We previously introduced the Amundsen striped pants from tilt The authentics, but this time it's a short-sleeved shirt.

When I put on the pants, I could feel a lot of room for growth, and I continue to wear these ultra-favorite pants. world.

tilt The authentics
Talian Collar S/S Shirts

fabric_Amundsen Stripe

material _ Linen 98%.Cotton 2%


price_24,000-(without tax)

Linen Amundsen with dark navy coloring that is as close to black as possible.

The fabric called Amundsen is very similar to nashijiori, and is characterized by its uneven surface and rough texture.

Nashiji weave is a fabric that looks like it was used in traditional Japanese clothing, so this Amundsen somehow represents Japan from a European point of view.

Is it the atmosphere of the fabric?

The depth of Japan in the midst of modernity.

Well, this fabric is Tilt The Authentics' original fabric made by a weaver in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

The stripes don't stand out as clearly as regular pinstripes, so I think it's good for those who shy away from such distinct stripes.

The ground is dark navy linen. The striped part is brown cotton.

Due to the nature of Amundsen, it has a little firmness, so I think it's a fabric that feels hard.


However, the goodness of this Amundsen is also in the raw materials.

It was carefully selected, and I think that the fiber quality is particularly soft and smooth among linen fibers.

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, it feels firm and has a peculiar roughness, but it is not too much because it is this linen.

I think it's a very smooth and gentle touch for Amundsen.

Italian color, not an open collar shirt.

It's the collar type that tilt The authentics has adopted for this spring/summer season.

I think that the feeling of resort and vacation is somewhat reduced compared to the open collar. In a good way.

Enjoy the nuances of this collar.

When you wear it, it doesn't feel transparent, but for linen, the fabric's eyes open evenly. It's a very beautiful fabric.

It is important as the first step to see the quality of the fabric that the points where the warp and weft intersect are clean and the gaps are even.

The sleeves have a compact width compared to the bodice.

And, regarding this, the pattern maker involved has a virtuosity, but when the arm is lowered, the shoulder line fits neatly.

It is rare in the genre of short-sleeved shirts, and it is a point that looks good.

Well, the fabric is still hard when new, but I think it will change to a better one as you continue to wear it many times and wash it.

The feel, the look, the shape.

I think that is the high potential of this fabric.

I wrote about this Amundsen stripe fabric before when I was making pants, but it's a very hot fabric. this.

It's not a full-handed shirt, but I think you can wear it without hesitation, and I think washing it after sweating will work positively, so it might be nice to have it in the summer.

I'm size 1. wear.

We don't have a lot of them, but it's rare that we have a full-size lineup from 1 to 3.

Take a look.

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