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Today, let me introduce toogood. This time, we will start the entire lineup of our store at once. from tomorrow. Well, if I try to write everything in one blog, it will be too long, so I'm thinking of dividing it into the first part and the second part. Maybe it's just the eternal prequel. smile There are quite a few variations, so I'll just introduce a little bit of what we handle. To begin with, this is the 17th collection for toogood. Each time I have a theme that comes from England. This time, it seems that "William Morris" who led the "Arts and Crafts Movement" is a big keyword. Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture is said to be a "town of folk art", and it seems that the folk art movement led by "Muneyoshi Yanagi" was also influenced by the activities of William Morris. I'm not familiar with this historical background. This collection is based on the "Arts and Craft Movement". Toogood this time. too good THE DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT fabric_Tana Lawn material_COTTON 100% color _ LAURAS REVERIE size_S,M,L First, this. The England. THE DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT in "Liberty Print". DRAUGHTSMAN = drafting engineer The motif is the uniform of a draftsman. Among toogood's clothes, it's a shirt with a style that makes you look good. Large width and sharp sleeves. It's a shirt with a small collar, small cuffs, and a square-shaped hem that doesn't have a placket. You may see "Liberty Print" from time to time, but this pattern was born over 100 years ago in a historical place called "Liberty Department Store" in England. One of them, which is said to be a historical masterpiece, is also used in this toogood It's called "Tana Lawn". Although it is 100% cotton, it has a very delicate touch. It's not 100% cotton, but it's a fabric that makes more sense if you say it's mixed with silk. It is a printed fabric made with a historical British manufacturing method, and the pattern used this time, "LAURAS REVERIE", is said to have been revived by picking up old ones based on research on Liberty's archive materials. That's why this Liberty print THE DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT comes with proof of that. It's not easy to read, but it seems to be written historically. It's a light fabric with a nice sheen. It's a print, but it has an expensive feel to it. The real thing is true. The color scheme and shape of the buttons are also different from the usual THE DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT. The series that symbolizes the collection at that time has buttons that are different from the normal line. So is this Liberty print type. Also, yes. From this collection, toogood has changed the size notation. until now, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 1 to 3 are women's patterns, 4 to 7 are men's patterns, and they were only numbered. From this time, XS, S, M, L, XL A common pattern for ladies and men has appeared. In terms of size, S feels like S. M feels like M. For a man like me who has a big dream and a big heart but a small body, I think S is fine. Also, the middle one is M. The taller one is L. Of course, toogood's transcendent three-dimensional size, so if you choose the right size, it will be toogood's balance. too good THE ACTOR SMOCK fabric_FINE STRIPE material _ COTTON 81%, SILK 19% color_CHALK size_S,M,L Next, here. I wonder if it was in the collection of toogood so far? ? THE ACTOR SMOCK. The photos turned out so bad that I ended up looking like a ghost, but the real thing is nasty. When I saw a sample of this and put it on, I was astonished at how unedgy it looked in front of the mirror. A pullover with a high neck and a long length that seems to cover the body completely. However, when I put my arm down, I fainted in agony at the amazing beauty of the arm flowing down from my shoulder. Add to that the superb view of the arm in the side view. So, fabric touch. Already, when I saw the price, I hesitated only 2 mm, but I can't do it anymore. If I feel that kind of stimulation from clothes, I will definitely use it. So, is there any problem if there is one for each size? I think, order. I don't think there's a person who looks good on you. this. Super elegant neck opening. As for the neck size, when the button is fastened, there is an appropriate amount of room, and it is an image that the fabric accumulates a little around the neck. When you open the button, the opening of the neck naturally comes out. This best balance varies from person to person, but for those who suit it, I think it's a white thing that takes you to super paradise. The body is striped (horizontal use of fabric), and as you can see, the placket with buttons has a border (vertical use of fabric). So, a large amount of bag. The dimensions of the back yoke are also large. It looks quite vertically long, but if you put the roundness of the human body inside, you will be surprised. And the wonderful triangle of the arm in this side view. From the top of the shoulders, the fabric spreads naturally in the back direction. It then tapers towards the cuff. How many Japanese designers are struggling to create the shape of this arm. . Long cuffs with 3 buttons. Soft, fine cotton and silk blended yarn fabric. The reflection of natural light and the overall form are incredibly beautiful. this. Round and three-dimensional, the amount of back body that is greatly taken when the arm is spread. It's not a style that everyone can wear, but if you're into it, you'll have to decide whether to buy an outerwear or this shirt. smile too good THE STORYTELLER SHIRT fabric _ REMNANT PATCHWORK material_MIXED color_MIXED size_M And next is this. A collection special piece shirt made by joining the fabrics used in this "COLLECTION 017". First of all, the shape is "STORYTELLER", so it's a "storyteller" shirt. A small collar, ultra-characteristic raglan sleeves, and darts running from the side neck to the shoulder point. It is a shirt with a unique shape design. I've never seen anything like this before. Patchwork on the front and back. But, as I said earlier, it's in an amazing form. It's not just about looks. It's pretty structural. The outline of the shoulder with darts that can be seen when laid flat. The collar, placket, raglan, and armpits are all asymmetrical patchwork. I changed the fabric up to the base collar. just... This patchwork how it is sewn Inside-out bag sewing. In other words, it's the opposite of normal bag sewing. That's why the joints are floating on the surface. back too. with shoulder darts. So all the seam allowances are exposed. This gives it a very strong appearance. However, when sewing a bag, there is the problem of whether the seam allowance should be pushed to the left or right, but it is handled properly. The strength of the appearance is overwhelming, but it is a specification that allows you to see the aesthetics of toogood. So, the inside that touches the body is made with a lot of different fabrics, but it's super flat. A beautiful combination of Liberty prints even from the back. And the complex structure is the raglan shoulder. Do you understand? ? Design the shoulder while building the fabric with patchwork. Usually, patchwork is first made by connecting pieces of each fabric to make a fabric like a normal "raw fabric". From there, the pattern output by a machine called CAD is put on and cut. That's why I think there are only "random" left-right asymmetrical things as a patchwork. But this is completely different. at all. Mr. Patterner designs the form designed by Mr. Modelist in toogood's toile as a pattern. Just break it down like patchwork to make it work. Take it apart and add a seam allowance to each. Also, the outline of toogood's clothes has a three-dimensional shape that is not overwhelming, so if you disassemble this shirt, I think it will be unimaginable. Unless you are a pattern maker, I think each fabric has a shape that no one can imagine. That's why this collection special piece is more than just a visual impact. With that in mind, the price is completely outer price, but since it's a collection limited, I thought it would be good to have it in the future, so I ordered it. As mentioned above, since it is a limited collection, it comes with a silk tag instead of a cotton tag. Then enter the store name. Then comes the numbering. No, no, no, the numbering is "1". Whoever owns this must be happy. smile However, even though it is a brand that is widely deployed worldwide, the total number of 41 garments produced is more than I expected. I thought you must have worked hard to make it. smile Well, it's a shirt that foreigners seem to like more than Japanese. The cuffs on the sleeves are also different. oh yeah. Also, this shirt has sleeves attached later. Look like this The Liberty pattern and the contrast of the woven striped fabric are easy to see, but they are quite elaborate. As a result, when you wear it, your arms will get inside even more than previous toogood shirts. Arms grow from body. this. There are no seams under the armpits. While it's a piece that symbolizes the collection, I think it's a three-dimensional shape of the brand, and I think it's a shirt that has been put a lot of effort into making it a reality. too good THE PERFUMER TROUSER fabric _ REMNANT PATCHWORK material_MIXED color_MIXED size_S,M And this too. As you can see by now, this is also a collection limited piece. It's emblematic of the season and the intricacies of this production process. I wanted everyone to see it, so I handled both shirts and pants. THE PERFUMER TROUSER has a narrow outline. This is the same sewing pattern as before. Each one is made of shirt material, so in Japan, it's completely suitable for spring and summer. smile There are no side pockets, and as you can see, a large patch pocket is placed on the front. Rubber on the waist. To put it in a cool way, there is an elastic band inside, and the cord is not a cord or something like that, but a special cord made by properly sewing the fabric inside. The fabric on the inside of the waist is also switched. On the contrary, if it were a domestic brand, you wouldn't do it like this. From a Japanese point of view, each fabric looks strong, but it's an old UK classic fabric. Fits well when worn. No way. because it's uniform. too good. uniform. If you wear this every day, you can become that kind of person, so you don't have to worry about how you look. hem. For toogood, basically, the edges of the pants and the cuffs of the outerwear are not folded in three, but are often printed on the inside. So are these pants. The cover cloth is properly sewn on the outer material, "holding back". I think you're doing this pretty neatly. The pattern is super cool too. Since it is THE PERFUMER TROUSER, there is a gusseted crotch on the crotch. So I think anyone can imagine how easy it is to move. It's a narrow trouser, but it's designed by toogood, so there's no discomfort caused by difficulty in movement. It also comes with a silk tag as before. The name of the clothes, the initials of the toogood sisters, the initials of the people involved in the production, the country of origin, the size, and the name of our shop CASANOVA&CO. This one seems to be less produced. 18th place worldwide. This LIMITED EDITION series takes you to the world of the collection instantly when you wear it. Well, it's definitely not just impact, and it has a unique luxury feeling, so if you like it, please take a look. too good THE ETHER TROUSER fabric_ MILITARY TWILL material _ COTTON 89%, WOOL 11% color_CHART REUSE size_XS,S,M,L Next is this. "THE ETHER TROUSER" "ETCHER" = copper engraver trousers. This style of trouser is new and will not be present in the next collection. I think they're pretty well made pants. The coloring is a color called "Chartreuse". The fabric is 89% cotton and 11% wool. I heard that it is a fabric that emphasizes vivid colors and expresses a robust and life-rooted spirit. It seems to express what is hidden behind the noble, humble and craftsmanship of "William Morris" who led the "Arts and Crafts Movement". Only the back is a rubber specification. However, well, this trouser, the compatibility of the fabric and the shape is excellent. So, for this collection, after much thought, I came up with this one. smile Well, first of all, this fabric. If you lay it flat, the main body will stand out. Because of the strength of the fabric. The fabric structure is also called military twill, and it has a fairly clear twill structure. I think anyone can feel its robustness when they touch it. When you walk on it, you can hear the bouncing of the fabric. smile That's why the outline of the pants comes out clearly. The front has a thick belt loop with a tuck or a large box pleat. So, this large and deep pleat wraps around the knee and is released around the knee, creating volume. The front buttons are all clear water buffalo horn buttons. Since the fabric is fabric, the buttons are properly attached so that they cannot be taken away. I think the buttons are the stiffest of the toogood ones I've seen so far. Also, piping on the back side. You are doing a meticulous job. The hem has one dart on each front and back. The voluminous amount of fabric is slightly shaved at the hem. The hem of this THE ETHER TROUSER is the same as the pants so far. So, the back. One of the characteristics of toogood is that there is no overlock. Because all collections are uniforms. uniform. Anyway, toogood is sewn with strong sewing specifications. Piping and folded seams, which are rare in pants, are used in some places. Moreover, the bag cloth for the pocket is not a different fabric, but the same fabric. The back of the pocket is the same fabric. Because the resilience of this MILITARY TWILL is amazing. Even though it's cotton and wool, it's stiff and dense, so the wind can't pass through. I was surprised when I wore it outside. It was hot and I thought I should take off my clothes. smile The pocket is also made of such a super tough fabric. I think you can feel the toughness of the fabric from the lying photo. Heavy, heavy hem for endpaper specification. This fabric is too tough to wear, so I wondered what the composition of the thread was, so I took apart the fabric sample that toogood sent me from England before the collection was announced. this. The warp is on the right. The left is the weft. A blend of cotton and wool. If you compare them closely, you will notice that the wavy twists of the threads are slightly different. further decomposed. Result this. The right warp is two-ply yarn. The left weft was triplet. The weft is triple-twisted, and it is heavily woven into the fabric, so the texture of the fabric stands out very well, and I can see that the wind does not pass through it. smile It's too hot to wear now, but it might be pretty good in the colder months. functionally. too good THE SKIPPER JEAN fabric _ ORGANIC DENIM material_COTTON 100% color_INDIGO size_28,30,32 This is the last one for today. THE SKIPPER JEAN. It is completely different from jeans made by Japanese brands. at all. The use of darts, the way the stitches are put in, and the structural specifications that are unique to toogood. A design that eliminates the back yoke and aims to fit the waist with darts. Darts in pockets. front zipper. Garment print on sleek. If you can see the specifications and structure of these darts, I think you will understand what we are aiming for. These jeans are also voluminous, but the three-dimensional structure creates a beautiful outline. This is also the back of the hem. Front tuck button with toogood stamp. This is about half. Also, the lineup includes cut and sewn jackets, photographer jackets, coats, lustrous wool cashmere baker trousers, knitted hats, and scarves. There are quite a few, so please take a look.
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