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There are various T-shirts in the world, but T-shirts are mainly made of cotton.

There are T-shirts made of various materials other than cotton, and I think each one has its own taste.

Silk, wool, Coolmax, maybe.

I think that cotton will be the main material for T-shirts, but at present, I think this is the best.


I can say that it is "the best" when I see it from several aspects.

Wear in hot summer weather. → Keep it as cool as possible. The wind should pass.

Feels good on the skin. → This T-shirt is ultra smooth. Also, when I wear it, I feel chilly.

fabric characteristics. →Organization that can only be done with this T-shirt.

Appearance. →It has a very three-dimensional pattern. Not the realm of T-shirts.

price. → T-shirts that are too expensive to be possible are overdone. If it exceeds 20,000 yen, you are out.


If you write some points in a simple and rough way, you will be able to see a little bit about this T-shirt.

After that, well, the fabric was born as a result of many years of trial and error between the designer and the weaver.

Everything is different from the t-shirt that has existed so far.

Materials, fabrics, sewing, patterns.

The materials are strong-twisted cotton, polyurethane and nylon.

It is a meticulous combination of 1% units.

It is no ordinary organization to weave it.

I had heard in advance that the designer had created a very good product before the fabric for this T-shirt was made. Big, big, far exceeded my expectations at the time.

I've never met a fabric like this in my life. That should be it. Mr. Yamauchi is the first human being to make clothes from this fabric structure.

The benefits of this fabric are many. I wrote some before.

The airflow is good, and it feels amazingly smooth and comfortable on the skin.

And it has a very nice looking structure.

Furthermore, it is all cut off. It is cut off.

However, it can never be resolved.

Such an amazing fabric.

Until now, there may be some people who have compromised on wearing a clean and plain T-shirt when it's hot no matter what, and even gave up on it halfway through, but I don't think there will be any need for that.

Sewing is also a technique that only Yamauchi can do.

This fabric is a "knitted fabric", but it's not made that way.

So-called cloth tailoring.

However, the level of fabric tailoring is also terrifyingly high.

Well-proportioned stitching with no deviation in size.

The pattern is so three-dimensional that you wouldn't expect it to be a T-shirt.

Originally, T-shirts are all flat, but this one will be incredibly close to your upper body. surprise.

Yamauchi Free Cut Strong Twisted Punch・T-shirt




And with the same fabric.

Yamauchi Free Cut Strong Twisted Punch Pants




pants too. These pants are the same fabric as before.

Easy pants with cut off specifications.

However, the dreadfulness of its construction is overwhelming. A series of surprises.

As for the pants, the hem is cut off.

Just like a T-shirt, it lets in a pleasant breeze and creates a beautiful drape that doesn't get saggy.

The silhouette is moderately roomy yet slender.

It's just that the words are lame, but it's a very handsome pair of pants. When I wear it. looks.

These pants are very comfortable and look great in the summer.

I'm already doing the making of the back.

If you are not satisfied with wearing this, it is a selfish body that will not satisfy you no matter what you wear. so much comfort.

Well, I gave you a brief introduction.

I want to tell you from here.

For the time being, this blog is the only announcement.

May 22nd (Friday) 19:00 ~ Instagram live distribution.

About Yamauchi's clothes and Mr. Yamauchi that I introduced this time.

With Mr. Yamauchi.

The designer has never appeared before, but at this time, he will talk to us on our livestream.

Therefore, on Friday the 22nd, we will be closing the store one hour earlier, just before 7pm.

I myself have talked with Mr. Yamauchi not only about brands and stores that carry them, but also about many private matters and advice on childbirth.

I need a tennis ball. when giving birth.

Mr. Yamauchi was the one who gave me the most impetus for my own aspiration to become a clothing store. And thankfully, I feel that there are people who really like Yamauchi's clothes at the store.

I made a heartfelt request to Mr. Yamauchi and decided.

The designer doesn't often appear, but Yamauchi's clothes directly reflect his own face and personality.

If you like it, please take a look.

Basically, it's about this fabric and about the brand.

It will be 45 minutes from 19:00 to 19:45, but if you have any questions or are interested, please message us on the live broadcast.

It's just that I thought about doing a live broadcast, and it's impossible to answer all of them. smile

Please look forward to.

T-shirts and pants will go on sale from the next day, the 23rd (Sat).

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