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We have announced the clothes with tilt The authentics.

I am very happy to hear from you since it was published.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us so far.

This time, too, is truly a ``beginner's intention'' for me, and it is the best way to give form to what I have been thinking about for a long time, so I am very happy that people are interested in it.

However, when I first started working as a salesperson at a store called CASANOVA&CO, I was able to work with people who I never would have imagined possible.

As I mentioned earlier, we will be selling items at CASANOVA&CO in Okayama from the 15th (Saturday), and on the 15th (Saturday), the first day, Mr. Nakatsu from tilt The authentic and Mr. Yamada from Sanei Keori will be on hand.

On the following day, the 16th (Sunday) and 17th (holiday/Monday), Mr. Nakatsu from tilt The authentics and Mr. Sugaya from Maya Sewing will be in the store.

It is a unique opportunity like this to have these upstream people come to our stores.

Mr. Yamada and Mr. Sugaya are both very nice people, so I think that you will be able to feel that ``there is a human being in things.''

Up until now, I have been introducing the clothes step by step, but today I will post a photo of me wearing them. at last. lol

Today, I'll post a photo of me wearing it, so please enjoy the visuals.

tilt The authentics × CASANOVA&CO

tilt The Coverall Jacket

material _ GUANACO 38%, COTTON 36%, WOOL 26%




first. this.

As I've mentioned previously, all of the clothes in this collection are "undyed."

This side is the latine texture side of "guanaco wool".

I think you can get a sense of it by looking at the photo of me wearing it, but in terms of color, I think light brown is the easiest way to imagine it.

The guanaco is brown and the 15 micron wool is white.

The two are mixed together, and on this side 65% of the color appears on the surface, making it the main color.

In terms of shape, the length is set to be long.

It may be a few centimeters longer than normal coverall theory.

Although I wouldn't go as far as a half-coat, I wanted to go a little beyond the scope of coveralls in terms of the overall balance of the outfit.

Also, I'm wearing the smallest size, size 1.

This time, size 1 is the smallest size for my physique, which is 167 cm tall and weighs 52 kg.

Both the jacket and pants are set that way, and the photos of them wearing them are all size 1.

The shoulder line has a three-dimensional round shape with "shoulder darts".

Mr. Yamazaki's aim was to place this dart at a position that was slightly dropped.

It's hard to tell in the photo because the hands are bent, but these "shoulder darts" have a great effect on shaping the sleeves and body when standing upright.

It's very technical, but Mr. Nakatsu says that this "shoulder dart" is the starting point for "hugging comfort."

When you reach the level of a pattern maker like Mr. Yamazaki, you design patterns that are extremely specialized and ultra-maniacal.

However, it is designed to provide benefits to the wearer, so please look forward to trying it on.

Also, the beauty of the sewing transition lines and stitch work can be seen even in the photos of the wearer.

No matter where you look, the lines are "alive". The real thing.

If you are able to actually see this, please watch it with high expectations.

tilt The authentics × CASANOVA&CO

20 Darts 3D Trouser

material _ GUANACO 38%, COTTON 36%, WOOL 26%

color _ NATURAL

face _ GUANACO



This is also a guanaco side.

As mentioned above, I am wearing a size 1.

Some of you may be familiar with Tilt The Authentic's trousers, but up until now, the brand's main focus has been on relatively clean-looking trousers.

However, this time, although they are not wide pants at all, they are designed to have more volume than the previous ones in order to take advantage of the dart structure.

Do you understand?

With a variety of darts, it is sharp yet shaped to match the lower body.

I think the most visible part is that the knees are protruding forward.

Also, you may be able to feel it in the photo, but even though the double-thread FOX 50G cotton is firm and firm, the guanaco cannot defy gravity and falls. lol

This is not just a new product, but the more you use it, the more you will experience new areas.

I think that a unique world awaits you after many years of use.

Well, this.

roll up.

The impression of these trousers changes when you roll them up.

If you wear it as is, the hem width is set to a certain level, so the hem will sway as you walk, but when you roll it up, it becomes 200 times more sharp.

Additionally, by rolling it up, you can see Maya's crazy piping.

In addition, piping appears in a position that normally does not exist.

If you're not a fan of roll-ups, please try rolling them up from time to time.

And the guanaco setup.

"Undyed light brown" color.

Made of a blend of guanaco brown and 15 micron white wool, the fabric has a unique depth rather than a flat surface.

The natural turn of the jacket collar and the straight falling front edge.

The darts of the trousers stand out and the outline of the inner thighs is quite crisp.

I think this is quite a level.

"Matching" of fabric, pattern, and sewing at an incredibly high level.

When I wore it as a set, my aim from the beginning was to not make it stand out on the street or look frivolous, so I thought it was important to create a look that wasn't too overdone.

However, even within the framework of that setup, I think we were able to create something that had a very good mood.

It's made of super high-quality material and has a moderate appearance. lol

I don't think I've seen that much lately.

Because it is made from raw materials, the guanaco surface is made of wool, but when strong light hits it, you can feel that the contrast of the shadows becomes clear.

As I introduced the jacket and trousers, I wanted people to be able to experience the material on the lining directly, and I wanted them to see the level of Maya's sewing to the fullest, so neither item comes with a lining.

As for the jacket, the width of the body is relatively roomy, and the arms are sharp for the width of the body, but I think you can wear a knit as an inner layer with ease.

Trousers are made of fabric that is heavier and tighter than regular pants, so they are fine in winter.

However, the material is of very high quality, so it breathes well, so you won't get stuffy even if you wear it before summer.

In the middle of winter, if you wear a patch, you can go anywhere as long as it's not an extremely cold area.

Now that it's midsummer, I don't want to imagine it too much.

The sales season is now at a time when it is difficult to imagine fall and winter, but please try to imagine fall and winter in your head.

Well, even at this time of year I still wear trousers.

tilt The authentics × CASANOVA&CO

tilt The Coverall Jacket

material _ GUANACO 38%, COTTON 36%, WOOL 26%




Next is this side.

A natural green color developed by Ms. Sally Fox.

The side with 65% green cotton exposed.

On this side, the organization is "Tussar".

It is characterized by its jagged texture, and because the green cotton is double threaded and the threads are tight, the texture of this fabric is very visible.

Another feature is that the stitch work is clearly visible compared to the guanaco surface.

Also, although I haven't introduced it before, the sewing thread colors are different between the guanaco side and the green cotton side.

For this, Maya decides on the color that goes best with each item, and then sews with that colored thread.

Of course, the sewing thread count is different between the front and back sides.

Compared to the guanaco side from earlier, the details on this side stand out more strongly.

I think the stitch work looks good too.


tilt The authentics × CASANOVA&CO

20 Darts 3D Trouser

material _ GUANACO 38%, COTTON 36%, WOOL 26%

color _ NATURAL



Trousers with 20 darts.

When this side is rolled up, the guanaco color and the piping, which is a darker color than the outer material, come out from the inside.

Guanaco is a super high-quality fiber that is jagged and has a slightly matte texture when viewed from a distance.

If the guanaco side is on the inside, some people may feel a little rough at first, but since the fabric is of a fairly high quality, you will no longer feel that roughness after wearing it for 10 minutes.

A fiber whose familiarity level is not that great.

Also, on the day of the sale, both in Okayama and Tokyo, I will be displaying the first sample, which I wore for two months and washed five times, so feel free to touch it.

It's melting.

I'd love for it to roll up, but even if it doesn't, I think it will give you a gentlemanly outline.

This form isn't bad either.

I think the brown of the guanaco and the highest concentration of natural green work well together, giving it a very unique coloring.

This unprecedented color was also part of our goal.

On the guanaco side, he looked like an old man, but this one might be a little more mysterious. lol

I think a total of 20 darts will create the best outline for each time you walk.

There are only a few moments in the day when you can stand up straight.

What is important is how it looks when it moves.

I would like people to use it as a single item, but the set up is a complete style.

Of course, I don't think the combination of a guanaco side and a green cotton side on the top and bottom would be a good idea.

I didn't take any photos though.

The size dimensions of each are listed below, so please use them as a reference.

<tilt The Coverall Jacket>

·size 1

Shoulder width: 51cm

Width (circumference): 120cm

Length: 74cm

Sleeve length: 57cm

Sleeve length: 82.5cm

・Size 2

Shoulder width: 53cm

Width (circumference): 124cm

Length: 76cm

Sleeve length: 58.5cm

Sleeve length: 85cm

・Size 3

Shoulder width: 55cm

Width (circumference): 128cm

Length: 78cm

Sleeve length: 60cm

Sleeve length: 87.5cm

<20 Darts 3D Trouser>

·size 1

Waist: 72cm

Rise: 30.5cm

Inseam: 70cm

Watari width: 35.9cm

Hem width: 23cm

・Size 2


Rise: 31cm

Inseam: 71cm

Watari width: 37cm

Hem width: 23.5cm

・Size 3


Rise: 31.5cm

Inseam: 76cm

Watari width: 38.3cm

Hem width: 24cm

That's all.

In particular, the waist of the 20 Darts 3D Trouser changes by 14cm from size 1 to size 3, and the length changes by 5cm from size 2 to size 3.

If you are thin and petite, you probably wear pants that have a large waist.

The pants are sized to fit everyone from petite to 180cm tall.

We had them make it with a super variable pitch, which is impossible for a collection.

This is based on the sizes that I usually see in stores.

For this reason, normally there is a master pattern, and one basic pattern is used to make the dimensions evenly large and small, but I asked Mr. Yamazaki, the pattern maker, to make three sizes that I thought of.

Therefore, each size has its own pattern.

However, I think it's a good balance because they each set it up so that it becomes the shape they were aiming for.

Also, regarding washing, the quality label says "No washing".

That's because the appearance will be slightly different from the new one.

As mentioned earlier, the guanaco became quite soft. lol

There will be wrinkles from washing, but I don't think it will look harsh after washing.

Because it doesn't lose its shape at all.

This is amazing.

In terms of shrinkage, Yamaei Keori's fabric is quite stable, as it has a fairly high density, and Maya heat-treats it before it is cut to give it some shrinkage.

However, the maximum size for trousers is about 2cm.

I washed it by hand and put it in the washing machine 5 times, and there was about that much vertical shrinkage.

There was also a 1cm width shrinkage on the sides, but once it reaches the level of 1cm width shrinkage, you won't even notice it when you put it on.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the changes in your guanaco, washing it may be an option in the future.

Also, regarding the selling price,

This time as well, I intend to do everything I can.

Also in terms of keeping prices down.

Since we made this kind of clothing, there is a limit to the quantity, but we have set the price because we want as many people as possible to get their hands on it.

tilt The Coverall Jacket

¥140,000- (¥154,000-)

20 Darts 3D Trouser

¥125,000- (¥137,500-)

This is the selling price.

With this quality, we absolutely cannot offer a lower price. The price is as follows.

Mr. Nakatsu from tilt The authentic also worked really hard.

However, I am aware that it is a high hurdle.

For this reason, we would like to ask as many people as possible to see the actual product before considering it.

Therefore, as I mentioned, I will be going to Tokyo for three days from July 22nd (Saturday) to July 24th (Monday).

The location is as follows.



Sunview Heights Kitasando 101, 1-23-6 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

territory gallery

Hours are 12:00-19:00 on the 22nd and 23rd.

It will be held from 12:00 to 17:00 only on the final day, the 24th.

I think the nearest station is Sendagaya on the JR line or Kitasando on the Fukutoshin line.

In addition, since the quantity of this product with tilt The authentics is limited, we will also be bringing a small number of products that are normally handled by CASANOVA&CO.

Something that you can't see very often even in Japan.

Tomorrow, I will be posting the final story with Mr. Nakatsu.

Continue. .

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