AMUNDSEN STRIPE -tilt the authentics-

When I divide the year into two seasons, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, there are some fabrics that I'm completely drawn to in that season, and this is one of them for this 2020SS season.

Original fabric from tilt The authentics.

Amundsen stripes.

The materials that make up the fabric are 98% linen and 2% cotton. The ground is linen and the striped part is cotton.

This means that most parts are linen.

Therefore, when you wear them, you may think that they are almost linen pants.

On top of that, linen pants are thin and have a unique feeling of drooping. Normally. Do you understand?

This is not so. I was fascinated by the elaborate and robust texture felt from the fabric, the rich unevenness unique to Amundsen, and the expression of the stripes that were not excessive but slightly visible.

It looks almost black, but the coloring is dark navy.

In the sun it looks like a very dark navy.

And Mr. Nakatsu from tilt The authentics made this only for this spring/summer.

2020SS original fabric.

I'm a designer who thinks very maniacally, so it's very detailed, and it's very difficult to understand, but I think it's a fabric that I've never experienced before.

I can feel the unique resilience and core of linen fibers.

It's not like the linen fabric that I've experienced so far, it's just one-sidedly wrinkled.

You can feel the goodness of good linen becoming Amundsen. I don't think you see that often with linen ones.

So here it is. microscope.

60x magnification.

The thread is 44/1 for both warp and weft.

In other words, 44-count single yarn. The thread is not particularly thick or thin, but it is made with plenty of linen fiber to make it strong.

Well, I don't have a comparison image, but I think you can see that each thread is twisted well and has many diagonal lines. Single yarn tends to stretch easily when used heavily, but this is suppressed. In addition to the elasticity of the fiber, the elasticity of the thread is added.

Also, since the appearance of the fabric is what it looks like, even if the knees come off or lose their shape, it's totally okay and you can take it positively.

I think it comes down to the balance of colors and patterns, and the fineness of the craftsmanship.

Also, there is very little fluff for a linen material. Is it due to post-processing?

Mercerization removes fluff and gives it a lustrous sheen.

Although it is woven with a high density, the texture on the surface of the fabric is originally strong, so it does not stick to the skin for a long time. The wind is good as well.

However, because the material is too high quality linen, the fibers are not too strong and it doesn't feel rough.

The fibers are very soft, so you don't have to worry about the discomfort of continuous contact with the rough surface.

I think that you can feel the good familiarity with the unique skin.

Amundsen's Japanese name is similar to "Nashijiori", which is a fabric for summer Japanese clothing.

It is characterized by the depth of the tasteful fabric of kimono and the gentle touch of the finest linen to the skin. Amundsen of tightly twisted linen.

It's compact, but it's slightly roomier and has a rounded hip that falls gently toward the hem.

The hem is set to a double width of 3.5cm.

2 tucks on the waist front.

The back pocket has double welts, and the side pockets are designed to be hidden by the tuck on the center front side, and the ultra-thin bead that makes you doubt your eyes.

Commonly known as Momitama.

Deep-fried buffalo button. With tengu.

The neat and detailed buttonholes give you peace of mind and make you think that these pants are reliable.

Inside too.

It is a marbelt specification that does not have a marbelt core, and there is also a process of hand stitching, and the inner processing of the center back (back center) is carefully wrapped with piping.

The center press is also effective, so at first it gives the impression of beautiful pants for spring and summer.

It's linen Amundsen, not too striped, and looks like a classy trouser. At first.

Well, it's a very good fabric. It's made with care, and it's an elegant pair of pants. At first.

That's why I wanted it so much after ordering it from the store. I already finished ordering, but it still remained in my heart.

So, the designer also made an original fabric, and I liked it, so I asked if it was no longer available. Then, we didn't have any surplus inventory, but Mr. Nakatsu, the designer, was making it for himself to wear. So i bought it. For Nakatsu → For Fukuda.

Well, I tested it myself for a while. I'm really interested. I couldn't help but worry about it. What will happen from here? this pants.

I had it in stock about two months ago. But I thought I'd show it to them when the time was right, and I wanted to wear it myself and show off before doing it.

That's why it's a long-awaited appearance this time.

Here are these pants that I've been using for ultra heavy use recently.

I wear it for work, and I wear it quite often, so I might have worn it for about two years for a normal person.

I decided that the center press was unnecessary for me, so it disappeared a long time ago. And machine wash just like a T-shirt. I mean, it's a washing machine.

All the shrinkage and changes in the fabric have been verified.

The result was really good. this pants. I really like it.

Since it's Amundsen stripes, it doesn't feel flimsy.

If you want to put out the atmosphere with all your might and shake it that way, you can do that.

Conversely, if you want to wear it neatly as it is, it is okay if you care about the center press.

Well, it's summer now. Tilt The authentics original fabric with high potential woven in a Japanese weaver located in the birthplace of Amundsen.

It's up to the owner how to deal with it, but if you come to the store, there are many collectors who can enjoy the potential of the material, so I can imagine that everyone is actively doing laundry. I hope you enjoy the stretch of this fabric.

I can't go to town much now, so I think it's nice to wear this and take a walk during the daytime, feeling the sun and the wind.

Also, our shop is in the suburbs, so there are no people. smile

I suddenly thought of it, so I'm arranging it in the store from today, but only one size 1 and two size 2 are available.

It's a small number, but if you like it, I think you'll like it. surely.

The price is ¥34,000-(+tax).

I don't really wear striped or patterned pants, but this is just the right finish, so I think a T-shirt and sandals or beach sandals with good materials will be enough.

Take a look.

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