4 outfits with tilt The authentics

From the other day, firstly at CASANOVA&CO in Okayama, from the 22nd (Sat) to the 24th (Mon), a guanaco x green cotton clothing series with tilt The authentics was sold at Kitasando in Tokyo.

In Tokyo, I was able to meet people for the first time even though I had been communicating with them for many years, but I could not easily meet them due to distance issues. It was a great opportunity.

Famous people in the industry, upstream people in the clothing industry, and designers of multiple brands that we handle came to the venue.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us.

So far, it has been a total of 7 days since the sale started, and I am very grateful that you have purchased a reasonable number of items and received them. There is also a double yarn spinning lot, producing 125 meters of fabric.

There are some sizes missing, but from now on, we will start selling them on our online store, and we are planning to sell them regularly at CASANOVA&CO.

I would be happy if people who couldn't see it in Okayama only for 4 days, or those who had difficulty coming to the store in Tokyo, would consider it.

After all, even Yamaei Keori, which has a long history, has used "guanaco fiber" for the second time in the last 20 years.

And the potential of the material and the high sewing level that you can definitely feel from the comfort.

I don't think it's bad even if it's brand new, but it's going to change tremendously.

Even if you make 125 meters of fabric, there is a limit to the amount that can be completed as a piece of clothing.

"Guanaco Fiber", "Quality of Yamaei Keori's Fabric", "Maya's Careful Sewing", "Mr. Yamazaki's Precise Patterns"

And there is nothing more important than that if you can get to know the brand "tilt The authentics" through this clothing series, which has put all its effort into creating this clothing.

After the exhibition ended in Tokyo on the 24th (Monday), I rushed to Yamato Transport nearby to bring it in, so the product should have returned to our shop tomorrow evening on the 26th (Wednesday). After arriving at the store, after checking the items one by one, I will arrange them in the store and post them on the online store.

If you are interested, I would appreciate it if you could take a look and consider it.

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