Yamauchi for CASANOVA&Co. Sales

Yamauchi of yak wool that I've been notified from the other day.

Finally, just a little bit more, it's from the 21th (Sat).

Please look forward to it because it will punch your heart, make your brain secretion overflowing, and greatly increase your heart rate.

And please let me know about the sale.

On the 21st (Sat), it will be on sale at the store from 12:00.

Also, from 12:00 on the next day, the 22nd (Sunday), please call the store or accept mail order by mail.

However, since the price is the price, we would like to ask those who wish to make an appointment in advance for only two days, the 22nd (Sun) and 23rd (Mon), but we will not be able to serve customers online. I'll take it.

As a method,




・Phone call (voice only)

We would like to ask you to select the most convenient one from the above, and we would like to talk for about 30 minutes to 1 hour at the maximum.

(Customers can turn off the camera or turn it outward so that their face cannot be seen. Please only hear your voice.)

Please specify the date and time from the following, and make an appointment by Instagram DM, email, or phone.

We will accept on a first-come, first-served basis.

22nd (Sun), 23rd (Mon)

<Morning session>

・From 9:00

・From 10:00

・From 11:00

<Night part>

・From 20:00

・From 21:00

Before making an appointment,

・ Desired date and time

・Preferred method (Zoom is good, if other methods are good, please contact us)

・ Desired product and size (it doesn't matter if it's all for now)


·telephone number

Please let us know the above five points.

The reason why we are asking about the desired product is that depending on the size, there may be only one item, so it is possible that there will be no product by the end of the first day on the 21st.

In that case, we will contact you to that effect in advance.

If you have an appointment for online service or telephone service, our store will contact you to confirm, so please be sure to check there.

It's my first time at our shop, and I'm rather weak with machines, so please be patient.

And we have not been informed about the sales price so far, and we have received many inquiries about the price.

Yak wool/trench coat ¥170,000-(+tax)

Yak wool/tailored jacket ¥120,000-(+tax)

Yak wool/side seamless pants ¥60,000-(+tax)

It will be released at this price.

It's going to be expensive, but Mr. Yamauchi and I lowered it as much as we could.

This is true.

It couldn't be any better.

This is the amount of fabric and specification of the clothes, but we set this price because we want to lower the hurdle as much as possible.

We are making clothes of tremendous quality, so if you like it, please look forward to it.

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