2020AW Yamauchi last flight

Yamauchi also arrived at this timing and this season was the last.

Well, I introduced the 3way trench coat a little bit, but I can't introduce the more intense 3way military coat, but I will introduce it next time.

This time, 3 types.


Salt-shrinking brushed linen, three-dimensional switching pants

material_linen 100%



This is the first fabric produced.

100 linen with twill weave.

It is salt-condensed.

According to Mr. Yamauchi, salt-shrinking does not necessarily cause shrinkage as expected, and it seems that the ideal texture of the fabric cannot be achieved unless it is adjusted little by little, so it is a process that requires patience. it seems like.

The shirt that symbolizes the brand is the Arimatsu salt-shrunk linen shirt, and the outer material is 50:50 cotton and linen.

Fine twill weave.

The fabric this time is the same twill weave, but the linen 100 has a slightly stronger twill.

In the first place, the salt-shrinking process causes more shrinkage in twill weave than in plain weave, and in linen more than cotton.

Therefore, this fabric has a clear and sharp shading.

The twill linen is tightly clogged with irregular wrinkles of salt shrinkage.

The mix rate is 100% linen, but if anything, it feels like a year-round fabric.

When I saw the sample for the first time, I thought it would be good to wear this fabric as if it were a pair of jeans.

Well, G pants are made of denim, so there is a clear standing position as clothes, but I think that these pants made of this fabric are very suitable for being familiar with clothes, just a little more.

There are three-dimensional switching pants that Yamauchi has been making as constructive pants for some time.

The pants had a tighter fit and a sharper outline, but this one is a little looser and has more white space.

However, the structure with multiple patterns is still alive.

The shape from the hip to the back of the knee and the calf area that gently expands from the back of the knee.

You don't see many ready-made pants with this kind of structure.

Easy pants.

Yamauchi also handles the internal processing.

These pants have a moderate amount of room, so you won't choose the balance of the tops so often.

It is brushed, but of course there is no problem at this time.

I wonder if it's momantai even in spring.


Salt shrink brushed linen work jacket

material_linen 100%



It is a jacket with double buttons using the same fabric.

I wonder if you can get a sense of how much you like the fabric, as we also handle this fabric.

The condition of the new fabric is good, but I can imagine the beautiful scenery beyond.

I invest in this fabric because I believe that it is very likely that this will not decline (merely deteriorate) over time as it is worn and used.

In other words, it was good for everyone who got it in a few years.

There is a very high probability that you will say that, and because the fabric is perfect, we carry both pants and jackets.

As I mentioned in the interview with the designer the other day, this jacket also has the edge stitching.

Edge +7mm double stitch specifications are overflowing.

This creates firmness and makes the clothes look neat and edgy.

As for the overall impression, due to the nature of the color black, the impression is not excessive, but it has a quiet strength.

Also, as the name "work jacket" suggests, it has cuffs that are not often used by other brands.

The front, cuffs, and buttons on the back cover are all genuine water buffalo hand-made.

Fully lined specifications.

Also, there is a facing inside the hem.

I think it's a very well made jacket.

Although it is fully lined, the outer material is 100% linen, so it does not give the impression of being a heavy outerwear.

However, it is thick enough not to be classified as a light outerwear.

I think it's suitable for those who don't wear heavy outerwear in winter.


No Mulesing Wool Ribbed Easy Pants

material _ nomulesing wool SUPER140s 83%, cotton 11%, polyurethane 6%



As the name suggests, these are ribbed pants. Full surface.

Due to the nature of the fabric, the width of the rib is very narrow, so it is mainly used for parts.

However, these pants were born with that stress-free elasticity for adult men.

It's also a completely different level of ingredients from the ribs you see in general.

Ribs made with a large amount of Super 140.

Such ribs can be seen in Yamauchi.

look. this volume.

It is thick and has a great sense of security.

And, as much as the material is material, it is a rare touch to the skin.

I think that you will be surprised to wear this again.

It creates a heavy drape that is not found in wool fabrics, and this is another masterpiece.

And when it expands and contracts due to movement rather than just a flat expression, it is set so that the white thread can be seen from the back.

If it was just plain black, it would look like a sweatshirt, so I used white elastic thread to give it depth.

Well, it's not a brand that anyone can easily recognize, so I think it looks like a very high-end pair of pants.

Please take a look. around here today.

I'll introduce you again.

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