The reason to choose

Everyone wears clothes, but why do you choose that?

I think it's because I like the brand, and there may be many other reasons, but right now, I think most people choose it because of the influence of Instagram or Douga.


Is that the reason why I clicked on the mail order site?

Well, since most of our shop does shopping at the store,

I do not know but.

But I think it's a big difference from the days when we desperately went to buy clothes to the point of death.

There really was a time like that.

I don't know if I can get the clothes or not, and first of all, it's expensive.

Moreover, it may be sold out by the time I go, but let me think for a moment at home. There were many times when I had a discontented feeling like this.

Of course I can't buy it unless it's just that store.

I don't want to buy it.

Because I want to feel real that I shopped from that store.

Moreover, the store didn't have an online shop, and there was only a blog with unfamiliar contents.

So I had no choice but to travel all the way for more than an hour.

while scratching my head.

That kind of thing is already a lot of numbers.

It was there.

Late teens to early twenties.

Well, when I was choosing clothes, I was shaving myself in various ways.

Nowadays, there are more choices across multiple genres, and I don't think it's that kind of time, so maybe it's just right to make the act of choosing things and clothes a little lighter.

However, living is a series of choices.

From visible to invisible choices.

The reason why the traffic light turns green is because we are choosing to move forward.

Eating rice at night is also a choice to eat.

Well, extreme. If you say that

But if it's clothes that I like and wear, I think I'd like to choose them more carefully.

Thankfully, I feel that many of the people who come to our store take a very serious look and choose together.

I really appreciate it, but I wonder how it would look on the scale of Japan.

From what I hear from people in the same industry and how I feel afterward, it seems that there are quite a few light choices.

So, well, why would a second-hand secondary market develop this much?

That's not what I want to say, I'm getting quite deviated, but anyway, there is always a reason for choosing things and actions, so face yourself a little more and face the object you choose. It may be good.

If you do that, you will be responsible for your own actions, and I think it is important to approach your own inner consciousness, not just the act of sending out information to the outside.

That's what I mean.

Choosing is an important act.

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