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PETROSOLAUM's PERSONAL ORDER EXHIBITION will be the last day tomorrow, the 27th (Sun).

When this period ends, I don't think there will be enough shoes for a while.

Shoes now occupy nearly half of the store.

Recently, I've been talking about PETROSOLAUM shoes on my blog, but there's something I've wanted to introduce for a long time, so let me introduce a little bit today.

tilt The authentics The other day, I received an email from a designer about the 21SS season collection exhibition, and it said something very nostalgic for me.

The brand debuted from the 2018AW season, but we have been handling it since that debut season.

The exhibition for the first season was about two and a half years ago.

I met the designer for the first time in a room in a multi-tenant building in Shibuya on a rainy day. I couldn't.

Even so, I remember seeing a mysterious brand for the first time, and it left a very clear impression on my mind despite the short time.

Also, the 2020AW season has already reached its fifth season.

Until then, I had made custom-made shirts that sold out in one day, and had spent long hours on the phone in the middle of the night after closing.

I'm not in high school.

I myself am one of the few brands and designers who have taught me a lot about clothes.

tilt The authentics.

From the time of our debut, we were strong and made high-quality products, even though we didn't have a backbone of some big company, but now we have evolved further.

The so-called brand name value may not be there yet, but I think the quality is definitely one of the best in the Japanese clothing market.

When it comes to choosing clothes without the brand tags of the world's fashion brands, I'm sure everyone will pick it up because of the wonderfulness of clothes that can't be hidden. surely.

That's all I can say.

So, today I will introduce some of them.

Or one.

Just a little bit.

There are others, but let me introduce them later.

A special piece from this season's tilt The authentics.

tilt The authentics

Baby Camel Blend Stand Fall Collar Jacket

material _ Fine Wool 80%, Baby Camel 20%

color_Deep Green

size _ 1,3 price _ ¥79,000-(+ tax)

First of all, this.

Whether this jacket is dangerous or not, it's ultra dangerous.

The fabric is so good that I wanted to tell you about it, so I went up close and took a picture, but on the contrary, I didn't really understand what it was, but it was really high quality.

Wool on the warp. Double thread.

Wool and camel for weft. This is also a double thread.

Camel = camel.

I haven't seen it much either, but Camel itself has a limited number of distributions.

In addition, camel worsted hair is very rare to see.

Speaking of camel, do you still have wool?

Boumo is a knitted sweater.

Worsted yarn is a different type of yarn that has completely different characteristics.

So, the woolen two-ply thread is also of the highest quality, and camel is blended with it.

From its overwhelming luster, its exquisiteness cannot be wiped off at all.

It's a fabric woven with an old loom, but when I first saw it, I thought it was wet. for a moment.

It's so glossy.

I didn't do any excessive processing.

A place that speaks to the high quality of raw materials.

Even if you wear this jacket all the time and it gets worn out, I don't think the high-class feel of this material will disappear.

Equipped with three-dimensional structure and maniac original details.

Of course, the attachment is also with origami.

Manual horn button.

Also, what I'm feeling again this season is the pattern work of Tilt The Authentics clothes.

Don't miss it here.

I haven't taken very detailed pictures, so I can't show you with pictures, but the beauty from the shoulders to the arms is the highest level among the brands that we carry.

A little different type, but I think Yamauchi and seya.

You can't understand this unless you try it on, and I need a more in-depth explanation, so I'll talk about it at the store.

Well, the goodness of the pattern is also a matter of preference, but there are too many people who say "the pattern is good" just because the form feels good without being shown the specifics. No.

It's not really clear what's good and what's not.

A pattern is like a blueprint for making clothes.

However, when it comes to tilt the authentics, it goes without saying that the shavings, roundness, and fine parts are fused at high positions, but the fabric cut based on the pattern is outstanding. I really feel that it is sewn carefully, taking time, aiming for pulling or pushing with technology.

this is the back.

The front section has special specifications.

Great return.

Super specification where the lining is usually placed on the front part of the lining as it is.

It's the fabric that's made so much.

I don't think there's anything that beats the adoption of Omikaeshi.

As a result, the appearance of the front when worn has a more positive hardness, and it is a good specification.

I will omit the left and right specifications on the back because I think you can understand if you look at the photo.

Or rather, this blouson seems to use a lot of parts.

Once completed, there are no excessive decorations, and it looks very authentic, but at a glance.

However, it's amazing that it has such a look and is finished with this quality.

For example, even if it is a court, even if it is three-dimensional and constructed, about 40 parts are composed of MAX.

And this blouson.

The length and volume are very different from the coat, but it is constructed with a much larger number of parts.

Well, even though it's an outerwear that isn't that long, it's filled with designer Nakatsu's passion.

Also, as I wrote earlier, the price is ¥79,000-(+tax).

I don't want to sell it at the price, but please understand why I dare to write it.


Mr. Nakatsu, the designer, wants to tell as many people as possible, and he wants people to pick it up, so he works hard on the price side.

Also, at the same time, we also handle another type of blouson, but that's also amazing.

I can't believe my eyes.

I really make "good clothes".

this brand.

Also, please let me know the details.

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