"Unknown" materials and combinations

I went to Kaneta Orimono in Shizuoka Prefecture and Kuzuri Keori in Aichi Prefecture to create original fabrics jointly with the brands, and experienced the "magnificence" of them.

Raised in a relatively stable family, I went on to study as I was told, entered a public university, and quit university with a job already decided.

I jumped into the world of clothes when I was in my early twenties, and my own life changed drastically when I touched clothes.

Even now, I think that "clothing" has changed the way we think and the way we spend our time in a very positive way.

Ever since I had a part-time job at a clothing store and a sewing job, I always wrote down my future goals and posted them in the most visible place in my house.

And my goal at that time was to see it every day.

I still remember one goal that I wrote at the time.

"I was able to empathize, share, and pass on what I truly value. Thank you very much."

something like.

I think my expressions were clumsy, but at the time, I was writing in the past tense, following a book I was reading and was hooked on. smile

I still have that in my head, and I think the way I express it has changed, but it's still very important to me.

My life as a clothing store has been about 10 years, and my career is still shallow.

I don't think I can compete with the time accumulated by seniors involved in the clothing industry, not just other stores in Japan.

Time flows equally for everyone, and the "difference" cannot be filled.

So, what I can do at this point is how to use the "current time" and how to "move my mind and body". I think that's what it means.

Now, regardless of the day of the week or the day or night, I always communicate with the designers of the brands I work with on LINE, on the phone, and by e-mail. , thinking and acting.

That's why I myself am inspired by these people, and I want to continue telling them about their abilities, techniques, things they create, and their ways of thinking, as someone who is "in a position to communicate."

To put it very badly, I think that there are almost no real designers, creators, or engineers in the world of Japan, but even among them, there are only a few, a handful, and they are ridiculous. Those who don't exist definitely exist.

By meeting and talking with such "real people" and coming into contact with their way of thinking and techniques, my mind is very polished.

That's why, even in Japan, I would like to tell you about the dangerous people who I think are "a handful".

I really believe in the "power to act on the heart" by knowing and touching those people and the things they create.

That "acting power" is enormous.

This is true not only for brands, but also for upstream people who support clothing brands.

I was introduced to a clothing brand, and the weavers and sewing factories I visited were incredible.

In Japan, where only short-term business tends to take precedence, there is more to it than just that. I think it's a wonderful existence.

I am constantly learning from brands and upstream people, and the more I learn, the more things I don't know.

The more I know, the more I feel the magnificence of things that used to exist as a matter of course.

I really feel the charm of that, and there are various reasons why it is not popular, but I want to put a spotlight on that kind of thing, and I really want to experience it myself.

The same is true for the "materials" that make up clothes.

In this way, even if I touch clothes every day, I never get tired of it, and I feel more and more attractive.

And, although it's become rare for me to encounter things I haven't experienced myself, in my limited life, I feel like "I really want to experience it" and I want to "introduce it" to everyone.

So far, I have mentioned the names of various people, such as weavers, sewing factories, and processing factories, in stores and on this blog, but the first name I mentioned was "Yamaei Keori." Maeikeori) is Mr.

I don't know how many years ago it was, but I was introduced to the weaver by a brand that I had been dealing with since then.

A wool weaver in Aichi Prefecture.

At that time, I wasn't as proactive as I am now in mentioning the names of Kawakami people.

The material introduced by Yamaei Keori was truly an "unknown" material.

A material that trembles from the bottom of your heart and attracts you.

It's almost not in circulation, and I've never seen it in circulation until then.

However, it cannot be shaped with 100% of the material.

That's why we were able to create a tremendous "combination" with the power of Yamaei Keori and a certain brand.

Such "unknown" materials and combinations of materials.

I think we have created something very good.

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