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The other day, we started selling jackets and trousers using guanaco fabric with tilt The authentics, which started on the 15th (Saturday).

This is the first time for our store to do this, but we are planning to first sell it in-store at CASANOVA&CO in Okayama Prefecture, then temporarily suspend sales, and then create an opportunity for people to see it in Tokyo.

Originally, before we started in Okayama, product inventory was divided between Okayama and Tokyo.

Of course, the weight depends on our home base, CASANOVA&CO, but we wanted to start in a way that would allow people to see all of our products at once, without missing any size in Tokyo.

We have prepared a space on Kitasando for customers to view this weekend for three days, from the 22nd (Sat) to the 24th (Mon), so we would be very happy if you could come and have a look. .

However, if the product is in stock after the three days in Tokyo, we will return it to Okayama and then post and sell it on our online store.

Since this is my first time going to a store in Okayama, I wonder if I will be able to create an opportunity to see it in person. That's what I thought, but it seems that there are still limits, as we have already received calls from people who are unable to come to Okayama or Tokyo.

However, we would like to give priority to those who can meet with us in person, so we would appreciate it if you could come to our sales in Tokyo if possible.

This time's clothes took shape over two years after the concept, and I was able to realize the clothes that I had envisioned from the start with the help of craftsmen with overwhelming skills in the field. thing.

Of course, the clothes from the regular collection are also good, but I think that the people who hold them will be very impressed after using them for a long time. Masu.

Fabric, pattern, and sewing.

This is a trinity at a high level, and by coming together, we are able to create clothes of this high quality.

I think the power that such clothes have is truly enormous.

I also wear clothes based on this "guanaco" every day, and every day I am filled with new things and surprises.

But I feel like it's unique because I use it and wear it.

I would be happy if you could feel the awesomeness of this outfit.

As previously announced, the location and time of the event in Tokyo are as follows.


Sunview Heights Kitasando 101, 1-23-6 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

territory gallery

<Date and time>

Saturday, July 22nd 12:00 >>> 19:00

July 23rd (Sun) 12:00 >>> 19:00

Monday, July 24th 12:00 >>> 17:00

<Payment method>


・Credit card (Due to the system, only one-time payment is required. We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.)


That's all.

So today, I'd like to introduce a few items that I haven't introduced before, but that I washed 5 times.


tilt The authentics 20 Darts 3D Trouser GUANACO - 1

This is the very early 1st sample, which was actually seen by customers at the store.

After wearing it for 2 months and washing it 5 times, I noticed that the fabric had bulged and was noticeably ``melting'' even though it was brand new.

tilt The authentics 20 Darts 3D Trouser GUANACO - 2

The guanaco wool threads are starting to swell one by one, and the stitches are starting to get buried.

However, the dart line still stands out.

tilt The authentics 20 Darts 3D Trouser GUANACO - 3

At first, the "double yarn" of green cotton gives the fabric its firmness, but as it is washed and used, it gradually loosens.

Then, the guanaco was "released".

Green cotton is predominant in new products. But gradually it became impossible to hide the existence of guanacos.

Although it has the stiffness of cotton, the guanaco and 15 micron wool exhibit amazing fiber properties.

However, even though the fabric tries to fall without going against gravity, the clothes themselves do not sag.

From there, you can feel Maya's innocent sewing.

Of course, the structure takes advantage of the pattern maker Yamazaki's eye for the fabric, and the dart assembly, but with Maya's level of sewing, you can clearly see that the clothes are perfectly assembled.

oh yeah.

I've been writing about various things at length so far, but when I was actually talking to customers about our products at a store in Okayama, I decided to write about something very important on this blog. I had forgotten.

I was so careless. . .

It's about the fabric.

This is about "fabric processing".

If you want to make this fabric have a clear luster, texture, or slippery feel even when it's new, you can process it as much as you want.

However, since it is a precious guanaco...

"Just as it is, woven to the limit"

I am wearing clothes in this condition.

In other words, it's almost like "grey cloth".

It's not a raw material though.

So, when the fabric is woven, I use an air tumbler to knead it just a little to bring out the fullness, softness, and even just a little bit of the congestion.

As I said earlier, we want to deliver a great experience to everyone after you receive a new product, wear it, wash it, and use it repeatedly.

The new ones are of good quality, so it's not that bad.

However, our aim is to break through the sky and reach, or even exceed, the universe.

"The incredible way clothes stretch."

The quality of fabrics and clothing has evolved to such an extent.

I'm extremely confident in this.

I felt it so deeply and was so moved that I was trembling.

So, please raise your expectations and hurdles to your heart's content and see the real thing. People near Kanto.

Well, the new one feels a little dry. lol

tilt The authentics 20 Darts 3D Trouser GUANACO - 4

This is the green cotton side.

Guanacos are slowly coming out from the gaps in the jagged cotton fabric called tussah, which is a tight double-stranded thread.

I think this is a very unique way of looking at the fabric.

Also, the softness of the washed fabric. Can you give me a sense of it in the photo?

tilt The authentics 20 Darts 3D Trouser GUANACO - 5

The upper side is green cotton side.

The bottom is guanaco wool side.

The colors are different and the appearance is different.

However, I think that both of them are finished in areas that most people have never experienced before.

Choose whichever you like, either the guanaco side or the green cotton side.

From the day of the event, we are looking forward to seeing you at Territory Gallery in Kitasando, Tokyo.

However, I think it will be extremely hot, so please be careful not to get heatstroke.

I'll be in Tokyo starting tomorrow, but first I'll go to the next spring/summer exhibition in the morning, and then I'll set up. lol

Hotels were expensive, so I chose Shinkoiwa. I've never been to Shinkoiwa. lol

So, I'm incredibly looking forward to meeting all of you who will be joining us for the three days from Saturday the 22nd to Monday the 24th, along with Mr. Nakatsu from tilt The authentic.

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