About the release of THE STANDARD DENIM

With NEAT, which I announced the other day THE STANDARD DENIM I'm glad that some of you are looking forward to it. As previously announced, sales will start at 12:00 on the 27th (Sat) at stores. In addition, Mr. Nishino from NEAT will be at the store all day on the 27th (Sat) and until the evening of the 28th (Sun). However, this time, we are in an era where such a new lifestyle is sought, so let me make an important announcement. On the 27th (Sat), we will be selling in store only. However, it is not the total amount produced this time. On the 28th (Sun), we have secured stock for sale on the 28th (Sun). We will have more stock on the first day, the 27th (Sat), but it might be a good idea to come on the 28th (Sun). Also, this time we will also sell at the online store. It will be on sale at our online store from 18:00 on the 28th (Sun). Until then, we will only sell over-the-counter products, and after that, we will also sell them online. Also, as before, we have secured inventory for the online store. And then, this time, Other than over-the-counter sales, we only accept orders on the online page. Please note that in order to prevent inventory management from becoming difficult, we cannot meet your request for ordering by phone, email, or Instagram message. In any case, the stock is limited, so I would appreciate it if you could understand that point. Also, numbered tickets and lottery tickets will not be distributed on the 27th (Sat) and 28th (Sun). We anticipate that some people will be able to wait before the store opens, but we kindly ask that you follow the order when entering the store after it opens. If the number of customers who come to the store exceeds our expectations, we may ask you to wait in the store garage. If you come by car, please do not park anywhere other than our contracted parking lot. There is a large parking lot right next to the store, but you can only park the 4 cars No. 1 to No. 4 closest to the store. Also, after opening, 2 cars can be parked in the garage. Otherwise, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please use the nearby coin parking. And once again, if you are able to come to the store, please understand the following. ・Please be sure to wear a mask when you come to the store. ・When entering and leaving the store, please disinfect your hands with the alcohol disinfectant provided at the entrance of the store. ・Please refrain from coming to the store if you are not feeling well, such as having a fever or coughing. ・It may be cold, but we will always be open with ventilation. The staff will also wear masks, disinfect their fingers, and keep a certain distance while talking. THE STANDARD DENIM The first one is a very rich indigo, so please wear it yourself. A natural center press is also included, but it is best to wear it a lot and wash it occasionally. The fineness of the stitching is impossible with this kind of denim pants. When new, the fabric has a flat expression without shadows, but little by little it reveals your true face. At first, indigo and banana yellow, which have a strong contrast, will become a perfect match with the bright blue after 5 years. Or rather, that's what I'm aiming for. And what I've been wearing every day since January 5th. It's unique to raw machine. Already, the surface of the fabric is bumpy. There's a shadow This is also uneven in thickness, and it is the result of the shuttle loom and "grey fabric". As for hemming, this is a single stitch for casual pants 2cm from the edge of the fabric. I think this is the most balanced. Grain omission, where the warp falls at a "point" rather than a "face" or "line". And the amount of fluff that is rare these days. This is Kojima's rice cotton XX denim. At first, it feels rough on the skin, but when you use it together for years, you can experience "that feeling" on your skin, where the fibers become rounded and smooth. 3 years later. smile I have received many inquiries so far, The price is ¥35,000- (excluding tax). If you get it, please wear it anyway and make it your own. Please stay tuned.
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