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Lately, I've been introducing a lot of Japanese brands, but today, the storefront has completely changed again.

Toogood and Isabella Stefanelli who were late.

There is a series that I haven't been able to introduce that is sold out, but BIEK VERSTAPPEN.

ACRONYM is also available in stores.

From Spring/Summer 2023, our store will carry BIEK VERSTAPPEN and ACRONYM.

For things other than clothes, it's GERNOT LINDNER.

Does anyone know?

These are glasses by Gernot, the founder of LUNOR.

These three brands.

Well, I don't know when GERNOT LINDNER will be completed and delivered.

But I'm looking forward to it.

So, starting tomorrow, March 25th (Saturday), I think the store will be more intense.

For me, it feels like the spring/summer I've always dreamed of has finally begun.

Well, toogood seems to mysteriously only stock special pieces rather than the full quantity ordered, and for Isabella Stefanelli, the season is not spring/summer, but fall/winter, which is six months later.

BIEK VERSTAPPEN and ACRONYM are not brands that compete with the seasons, so there is no spring/summer feel to them.

However, I think learning about these kinds of clothes is a very good thing for life.

I also enjoy purchasing it myself.

toogood, where only the limited collection and London Made arrived first.

ACRONYM is extremely technical.

BIEK VERSTAPPEN is a stone washed series made of Belgian hemp that is overwhelming and super heavy.

All made in our Amsterdam atelier.

At a later date, I will introduce you to Isabella Stefanelli's atelier in London.

Isabella's personality is clearly reflected in her clothes.

We have wonderful clothes from all over the world.

Please take a look.

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