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Toogood's "Collection 017" that I announced the other day. If you like it, thank you for visiting and watching. However, the lineup of our store this time is relatively biased. It is an impression that there are many people who come to. smile The hurdles to buying and taking home are a little higher than before, but these are creative clothes that greatly exceed that. Enjoy the toogood world. The other day, I wrote it like a prequel in a mysterious way, so this time, it's the second part. This is the complete lineup of our current collection. I have never posted the full amount of handling on this blog, Instagram, or online site so far, so this time I can introduce all of them for the first time. Well, there are too many to write on the blog, so I can't introduce them in detail. I hope that you will be able to see it as a preliminary preparation before you see it at the store. too good THE BOTANIST T-SHIRT fabric _ ORGANIC JERSEY material _ ORGANIC COTTON 100% color_RAW size_S,M,L First, this. "BOTANIST" = "botanist" long-sleeved cut-and-sew. It's a cut-and-sew, but it's completely different from the cut-and-sew that's distributed by Japanese brands. at all. If you look at this back view, I think you can understand it somehow. However, even though it was just hung on a hanger, the arm fell in a curved line as if the human body were contained. The amount of armholes on the back body, the amount on the back of the arm, the bulge, Seen from the side, the cut-and-sew is created so that you can easily imagine the outline of your beautiful arms, as if you were wearing it even if you weren't wearing it. This is amazing too. "t" enters only near the back neck. Well, I didn't take many pictures, but the outline of the shoulder is also wonderful along with the curving flowing arm. It has a strong roundness, and when you pass each other on the street, it draws the outline of a system that you will look at twice. The side seams are also different. If you take a look at the photo, I think you'll understand, but instead of overlapping the sides, each piece is sewn on the opposite side of the body. The hem of the body is the same as the "fabric" toogood so far, it is a "paperback" specification. This specification has changed. I've never seen this feeling in a cut-and-sew system. By the way, the neck and cuffs are sewn everywhere, and the places where stretching is necessary when putting on and taking off are cut and sewn. Parts such as facing and side stitching are specifications for "fabric tailoring". And the fabric is "super tough". Because it's too good. I think the threads are two-ply, but it's a fabric that lives in a different world than when you wear it and wash it, it stretches out and gets twisted. For that reason, I think that you can feel the elasticity of the fabric, and because of that, the form of the clothes designed by toogood comes out very well. Adults can enjoy this casually on holidays. I think it's a cut-and-sew that you can continue to use in a similar way. Like a holiday uniform. In the season when you can wear it as an outer cut-and-sew, it would be nice to have it done that way. I don't think it feels transparent. too good THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET fabric_WOOL FELT material_WOOL 100% color_STONE size_4,5 too good THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET fabric_WOOL FELT material_WOOL 100% color_FIR size_4,5 Next is this. The jacket, which is also the face of toogood. "THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET". Smaller tailored collar and gusseted patch pockets at the waist. Feelings, long length. This item is also made in the UK, so the tab is made of the same fabric on the back. The blend ratio is 100 wool. It's a fabric called WOOL FELT. If anything, it might be the closest to the texture of Bilish tweed, rather than the feeling of wool, which has a strong feeling of thickening and falling. Pretty dense and heavy feeling. The nylon that acts as a binder is 100% wool felt. If you look at the picture, you'll understand, but everything is a "cut off" specification. It is a method of clogging the dough that can be done without processing the edges of the dough. A large-capacity pocket with a gusset located at the waist, which is unique to photographer jackets. Here, too, all edges are truncated. It's so clogged. The gusset of the pocket is also plenty. The pocket has a double outer surface. It's not like it's switched to another fabric, it's double felt. As mentioned earlier, this is a photographer's jacket produced in LONDON. No lining at all. Feel the texture of tightly packed wool to the fullest. Well, it's not just the texture of the fabric that is simply hard. It also has good flexibility. A fabric that reminds me of the words of a great man involved in the clothing industry, although I forget who it was. Old-fashioned wool coats and jackets have been worn for several years with rocks in their pockets, hung from the eaves, and exposed to rain and wind until the fabric loses its hardness. There was a word like The fabric of this photographer's jacket is exactly that kind of thing, and when you first start wearing it, it doesn't seem like it will fit your body at all. In the first year or two, the hardness of new wool still cannot be wiped off. I think it's rare these days to have outerwear that allows you to have a classic relationship like that in the old days. When it comes to Japanese brands, there are a lot of things that are soft even when new. It's unique to British brands. The hem inside and front inside are also cut off. If you wear it hard, the thick wool threads will pop out. In a good way. There is also a pocket inside. With vent. Until now, the canvas fabric THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET was mainly sewn with "bag stitching", but this wool felt type has overlapping fabrics, and the edges of the fabric are not treated. The seams are also exposed on the back. I think that's what makes it look strong. Also cut off the sleeves. The inside of the sleeves comes with a facing cloth of the same fabric. Anyway, it is toogood that completes the clothes with durable specifications. When you put it on, it feels a little heavy, but in the winter, you can wear it anyway, get caught in the rain while wearing it, and continue to wear it, and in the next few years, it will become even more clogged. , it may change into an outerwear with overwhelming cold protection. Well, first of all, I need a period to get used to the clothes themselves. I think that THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET has a future ahead of it. It may be good for those who like that kind of thing. too good THE FRAMER COAT fabric_WOOL FELT material_WOOL 100% color_FIR size_S,M And this. A long coat made of 100% wool felt, just like the previous THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET. It's called THE FRAMER COAT, and I think this is the first time it's appeared. Certainly. The back style is a one-piece coat with no joints from the neck to the hem. Because the fabric is fabric, you can get a sharp outline just by hanging it. This coat is made of the same fabric as before, so there are many cuts. However, it is a specification that piping is sewn everywhere. The front opening and closing is a large snap. The snap head and legs are firmly attached. A total of 7 snap closures on the front. In addition to cutting, the decoration of piping. Designed to make each part stand out. And back. Also no lining. A coat with sufficient heat retention. However, in addition back cover. Do you understand? ? This return. Wider than normal. Covers the entire front body "Omikaeshi" specification. In other words, this wool felt is double in front. A super heavyweight large swing coat. Recently, I don't think there are many coats with such a powerful amount. If you like the weight and the length of the dress when you wear it, I think you will like it. A coat that covers everything once you put it on when you go out in winter. However, it is only available in S and M sizes so that it will not be "worn" over a coat. As for the outerwear, this time it's a pinpoint size development, so it might be difficult for larger people. If the size matches, you will be able to fully enjoy the feeling of wearing a classic coat in addition to the toogood form. too good THE BAKER TROUSER fabric _ WOOL CASHMERE FLANNEL material _ WOOL 95%, CASHMERE 5% color_ PEWTER size_S,M,L Baker's uniform. THE BAKER TROUSER. Like THE DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT and THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET, it has been available in all seasons of the collection. Trousers with large volume and cropped length. Elastic band at the waist. Drawcord inside. And intac on both sides of the front. A tuck that continues in a straight line from the center to the left front body. Well, it's hard to tell because the amount of wading gathers at the waist and looks like there are a lot of tucks. So far, we have handled THE BAKER TROUSER with the British pottery technique slip wear series and the lightweight summer shirt fabric, but this time it is a completely different type. A slightly brushed wool cashmere blend. The fabric is soft and has a warm feel to it. The fabric is too shiny, I'm wet. THE BAKER TROUSER with a large volume and a large amount. However, this time the dough will fall down. That's why I think a high-quality fabric that shines like it's wet will create an extraordinarily elegant drape. The back has a patch pocket only on the left side. The hem is a 7.5 cm wide double. I think that you can fully feel the flowing fabric from the design with a lot of volume. Well, the price is also a price, but the combination of THE BAKER TROUSER's design and the fabric this time has a lot of power, so you can understand the price. I think too good THE MURALIST SCARF fabric_SILKY VELVET material _ VISCOSE 80%, SILK 20% color_OLD GOLD size_ONE SIZE "MURALIST" = "Muralist" scarf. The outer material is viscose rayon and silk velvet. The color is gold as in the picture. I wonder if you're aiming for a slightly aged color. It's called OLD GOLD. On the other hand, the back is 90% linen and 10% silk. A fabric that coexists with the natural luster of silk and the knots of linen. I don't usually see brand collection looks, but for this one, I combined it with clothes such as the patchwork series I introduced the other day and wrapped it around my neck. It looked extraordinarily cool. So I don't know who will buy it, but I ordered it. smile It's not like this! Think. The other day, when I had a socially responsible professional customer who came to the store try to wrap it, it felt really good, so I think this might be a good choice for people. smile However, if you wrap it around your neck and hang it down, that's fine. Well, for those who are tired of ordinary scarves. I don't know if there are people like that. too good THE SCULPTOR HAT fabric _ CHUNKY KNIT material _ WOOL 79%, SILK 14%, CASHMERE 7% color_CHALK size_ONE SIZE And finally this. knit hat. "SCULPTOR" = "sculptor" hat. When toogood debuted, I remember there was a sensational piece called THE SCULPTOR TROUSER, but now it doesn't exist in the collection. Appeared as a sculptor's hat. The coloring was developed in two colors, navy and white, but in that case, I have a habit of ordering the coloring that is difficult for many people to choose, so this time, I only have the white color called CHALK. Deployment. Well, I have my own reasons for ordering all the products, but I also have my own reasons for making this knit hat only in the CHALK color. First of all, this bright coloring makes it easier to understand the structure of the knitted fabric. Also, the thread is quite thick, and although it's not hand-knitted, I think it's about the thickness of the machine-knitted thread. I think the thread is a blend of three types of wool, silk, and cashmere, and the strength of the light emitted from the thread itself is amazing. The high quality that cannot be hidden from the fiber comes out. I know very well that it is this CHALK. Also, it's not pure white, but you don't often come across knit hats that have this level of white tone, natural fluff, and high quality materials. I thought this was unique to toogood. The threads that make up the knitted fabric like this are quite thick. Along with that, the resilience of the knit itself is also considerable. Isn't this kind of hat wonderful in the cold winter? So I think it's good for those who wear hats. Soft and warm material gently wraps your head. I say mediocre things, but I think it's very good for women. This completes the lineup of this toogood Collection 017. Well, I haven't written about the details at all, but if you see the real thing, I think you'll be able to experience the definite power of each collection. toogood take a look.
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