tilt The authentics

As a brand, I think that recognition is still low, but the quality is super high.

Debuted in 2018AW.

At the time, there was almost no previous information, but I remember going to the exhibition hall in Shibuya in the rain because I felt something drawn to me by a piece of information paper.

At that time, we didn't carry as many debut brands as we do now.

However, from the moment I saw it, I could really feel the seriousness of this outfit, and even the designer, Mr. Nakatsu, could feel it.

After all, I have been handling it since its debut in 2018AW, and it is now in its fourth season. The quality of the clothes made by tilt The authentics has improved significantly.

Of course, the debut season was definitely worth dealing with, but now the quality has gone uphill. And maniac. who knows this? Even doing that, and making original fabrics is no longer a special case.

This is worth getting. Unless you don't like the way it looks.

tilt The authentics.

tilt The authentics
2Tuck Tilt Dart Trousers

material _ cotton 56%.linen 23%.japanesepaper 21%

color _ blue beige


This is the first photo.

Trousers with 2 tucks.

They look like chino pants, but they're not. at all.

Chino pants are fabrics that use chino cloth, so they are not as simple as chino pants.

The fabric is cotton for the warp, and linen and Japanese paper for the weft.

Fine twill appears on the front.

Linen and Japanese paper are used for the back, which is the skin.

This is one of the 20SS original fabrics.

It feels dry to the touch. However, when you wear it, it has a unique dusty texture. A very strange fabric. The mixed ratio is also quite incomprehensible. It's a maniac fabric that has been kneaded over and over again with the weaver.

At first glance, it looks normal, but when you put it on, it's completely gone. Moreover, if you wear it and wash it repeatedly and love it, I think it will come back even more. this fabric.

I see a lot of different fabrics and clothes over the years, but this is one of the things that sticks out in my mind. There is a similarity in appearance, but I don't think there is a similarity in quality.

Also, well, to put it simply, I hope you enjoy the subtle nuances of the coloring.

When you wear it, it looks like Ash. Blue is surprisingly strong. This is what deep fabrics are like.

I think that the construction condition using the fabric is also solid. Water buffalo button manual button fly, long-nosed goblin, carrying equipment, 2 tucks and marbelts, unusual coin pocket, ultra-thin beads, piping, etc.

There is no end to it, and the movement of the hands is strange in the first place. Is it a good shirt? I think.

The equipment on the back is also solid.

The piping on the back is neat too. I think that this kind of place is a material that can be relieved.

Also, I don't know if I have to take it off, but this is the inside of my crotch. Folding processing of piping. It is no longer a part of styling or comfort.

Well, I do a lot of things, but if you like pants that you can wear beautifully on your days off, I think it would be great if you could check them all out.

It would be enough if you wear a good shirt for this and wear good leather shoes.

And a shirt.

tilt The authentics
Zephyr Cloth Band Collar Shirt

material _ cotton 100% (Italy)

color _ sky blue.light beige


band collar shirt. The fitting is unique to this brand, but it is relatively just fit.

The characteristic is still this fabric.

Monty, an Italian shirt fabric manufacturer.

I use a very strong twisted and thin cotton thread.

That's why the fabric feels soft and light as if it were blowing in the breeze. I can't wear it on its own right now, but when it gets a little warmer, it's the best fabric.

Also, it looks different. If you look closely, can you see that it has a melange shape in the horizontal direction? Most of the shirt fabrics use a single color thread and look flat.

That is Yokomoku. Moreover, it is made of thin, strong twisted cotton. I wonder if this alone is enough to intrigue people who like it.

The texture of this fabric is so fine that you can't tell unless you look closely, but when you actually wear it, it has a big effect on how you look.

Especially if you wear it in the hot sun. The fabric is soft and sways in the wind, and it looks great in the sunlight.

Enjoy the atmosphere of this subtle difference.

The hand movement is also a satisfying finish.

This brand has pursued the number of thread counts for sewing shirts and the number of needle movements between 3 cm.

This is the balance we have reached at this point.

It is a proof that we have steadily pursued everything from the way the threads are buried and the way they look.

By the way, the people who sewed this this time are people who work on familiar shirts at our store. I can feel at ease with just that.

He's a trustworthy person.

Unlike regular shirts, there is no back yoke.

The appearance of the back style that tilt The authentics aims for.

I've never seen a normal back yoke in this brand.

Of course, the sleeves are three-dimensional two-piece sleeves. A typical shirt has one sleeve.

And here.

I wonder if anyone will notice this, but...

Right here.

Side cuffs.

The seams on the front and back sleeves are intentionally offset.

This helps create a figure where the arm swings forward. Use sewing to create beautiful styles.

I think this is something that only people who know, understand, and apply clothes well can do.

It's these little things that make you look good when you wear it. It's important. small details.

That's why I think everyone who likes classy band collar shirts, not loose sizing, should check it out.

tilt The authentics
Italian Collar Rail Road Shirt Jacket

material_linen 98%.cotton 2%

color _ dark navy stripe


This is also the original fabric. of the 20SS season. This is. It's bad again.

The overflowing luster of linen and the already withering Amundsen stripes.

An original fabric with a blend of linen that is almost unbelievably elastic.

Thin pinstripe.

Pinstripes that are never excessive.

I will introduce the fabric later, but this jacket incorporates details like coveralls.

That's why the Italian color is a unique balance.

In hot weather, you can roll up the sleeves and wear it. No lining.

The buttons are genuine water buffalo, and you can expect them to change the more you wear them.

Patch pockets on both welts.

This is the only outerwear look we've seen from Tilt The Authentics this season.

Size 1 was sold out as soon as it was lined up in the store, so there is only size 2, but people who like it will like this.

Take a look. Also about the fabric.

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