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Today is the long-awaited delivery. too good This time the inspiration is "English Garden". That's why the color palette and the clothes as a whole are nuanced. Compared to the previous season, there are more variations this season, so today I would like to introduce about half of them. too good THE ENGINEER JEAN material_COTTON 100% color_INDIGO size_28,30,32,34 First of all. For toogood, I think this is probably the first denim series in a long time. After all, it has a very unique atmosphere. It is completely different from domestic brand jeans. Denim that reflects toogood's "three-dimensional cutting" very richly. First, here. The strength of the roundness from the fitted waist to the waist. The roundness of the waist is quite strong, and if it is the right size for the waist, it will bite very well. It is designed in such a way that it is gradually released downward from there. Zipper fly on the front. Back elastic specifications. This also shapes the sharp roundness of the waist. But because it stretches, it doesn't feel like an unreasonably cramped fit. The front top button is engraved with "toogood". As you can see, the waist belt that comes with normal jeans has been removed. I have belt loops. In addition, the pocket opening, which is subject to stress, is reinforced with stitching. You can put it across the body and the cloth on the other side of the pocket. It's a very reasonable specification. As you can see, the white stitching looks great on the indigo denim. You know, if the stitching works really well, you can often put stitches on the carrying parts (the fabric that attaches the zipper and top button), but toogood doesn't have stitching on the carrying parts. I think that these specifications also create the mood that these pants create. This part is a specification that folds one piece of fabric and sews all seams. The hem is single stitched 4cm from the edge of the fabric. It's not the theory of jeans. On the back of the hem, instead of folding the outer material in three, it is a hem facing specification that is processed with a separate part of the same fabric. It's a cover design, so it's difficult to fix the hem, but the length isn't designed to be that long, so I don't think it's necessary to raise the hem. The feeling of freedom around the suspension is strong, but the hem is narrowed as if it were shaved. And darts on the left and right of both knees. This works very well. When you put it on, I think you can feel the three-dimensional shape that you can see from the front and sides. This dart. It's hard denim, the outseam side is split stitching, and the inseam side is rolled stitching, but it's done beautifully. back. The part of the split over on the outseam side. inseam side. After putting in the darts, I roll it up. With the darts, the thickness is pinpointed by two pieces of fabric, but there is no distortion or pitch deviation, and the rolled stitching is applied. back. I wonder if the back side is made with the best balance of both symmetry and function. The edges of the carrying cloth are also properly piped. I think it's made pretty well. But toogood is not there. There are places where you can feel the power of this denim, toogood. this. Rise. She has an abnormally long rise. You've definitely never experienced this with other denim. back. The rear rise is also very long. Isn't this just aiming for a high waist specification? The meaning of this passage is a world that exists only in toogood denim. Most of this crotch part "disappears" when worn. Disappearing means that most of it is hidden inside the crotch, and the left and right cylinders are "integrated" with the inner crotch. In this way, if you choose the correct size, you can create "three-dimensional" pants that permanently suit the wearer's style. But when you put them on, everyone encounters the unknown at first. Just look in front of the mirror for 5 minutes, no, 10 minutes. Then I can't take it off. If only the size was right. The reason is "stereoscopic cutting". I told you a little bit about this when I was selling IRENISA pants, but it is not taught in Japanese education. In a way, I think that this clothing theory reigns at the top of the world. However, if you just put it on, I think it's too unknown denim and you'll have a lot of question marks in your head, so let me talk about the construction of this denim at the store. too good THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET material_COTTON 100% color_MADDER size_4,5,6 The "photographer's jacket" represents the brand. The coloring "MADDER = Akane" is the key color of this collection. For smaller tailored collars The waist pocket with a large gusset is distinctive in appearance. If you look at the overall image of the clothes laid flat, the arms are narrow compared to the width of the body. This is common in toogood. This is laid flat in the most natural state. When the arm is raised vertically, this wrinkle is created on the sleeve. The astonishing height of the sleeves. From the side. When the sleeves and body are angled at 90 degrees, the sleeves are designed to be very high, so the fabric on the side of the sleeves deforms like this. However, this design creates an overwhelming beauty when worn. It can be worn like coveralls, but the design theory is completely different from coveralls. The world is full of clothes that only use floor plan patterns, but that doesn't work. There is no opening on the sleeves, and the outer material is folded back by 7.2cm and stitched 6cm from the end of the sleeve. This prevents the back of the fabric from being exposed even when the sleeves are folded. And a large gusseted pocket. This is also a double outer design. Toogood clothes are uniforms. It is assumed that it is not just a pocket as a design, but a tough one that can be used. Since it is the spring and summer season, it is a single layer with no lining. Inside, there is a square chest pocket. Tri-fold processing with wide hem. Sewing everywhere on the body is sewn with bag stitching. The hem of the center vent is framed. The body is the same as the outer material, and the facing parts are sewn on. Such a thing. But, look back at this bodice,,, In addition, the back of the endpaper. here. Adhesive interlining is generally pasted on the back side of this facing part. But toogood has no interlining on the back. I take this very positively. Normally, this part is the part that supports the appearance of the front, which is the most visible part when worn, so an adhesive interlining is often used to make the shape look beautiful. However, this works otherwise. The reason is that this fabric is a strong fabric called CANVAS, which is the best representative of toogood. I don't know what kind of raw material it is, but it looks like organic cotton. So, the structure is a plain weave with two-ply yarn. It has a high density and is very chewy. That's why it's okay to not use an interlining. Also, if the fusible interlining is attached, the interlining will peel off after repeated washing at home. Toogood clothes are uniforms. Uniforms should be worn daily and washed frequently. That kind of thing. If it leads to more and more deterioration, it will stop wearing eventually. There are many types of coverall-type clothes in the world, but they almost always have adhesive padding attached to them, so I've been looking for jackets that don't have adhesive padding on the back. And I wanted to pass it on to our customers. Well, I don't think everyone can try it because the colors are different, but for those who have crossed the line, I recommend Ultra Heavy Use. So, the attachment of the endpaper is done properly. This is a photo of the back. In order to make it difficult to see the end paper from the front, the outer material and the end paper are attached with a 1mm to 2mm offset. The outer material is slightly above the hon. This is called "Refraining from looking back." Certainly. This method is also a basic technique for making clothes, but these days there are many clothes that are neglected. I think that these small details have a big effect on the appearance of the clothes. It's a heavy suit that looks great in any way you wear it. THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET. too good THE DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT material_COTTON 100% color_MADDER,CHALK size_4,5,6,7 too good THE DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT material_COTTON 95%, ELASTANE 5% color_FLINT size_4,5,6,7 Next is this. draftsman = draftsman shirt. It seems that it is a job to draw blueprints. draftsman. This shirt is also the clothes that symbolize toogood. Small color without stitching. It is a back placket specification that does not expose the front placket. The number of front buttons is one more than a normal shirt. This MADDER is madder, and there is another CHALK (white) in the same solid color. The cuffs are narrow and have unusual details. As with THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET, product washing is applied and puckering is already occurring. Careful man man corresponding to home washing. Shallow slits on the sides. As with THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET, the sewing specifications are basically bag stitching. Since the stitching is almost invisible on the surface, it is combined with the back placket specification, and when you think about the details, it feels like a draftsman's official shirt. back. two sleeves. Bag sewing, of course. The plain type reflects natural light and has a soft touch. Of course it is smooth to the touch. On the other hand, here. Black is the ground with gray stripes. In the photo, it looks like a simple striped shirt, but this is a very powerful fabric. The strong twisted yarn has a dry touch and the elastane has a strong firmness. But smooth. Well, the texture of the fabric can't be conveyed in the picture, so please enjoy it in person. The button is a bamboo button painted black. And this THE DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT. It's a very impressive shirt. And I don't think I've ever seen anything other than toogood to shake it off so far. Unreasonable 3D cutting. In a good way. This is the shape when laid flat and spread out naturally. Width that was taken very large. And narrow sleeves. I was surprised when I wore this. toogood, which is said to be "sculptural oversized". This changes the concept of oversizing. I mean, toogood is big, isn't it? We are creating "a size that makes humans look beautiful". Toogood clothes are designed to fit the human body when worn. without being influenced by trends, in any era, No matter what your body type is, You can continue to wear it "beautifully", Makes the wearer look "in style". You can't find clothes like that anywhere in the world. In the wide world, there are so many clothing brands that exist, but only a few of them can exist and do what they can't do with "ready-made clothes". This is also common with AUBETT, which is also handled at our store. I don't think there are many people who think of AUBETT in that way yet. smile So this shirt, when laid flat I'm in this state, This is what happens when you wear it. I haven't worn it, but it looks like this. smile A drape is created on the body, and the base of the sleeve is "hidden inside". Mr. Sugihara from AUBETT said that really beautiful clothes are "Sleeves grow from the bodice". Toogood shirts are just that. The sleeves grow from the body and come out from the inside to show sharp arms and improve the wearer's style. Since ancient times, clothes have been used to "supplement the missing parts of human beings", but clothes that can take you to another world by wearing them. That's toogood. The brand that best embodies this idea of ​​clothes. At our shop, we carry toogood because we want to convey that there is such a world through clothes. But at first, I think it will be a feeling that no one has ever felt when wearing it. However, when you know and understand the concept, you can see, choose, and think about clothes. all of that will change. I always think about that, but I want to convey that to everyone through toogood clothes this time. too good THE FLORIST SHIRT material_COTTON 100% color _ CHARLESTON MARKINGS RAW size_M,XL As the name suggests, this is a "flower shop" shirt. The shape and fabric of this shirt symbolize this collection. This is also a shirt with a lot of power, just like the striped shirt earlier. The fabric is 100% cotton, but it is extremely twisted. It's a thin fabric, but I feel quite strong from the very thin thread. Here, Kobasutetchi enters the collar. The neck of the front body has fine gathers from the bottom of the collar. Gathers are formed on the left and right sides, and as the gathers are released, the width of the body is increased. Gathered cuffs. The hem of the bodice is round. Because the roundness of the hem is strong, the hem of the body is not wrapped in three, but is made of the same fabric as the outer material and has a narrow facing. The back has a large center box pleat. The buttons are natural bamboo buttons that are not painted. The cuffs and sword rags are attached using the sleeve switching. Normally, a shirt like this has two sleeves, but... Do you understand? Sleeve attachment is "retrofit specification". So this shirt has one sleeve. It has a sheer feel to it, and although it's made of thin fabric, the sleeves are beautifully attached afterwards. Not everyone can do it, and I think it's a great technique. Therefore, the arm is firmly swung forward, and wearing without discomfort is realized. Like the DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT earlier, this shirt also uses toogood's three-dimensional draping. Well, the fabric is transparent and it's a pretty powerful piece, so it's not something that everyone can wear, but if you like this kind of thing, you might not be able to escape if you wear it. It lets the wind through well, and it's very okay to wear it under the scorching sun. too good THE BAKER TROUSER material_COTTON 100% color_FLINT size_2,4,5,6,7 Lastly, this. baker trousers. This is also an iconic wide pants in toogood. Super wide and cropped. What's more, the pants themselves are quite independent because they are designed with draping. A fairly rounded outline that can only be found here. The amount of dough used is also impressive. And this baker trouser is a fabric that is also used for shirts. That's why I ordered it with the assumption that it would be worn very comfortably in the summer. The waist of the elastic band allows countless gathers. It's hard to tell from the picture, but there's one in-tack on each side. The front has a large tuck that runs diagonally all the way to the body. back. One large square pocket on the left side. The hem is an 8 cm wide double. back of hem. Since the fabric is also made of fabric, the lining is sewn with lockstitches instead of blind stitching, so you don't have to worry about the hem falling off. A cord is also attached to the back of the waist. Since it is a flat string, it will not hurt even if you squeeze it tightly. The baker trousers this time have the quality of toogood, and on top of that, the combination of the self-supporting shape and the fabric characteristics makes it possible to wear it coolly in the summer, wash it, and create a summer style very easily. I'm going to prepare it, and I'm going to order it. The store has a full line-up, but the one I introduced today is part of this collection, so I will introduce it later.
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