Arimatsu salt shrink processed linen shirt

I've been waiting impatiently, but Yamauchi's representative work has arrived.

Arimatsu salt shrink processed linen shirt.

Using the traditional Arimatsu Shibori technique, this shirt is salt-shrinked piece by piece.

Currently, salt shrinkage processing is generally performed by spraying.

To put it simply, salt shrinkage caused by spraying is like spraying a salt shrinkage liquid onto a woven fabric and placing it on the surface to shrink the fabric.

In that case, the salt-condensed liquid is only coated on the surface, so most of the things are only temporary salt-condensed effects.

But this is different.

The salt-condensed liquid is carefully and carefully permeated into the fabric using the Arimatsu Shibori technique.

That's why it's already tightly shrunk and has wrinkles on it, and it won't come off. You can wash it, it's okay.

And yet, the fabric is extremely shrunk when you think about it from the beginning, so there are tremendous individual differences in firmness and wrinkles.

Well, I'm using the amount of fabric for about 3 normal shirts.

It's amazing, isn't it?

Considering the original size.

And fully lined. The shirt is fully lined. Never heard of it. Except for this shirt.

But with this shirt, it's normal. I can't think of anything else. The lining is made of cotton and cupra twill fabric that is super smooth.

From neck to cuffs.

The sleeve is a specification of two sleeves.

Unpleasantly, from the entrance of the armhole to the tip of the sleeve, piping is carefully and neatly processed.

Therefore, the back side is equipped with an unusually beautiful stitch work.

But here's where the surprise starts.

In fact, it's obvious that the back side is stitched with such careful stitching that you can't believe your eyes, but you can hardly see the stitches on the front side.

There are only three places you can see it.

It's already stupid.

Sword rags, hem and buttonholes. that's all.

only these three places.

Despite the beauty of the stitching and the politeness of the tailoring. After that, basically all the stitches are invisible. I use a lot of things like bag sewing.

No matter how beautiful the stitchwork is, it's not just about it. This is also one side of Mr. Yamauchi in Yamauchi.

There are many places where you can't believe the sewing details, but you can't miss the pattern work.

The way the shoulder line comes out and the way the arms fall, it's not a loose sizing at all, but it doesn't feel cramped at all. if it's the right size.

This fitting is great. No more discomfort. As long as you choose the right size.

And the accessories are also perfect. Genuine black mother of pearl button. 3 thick.

The manual specifications that a button stands out. The buttons are easy to fasten and easy to remove.

You can't miss the details of the buttonhole stitching.

Well, I've written a lot, but I think that if you wear it, you'll be able to convey it to some extent. About this shirt.

It was this shirt that led me to know Mr. Yamauchi many years ago, and in a sense, Yamauchi is the origin of my own existence, and this shirt was the first custom-ordered shirt for Yamauchi at our store.

Until now, it was just a development without a collar, but I tried to change it here.

Collared only this season. I'm sorry if there are people who have been waiting for collarless.

The color is the first one, brown khaki. The coloring is created by reacting with the salt-condensed liquid, so the color cannot be seen without the salt-condensed process, so even this color can only be experienced with this shirt.

The size of our store is full size from 2 to 5. However, the size 5 was sold out today even though it was put on the store today.

So we have 2-4 in stock.

I think that the more people like shirts, the more people like clothes, the better this shirt is. So please take a look.

I will be in Tokyo tomorrow.

I get up early.

In the evening, I plan to have a drink with Mr. Nakatsu from tilt The authentics.

That's all for today.

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