the T-shirt came out. I'm wearing the one from last year, but I still wear it, and it's not like that at all.

In particular, last year's and this year's fabrics seem to have been improved, so I think you can wear them with more peace of mind.

This is more than just a T-shirt.

I usually wear long-sleeved shirts, but other than that, I mostly wear Yamauchi T-shirts.

T-shirt like that.

And this time, the sewing is done by Mr. Mizude of Fashion Izumi in Saitama Prefecture.

Clear skies.


I'm 167cm tall and size 2.

It's the smallest size.

I don't often wear black, so I prefer CHARCOAL BROWN.

By the way, I have already washed it many times.

In terms of this T-shirt, it's more like a T-shirt that doesn't change no matter how many times you wear it, no matter how many times you wash it.

I can't tell how long it is because it's tucked in, but the sleeves aren't too short, and I think it's a well-balanced T-shirt.

All short-sleeved T-shirts for the spring and summer season are available here.

It's getting hotter and hotter, and I think this T-shirt will impress you.

Because I was

Take a look.

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