It's getting hotter, and it's going to get even hotter, and this might be good at times like that.

The Inoue Brothers





price_¥4,000-(without tax)

Tank top.

In the past, there were more people who rolled up the sleeves of long-sleeved shirts even in the summer, but recently, I feel that more and more people are paying attention to short-sleeved shirts. increase.

I think that year by year, we are able to handle many variations of short-sleeved shirts with a high degree of perfection, but more and more people are shifting to the idea of ​​not overdoing it in the summer. I think

Even so, I sometimes wear long-sleeves and roll up the sleeves. That's why I think the innerwear will be quite important at such times.

There are cool ones from Uniqlo, but it seems that some people have been wearing them with a sense of resignation.

However, I feel that My Buddy will not be satisfied with that.

There aren't many brands that make innerwear that you would want to wear.

If you try to make innerwear with a reasonably high quality, the price will inevitably go up.

Under such circumstances, the 2020SS season,

There was only one place that was serious about making it.

Inoue Brothers.

Alpaca is the brand that precedes the image, but in the past few seasons, we have been focusing on cotton in spring and summer.

The reason is to revolutionize conventional cotton cultivation and to improve social problems in cotton production.

Specifically, it is sold at our store, and is it also sold at Amazon?

"We change the world with the power of fashion"

Please read the Inoue Brothers book, or visit our shop.

And this tank top.

Very well done.

As mentioned above, the material is 100% cotton.

Cotton grown in the most natural conditions in the world in the Amazon basin.

Commonly known as natural cotton or wild cotton.

It looks like Pima cotton.

There are two colors, a heather gray and a natural glossy white.

Compared to general cotton, the durability and skin feel of cotton with high-spec physical ability unique to WILD.

It's a feeling of wearing that makes you feel smooth, but it's a unique slippery feel. The thickness of the fabric is rather thin. Because it's for internal purposes.

However, it doesn't get easily twisted in the wash. Because I have wild physical abilities. rest assured.

As for the shape, it's called a tank top, but it's more of a sleeveless tank top.

There is no deep neck opening that is common, and the back neck is also set in a comfortable position.

The neckline is shallow both front and back. I wonder if the shoulder part is also thick.

I don't feel unreliable, and I think you can wear it with confidence.

The color HEATHER SILVER is a gray with heather.

Recently, I haven't seen much gray with such a strong melange, but it looks pretty good when I see it now.

Gray that feels like old America. In a good way.

This is white.

This one is much brighter than the previous one.

The fineness of the texture is also visible.

Perhaps people who care about transparency may be a little worried about white.

I wonder if it's even thin, if you wear it alone.

If you wear something on top, you'll be fine.

I think you have a preference when it comes to color, but it would be nice if you could choose it according to your style.

It can be worn very well in the summer and is super practical.

This price is excellent at cost-effectiveness with this quality.

Please try it on.

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