too good Part2

The other day, I introduced toogood. Let me introduce myself a little today. Actually, I was going to write the whole collection today, but I forgot to take some pictures, so today is also a part. too good THE TINKER TROUSER material_COTTON 100% color_MADDER size_2,4,5,6 First, this. tinker trousers. Trousers worn by "Tinker" = "Ikakeya". It's an unfamiliar occupation, but it seems that it is a craftsman who repairs and repairs castings such as pots and kettles that have been cast. This is the motif of the uniform worn by the casting repair craftsmen. Was it the first shape at toogood? I think. Certainly. The fabric is CANVAS, which is the face of the brand. As I announced the other day, it is a plain weave that is woven with two-ply yarns (4 threads). Even though it is a canvas, it is not stiff and feels very smooth against the skin. However, it is a very reliable fabric. I have never seen this feeling in Japan. And the color is "MADDER" which symbolizes this collection. Akane coloring. At our store, toogood's pants have been developed only with waist elastic specifications so far, but this time, for the first time, there is no elastic. These pants have one pocket on each side. There are no stitches in the pocket opening. The front is the same color top button and zipper. This THE TINKER TROUSER. There are several distinctive points. I was fascinated by it. And my heart was taken and grabbed by an eagle. This is a photo from the side. Do you understand? One large intuck on the front of the front section. And a slash pocket with no exposed stitches. Furthermore, there is one large intuck on the back. yes. These pants have large intucks on the front and back. Two deep tucks on each side, front and back. and the top part of the photo. waist band. This is also rare. especially in men's. "curved belt". In the case of pants with waist belts, the majority of men's pants have a "straight belt", but this is different. The waist position is higher. This is because the waist belt is curved, which increases the fit of the waist. I think Toogood's pants also have an amazingly beautiful buttocks. This detail does just that. Darts on knees. This is also used in THE ENGINEER JEAN, which I announced the other day, but there are darts on the knees, so the knees come out three-dimensionally when you wear it, and when you continue to wear it. Therefore, the side view is also outstanding. Also, this prevents the knee from falling out, which is a kind of shape loss. Two darts on each knee, one on each side. And the large tuck on the front stretches toward the lower knee. On the knee, the amount of tuck is "released". Tucks and darts are fused at the knee. As a result, an explosive three-dimensional knee is completed. back. There are no pockets in the back style. The waist fit of the curved belt and the compact hip portion allow you to experience the spectacular line. And these pants are also the length of this rise distance. The back is also a long crotch. Like THE ENGINEER JEAN, this is not a high waist. A long crotch distance that is absolutely necessary for toogood draping. This crotch also "disappears when worn". And it creates a beautiful surface around the crotch area and makes the style look beautiful. Because the pants themselves are thick, they don't directly show the leg line, but even if they are worn by people with short legs, they will make your lower body look beautiful. This is toogood's draping. hem. The length is set to be short, so I think almost everyone does not need to hem it. The hem is stitched 6 cm from the edge of the fabric. This is the back of the hem. Kobastitch on the end paper enters the top and bottom. The lower edge stitch does not appear on the surface, and only the upper side appears as a 6 cm tataki stitch. This is the back. Of course, it is a specification without a lining. You can clearly see the amount of deep tuck in the back side. Here too, the sewing everywhere is bag sewing. It's made of double-threaded cotton, so it stands up on its own and has a firm texture, but it still flows beautifully. There are no overlocks on these pants. All are finished with only final stitching. Therefore, the edges of the fabric at all points are treated firmly on the inside where they cannot be seen, so the edges of the fabric do not appear, and the durability of the sewn parts is also improved. These pants provide tough support for the lower body, where human movement is most intense. And on top of that, toogood's sculptural three-dimensional beauty. You can wear it over and over again, and it will last for years. As long as the owner's waist does not change greatly, it makes people look beautiful because it is three-dimensional. So no matter when you wear it, it will suit you. I can keep wearing clothes like that. Also, well, I think these pants exist in a place where fashion trends don't influence them. Colors are colors too. Bag sewn on the back. The fabric has a very fine texture, so please think that it is about 50,000 times softer than the typical "canvas" fabric. Available in 4 sizes 2,4,5,6. I wear 2 2 and 4 don't change that much, but I think the feeling size 2 is more compact. I'm pretty compact, so 2. The product has already been washed, so there is no significant shrinkage after washing. But you know, I wanted to wash it. I only wore it for about 5 days because it was so warm when I received it. I washed it. this. At first, I thought the color might come off, so I tried hand washing. However, the color didn't fade. Knowing that, I couldn't help but be itching to put it in the washing machine. So I hit it off. Along with my daughter's clothes and towels. I threw it in. It's a uniform, it's a uniform. Working Han uniform. I was wondering what would happen if it got wet after washing, and what would happen if it dried, but it didn't become stiff and crunchy even though it had a reasonable density. Usually, this kind of plain weave fabric with strong driving is usually stiff enough to stand up. why. I felt that the raw material cotton was very supple. So, when it dried, wrinkles entered the whole. As you can see. But I think this one brings out the individuality of the pants more. It's washed, dried, and worn, so it has a combination of large and small wrinkles. The three-dimensional shape of the knee is also in good health. For me, items that have been washed and worn have tripled the score compared to brand-new items. In my head, I'm thinking about the time to wear it with an image like spring to autumn. It's not flimsy, but if you wear light clothes on top, the fabric will stay away from your skin, so you won't have any problems getting the wind through even in the summer. This is MADDER. too good THE TINKER TROUSER material_COTTON 100% color_FLINT size_2,4,5,6 I thought that there might be some people who would show a negative reaction to the madder color called MADDER just now. I have this black one. We want you to experience the shape of THE TINKER TROUSER as much as possible. This is because I was moved. Well, you won't know until you try it on. I didn't even take a picture of me wearing it. So try it on. And wear it for 5 to 10 minutes. Today, too, there was a customer who didn't come with a pin at first. yes. is that different?. It's like. That person has also been very fond of clothes for a long time, and has a variety of old and new overseas and domestic clothes. Even those people don't get it right at first. Pretty good. However, when I left, I bought toogood at the top and bottom and returned home. I think you liked it very much. first toogood. But at first, I felt the atmosphere of clothes that I had never experienced before when I wore clothes other than toogood. However, if you let me talk and try on various things, it will "change". I have that kind of power. That is "real clothes". Black is still more powerful. The texture of the fabric also stands out firmly. back. THE TINKER TROUSER. Try it on. and, too good THE FLORIST HAT UK SOUVENIR BADGES material_COTTON 100% color_GARDEN size_ONE this. Florist's hat. And with a badge. I think it's quite rare. this. Based on waxed cotton, it comes with a patch embroidered with the theme of this collection. English garden. And with a toogood badge. I thought there was such a badge. This badge is removable. The outer material is the outer material, so it has a bite. already. The size is a little small, but I don't think it's a problem because it's not set to be worn deeply. Including the color, it is a hat that makes you feel like an explorer. oh yeah. Also, we have THE EXPLORER COAT, which is made from the same waxed cotton fabric and is white in color. White hooded coat. It would be nice if we could introduce it again at some point. The back is fully lined with cotton. Both the outer material and the lining are cut off. This is very different. in a pretty good way. toogood, I haven't been able to introduce all of them yet, but if you can come to the store, please take a look. Today, I received the AUBETT shirt that I've been looking forward to for a long time, so I'll go home and wash it. I will introduce it tomorrow. perhaps.
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