The Inoue Brothers "NEW SEASON"

The Inoue Brothers who advocate "the best alpaca quality in the world". This autumn/winter season also appeared. This year's lineup was a little more condensed as a brand than the previous seasons due to the impact of lockdowns and restrictions on movement during production, but we would like to thank everyone who came to see The Inoue Brothers' alpaca products. We have prepared a handling that you can fully experience. As I introduced a little earlier on Instagram, clothes such as undyed white sweaters with thermal knitting have already started in stores, but from today we have a lineup of scarves, knitted hats, and gloves. Expanding. Knitted hats are available in BLACK, GRAY, KHAKI, and RED (sold out) using royal alpaca. Royal alpaca is thinner and has a higher fiber level than the baby alpaca used in The Inoue Brothers standard. Well, baby alpaca is the level that the brand that everyone knows overseas uses saying "best quality". Royal Alpaca is one step above that. alpaca ·alpaca ・Baby alpaca ・Royal alpaca ・Supreme Royal Alpaca ・Imperial Alpaca The more you go down, the less edgy it gets, but this season, everything except Supreme Royal Alpaca, which is the second from the bottom, is handled by The Inoue Brothers. And it will arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but it will be the rarest of all alpacas since the joint event "Inoue and Nishino" held by The Inoue Brothers and NEAT two years ago. Natural Pure Black Alpaca" will also have a lineup of sweaters this season. "Brushed Scarf" is one of The Inoue Brothers that we want you to use and experience the quality of the most alpaca. This is the most variation that we have handled so far in our store, and it is available in all eight colors. ・Black ・Khaki ・Purple ・Brown ・Camels ・Orange ・Gray ・Ecru 8 colors. lost. A very durable baby alpaca that is soft and has been used for 10 years without any need to worry about itchiness. It's easy to wash, and anyone can put it on because it's compact and easy to roll. If only I could choose the color. Also, a large "Multi Colored Stole" with a 24-color plaid pattern. This season comes in two colors, Orange and Black. This large-sized stole is made of standard alpaca, but the thread is thick. Because it is 100% hand woven. It's one of the "Professional Mother Projects" run by The Inoue Brothers, and it's a stole hand-woven by a woman living in Bolivia, where the Andes Mountains are located. Bolivian women are said to be dismissed from the company they worked for during pregnancy. Because even though she is a skilled woman, she will not be able to work. Satoshi and Kiyofumi, who learned about this, gave these Bolivian women with skills a job to handweave so that they wouldn't have to make a living. Then there's the turtleneck sweater and the first large "Double Faced Large Brushed Stole." It's a series with different coloring on the front and back, but it's being developed in pretty quirky purple x yellow and black x brown. In terms of large size, it is a stole of undyed "Imperial Alpaca" which is exactly the same fineness as cashmere. This is so dangerous. Some people feel that the price is a little high because the quality of raw materials is amazing, but it is a large stole that is undyed and has a wonderful touch. It's a stole that takes you to an overwhelming world just by wearing it. over there. It's the No. 1 alpaca from The Inoue Brothers, which is said to be the best in the world. be surprised This autumn/winter season "Imperial Alpaca" with the finest undyed white and the finest fineness and, Only 0.01% of the 3 million alpacas in the Andes. Undyed natural black, the rarest alpaca in the world. "Natural Pure Black Alpaca" These two are also available, so please take a look. We can realize the quality of alpaca so far and distribute it at a reasonable price. As a result, the lives of those who live in the Andes, raise alpacas, and produce alpaca products will be healthy. Until The Inoue Brother started alpaca, the Andean people involved in the alpaca industry had a living level that was said to be the poorest in South America. Those who make clothes and stoles by trading them at a fair price can live a healthy life. The Inoue Brothers is a direct trade with people in the Andes. And our shop also deals directly with The Inoue Brothers. That's why we get rid of unnecessary intermediate margins, put a proper price on wonderful things, and circulate them in the world. Only The Inoue Brothers in the world can do this. There is absolutely no other alpaca product of this quality. Including the price. Experience the quality of The Inoue Brothers this autumn/winter season.
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