tilt the authentics silk spun denim

100% silk knit from MOTHER HAND artisan that I introduced the other day.

It uses something called silk spun yarn, and I don't think you can see anything other than this brand that uses 100% silk spun yarn to knit and knit. perhaps.

Because I've only seen things that Mr. Nagai makes.

Please experience the world that is only there.

And today is tilt The authentics.

Original fabric that tilt The authentics produced by Yamaei Keori in Aichi Prefecture and is not distributed in the world.

At our shop, if the fabric is of the same level as Yamaei Keori's, which is used by a strong brand, there is no problem with ready-made fabrics that were originally made by the weaver, but this time, Yamaei Keori made an original. A very suitable quality fabric to make from scratch.

Silk this time.

Silk is the warp.

A cotton thread is driven into it as a weft.

And that silk. The stage of silk I introduced the other day is silk spinning.

This time, it is silk spun yarn.

There are quite a few fabrics that use silk spun yarn, but this one is different.

One of the leading woolen fabric manufacturers in Japan.

It is said to be the highest quality silk spun yarn that Yamaei Keori can currently supply.

The fineness of the texture is significantly different from the level of silk spun yarn that is already available in the world.

and on the skin.

It still has a unique wild flavor, but that's not all.

The beauty of the masterpiece that coexists in the wild taste.

"Denim" using it for the warp.

It is a weaving shop that is in demand not only in Japan but also from overseas maisons.

Please look forward to the quality.

tilt The authentics
silk denim jacket

material _ SILK 65%, COTTON 35%

sewing _ Maya Sewing Factory




As you can see, it's not a denim jacket based on old-fashioned old things, but a jacket made with tilt-the-authentic quality while valuing the balance within the original framework.

As mentioned above, the fabric is silk spun yarn for the warp and cotton for the weft.

Normally, even if the warp is silk spun yarn, or both the weft and weft are the same, the fabric doesn't look like this.

The feeling of NEP comes out more strongly, and the fabric looks like you've seen it a lot and got tired of seeing it.

However, this is the highest quality that Yamaei Keori can prepare, and it is a silk spun yarn fabric of a level that has never been seen before.

In terms of fabric organization, it is twill weave.


As everyone knows, the warp of denim is dyed with indigo dye, and the color changes greatly when worn.

Since it is a silk fiber, it is not dyed with indigo dye, but dyed with reactive dye, which is suitable for silk, even though it is the same yarn dye.

So there's a lot of color depth, rather than that indigo tone of regular denim.

And the person who sews this fabric is Maya in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.

The perfect width and length of kandomé and edge stitching, plus the shape of the buttonhole, which is rare in denim.

What Maya is good at is not denim or other works, but high-class ready-to-wear for ladies that is a little more dressy.

In terms of clothes theory, denim comes from Okayama or Fukuyama.

When it comes to sewing it, it is customary for it to be around it.

But this is made from Aichi. Sewn in Tokyo.

Silk denim made by a woolen shop.

A sewing factory that is recognized for its ability in the women's field, where finer techniques and precision are required than men's clothing.

The denim series of tilt The authentics was born by combining the two.

The edge stitching on the collar, which exists in standard denim jackets, is not included, but this makes the collar stand out.

The top stitching on the moon waist and under the collar is also high level.

The shoulders are uniquely designed like raglan sleeves, but the pattern and the presence or absence of stitches on the front are all complex specifications.

With this design, the outline of the shoulders when worn is very beautifully finished, so it would be nice if you could try it on and check it out, but the more complicated the design is, the more beautifully it will be shaped as a piece of clothing. becomes difficult.

It is beautifully shaped so that it is finished properly whether you look at it from the front or the back.

Behind this.

Almost all the processing of the edge of the fabric is piping.

Complicated shoulders, body sides, and two-piece sleeves are also piping.

shoulder piping.

The unique raglan design and the back of the switching line running on the sleeve.

Back body.

The back body also has pleats to improve movement, but it is beautifully folded evenly on the left and right.

It is a structural specification that is rare in the type of clothing called denim jacket.

Compared to the front side, the back side of the fabric contains the spun silk warp yarns, but it also appears evenly throughout.

Combined with the sewing specifications, the back side is also a first-class finish.

As mentioned above, the back is also designed with pleats.

This improves comfort when the arm moves forward.

Sizes 2 and 3 were sold out before I posted this blog, so only 1 is left, but if the size fits you, please take a look.

And pants from the same series.

tilt The authentics
silk denim pants

material _ SILK 65%, COTTON 35%

sewing _ Maya Sewing Factory



These pants are also made from Yamaei Keori's fabric and sewn by Maya.

The pants are closer to the specifications of standard jeans, so you can feel the difference in quality more clearly.

As with the previous jacket, the sewing thread is colored in a dark tone to match the color of the fabric.

There are a large number of specifications that have been elaborated even in this waist part.

First of all, it doesn't matter once you wear it, but the belt loop.

With normal jeans, it's normal to cut the belt loops and fold the top and bottom once.

But in the jeans made by tilt the authentics, the top of the belt loop is folded twice instead of the normal one, and the edges of the fabric are neatly processed at the same time.

On the other hand, the lower part is a specification that flows into the waist band.

If it's just the bottom of the belt loop, it exists, but it's rare in the world of jeans to fold it up to the top.

Like the jacket, this one is not a metal tuck button, but a genuine water buffalo button.

And Excela fastener front.

It opens and closes smoothly, yet has a strong sense of security.

The button which emerged by hand firmly.

The front placket and endpapers are also very well taken care of.

We don't use the usual metal rivets for the pocket openings, we try to create universal jeans with high-quality fabrics and high-level sewing techniques.


This also follows the standard jeans and has a patch pocket specification.

However, there is no stitching at the pocket opening.

However, there is a lining inside the back pocket.

The mounting stitches for this are not exposed on the front.

By carefully refining the details of jeans, a type of clothing that has existed for a long time, the brand's philosophy of pursuing such quality clothing is clearly manifested.

With clothes, even if it's a part that's hard to see, one piece is completed by accumulating detailed specifications.

Even if it looks good on the outside, if you don't pay attention to the details, when you wear it, you'll see what you haven't done.

That's why I think it's very important that brands like this pursue what they're pursuing when it comes to making clothes.

It's not just the first spec game, but because it's actually this kind of clothes, I think it can have a positive effect on the inside of the wearer when they go out and wear it.

If you look at it from that perspective, the aspects of manufacturing, such as the sewing specifications and the quality of the raw materials, are ultimately very important.

I really don't like the way it looks.

Also, these tilt the authentics jeans.

Of course, the overall needle movement has a much finer pitch compared to general ones, but the back yoke also exists in normal jeans.

This is normal winding sewing.

Behind this.

All are fine-pitch lockstitch specifications.

As a result, the puckering that occurs in "workwear" jeans is suppressed, and the appearance changes to a beautiful appearance with a little dressy air.

Women's clothing is a very strict world for seam puckering, which is allowed for men's.

I think it is one of the specifications that can only be created by Mr. Maya, who is making a name for himself there.

The addition of the waist band, the placket and the inside of the cover are finished to a level different from that of casual jeans.

However, it's a different vector than denim slacks.

Never slacks.

Tilt The Authentics pursues the standard jeans to the maximum, leading to this quality.

So, the way you get along is completely the same as with jeans.

Because it is sewn very carefully, the durability is also first-class.

hem. The processing of the hem is not a chain but a lockstitch.

The outside seam is over the theory street.

The inside seam is also interlocked.

However, interlock also includes chain stitch, so I wonder if this is called interlock?

In any case, the outside is oversized like a normal pair of jeans, and the inside is like an interlock, but the pitch is still fine.

Compare with what you have.

In terms of shape, I think I have a wide range of feelings in the brand.

Because there are many slim things these days.

I think that a lot of people can get their hands on it.

For those who own it, please fully experience the fine texture and texture of this level of silk spun yarn, as well as Maya's careful and meticulous specifications.

It's a completely different genre of jeans.

Also, following this denim series, Mr. Nakatsu also delivered other Tilt The Authentics clothes, so I'm lining them up at the store first, but I'll introduce them later.

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