2020SS season, start with this coat.

Wool and cotton weather cloth.

A fabric characterized by its hardness with a rough core like horse cloth.

However, since it also contains wool, it has a unique fluffiness. The width of the body is also proportionate, and the arm is also thick. The atelier coat has a really old atmosphere.

It was washed after completion, and the old atmosphere is further deepened.

Color is navy.

It looks infinitely black.

However, if you look carefully, it is navy.

But it's very similar to that black texture that seems to have faded and started to turn white.

Detail is very simple. Only two patch pockets on the waist. The button on the front is a hiyoku specification, and when the button is closed, the deep fabric and generous amount of pattern determine the individuality of this coat.

But that's the real thrill of this coat.

As mentioned earlier, each coat has unique wrinkles due to the washing after the coat is completed. The wrinkles and the goodness of this material are combined, and I feel that it has a very high potential.

It's almost black, but the navy coloring makes you peek here and there.

And the fluff that can be felt.

After repeated wear, fluff comes off from the part that is often rubbed, and it becomes whiter.

From the point where the fluff has disappeared, a higher-grade transformation begins. This fabric has the potential to easily imagine its appearance.

The back is half lined, and the sleeves are lined up to the elbow.

There are no buttons attached to the cuffs, so you can roll up the sleeves when wearing it lightly.

I think it suits you to wear it like work clothes.

However, although it is a coat suitable for wearing roughly, the construction is not rough.

The elements necessary for the brand un/unbient are perfectly created.

For example, lining processing. Most of these types of lined items have the edge of the lining attached to the outer material, but this one is half lined and the lining of the sleeves is below the elbow, so they are fastened with loops. The lining is half of the design, and the lining moves according to the movement of the body, so that the clothes themselves are not burdened.

After that, the detail and careful processing of the buttonholes are still intact.

A large patch pocket on the waist.

It's still cold right now, so I think it would be good to wear a good quality sweater or a slightly worn sweatshirt over it. When it gets warmer, it is recommended to roll up the sleeves over a T-shirt and wear it like a shirt.

So, when you wear it, I think it's good to wear it without thinking about anything at first. It feels like a brand new rigid pair of jeans.

For the time being, let's enjoy it from now until spring, and do our best to change its appearance as much as possible next fall.

Of course, you should also drain the water from time to time. It still has the hardness of a new product, but I think that people who like this kind of thing will be able to feel the abundance of room for growth. If it rains, it will be hit aggressively, and it will be enough to put things in your pockets and put some load on it at first. I wonder if that's one of the ways to enjoy this atelier court.

Please take a look if you like it.

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