Silk, the queen of fibers.

It is well known that all fibers are roughly divided into two types: natural fibers and chemical fibers.

Among them, silk, the fiber of existence that is said to be the queen.

The beauty of this fiber has fascinated people since ancient times.

Silk is the only filament among natural fibers. A filament is a long fiber. For example, fishing line. I believe that fishing line has no seams and stays in one piece forever.

If cotton is a natural fiber, it is the fluff that grows around the seeds.

If it is an animal fiber, it is the hair that covers the body.

It is easy to imagine that all of them are short.

Human hair is at most waist length, even for people with super long hair.

Silk is not something that covers seeds, it is not hair that covers the body, it is a different existence. It is the thread that the insect spits.

A long time ago, China was the world's only producer of silk fibres. In order to export the silk to Europe, the "Silk Road" that stretches from China to Turkey was created.

It is said that there was a time when China acquired foreign currency by exporting silk textiles and had a monopoly. European countries, which have no choice but to rely on imports from China, wanted China to teach them the know-how of silk fiber production, but China refused.

European countries, who desperately wanted to make silk in their own countries, developed it with their own technology. Rayon was the world's first fiber. It must have been around 1890. That was when chemical fibers were born.

Chemical fibers have a history of only about 130 years. Even though natural fibers have been around for thousands of years BC.

Coming back to the topic, silk is written in kanji as "silk", whereas it is rayon. It is interesting to write it in kanji. It is written as "artificial silk thread".

yes. It is artificial silk. Chemical fibers are materials that have been developed to imitate natural fibers.

I have heard that about 100 types of synthetic fibers are being developed every day. It's so common that I think it's a lie, but I've heard it.

Human technology is amazing.

However, in the end, some of them are not suitable for natural fibers, and on the contrary, they compensate for the shortcomings of natural fibers.

The characteristics of these fibers will change depending on the goals set such as what kind of clothes to make, what kind of function, and what kind of texture the fiber should have. However, since there are differences in the quality of natural fibers, it is essential that they are of the finest quality.

Of course, it is also an important item in silk. The most important thing is how to use the silk as thread and what kind of silk fabric to make.

For the 2020SS season, I have prepared two silk fabrics for you to see. One is this. The other is silk from a brand called Araki Yuu. To put it bluntly, these two silks are really dangerous.

A coveted item for those who love clothes.

It's so extreme that it makes you faint in agony, and it resonates in your brain and heart.

Well, I will talk about Araki Yuu later.

As a person who has touched various fabrics,

As a person who has been fascinated by various fabrics,

I can assure you that this silk is outrageous.

I think of him as the kind of person who made me who I am today. Silk of the person.

Strictly speaking, he wasn't the one who made it, but we were talking about working together again someday. Because once before, I was able to create something special together.

And this time. While talking, I got a story about silk from that person. It was very surprising, but I had expectations that if that person said it, it would be amazing.

Then, when I had them look at it, it easily surpassed my expectations.

I've been fascinated by the fabric called silk, but this was my first encounter with it. I remember the shock vividly.

It feels like thick cotton fabric. However, the overwhelming luster is extraordinary. A fabric that maximizes the potential of silk fiber and transforms it into something else.

silk ox.

I think this is the best analogy.

I just checked on line today.

And, well, I think we can do something really good. It's the best silk fabric I've come across so far, about 50 horse lengths.

At the first contact, it's a rough touch, but the way it snuggles up to the skin is at the level of Buddha.

And, of course, the new condition is good, but I think that there is a very deep atmosphere when you say hello to the washing machine, and after that, you have a relationship with the laundry machine.

In other words, it is good to wash it many times.

Made of 100% silk, the finest fiber, it has a texture like a thick cotton fabric.

This is because the fabric is silk from Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture, one of Japan's major cotton textile production areas.

Silk woven using a cotton loom.

If you try to make this now, it will be ridiculously expensive. So, this time it's dead stock. Are you using it? I couldn't help but take a peek. MS. MS.

There are a few things I can tell from this photo...

First, it has a very high density.

And I'm using double yarn.

Furthermore, silk, which is a filament thread, is used as a spun thread.

A spun is a short fiber.

Cotton, wool, and animal hair are all classified as spun yarns. So this fluff. I don't actually feel the fuzz of the fabric, but this looks like cotton.

It can be said that it is a fabric with a wonderful stretch. By the way, I think it will be conveyed to those who like it, but it is 80 count two-ply yarn.

Plain weave because it is oxford.

I've been waiting for this, and I have no problem with it.

You can do great things.

The time will come when we can introduce it.

Please look forward to.

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