The Inoue Brothers Wild Cotton

This spring/summer season is a little behind schedule, but today we're starting The Inoue Brothers' Wild Cotton series. As with last year's spring/summer season, we have two types of T-shirts and tank tops. I think that most people have a strong image of alpaca products in the first place, but in recent years The Inoue Brothers has started making cotton products. The reason for this is to help solve social problems in the same way as alpaca. "Cotton" can be seen in many things around us, not just clothes. Although this level of clothing has become rare, the problem of "cotton cultivation" is still prevalent. Recently, the issue of forced labor in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region has been taken up, but I think that such a situation still exists, and there are many issues in the primary industry. I'm sure there are a lot of opinions out there, but The Inoue Brothers is bringing this cotton product to the world with a series that aims to help solve a problem that has existed for decades in cotton farming. The cotton fiber is obtained from the cotton flower. Strictly speaking, the cotton flower blooms, the seeds are exposed after the flowers wither, and the fibers that grow to protect the seeds become "cotton". In the process, pesticides were often sprayed to prevent insect damage, and agents called "defoliants" to accelerate the withering of cotton. It takes more than a few weeks for the flowers to wither, so the pesticide used to promote this is called a defoliant, and I remember that it was peculiar to cotton cultivation. And of course, the pesticide spraying was bad for the soil, and the health damage to the people involved in cotton cultivation was also very serious. It has been thought that spraying pesticides is necessary for the efficient harvesting of cotton fibers, but is it really necessary? Based on this idea, The Inoue Brothers is working on the "Wild Cotton" series. As the name suggests, wild cotton. Located near the Amazon River, this series uses pima cotton, which was originally grown naturally in the area, and is produced in the "most natural state". There is such a brand's way of thinking before this is completed, but it is a series that greatly benefits the wearer. The Inoue Brothers Standard Pocket T-shirt material _ Cotton 100% (WILD PIMA COTTON) color _ Khaki size_S,M,L,XL price_¥9,900-(tax included) The Inoue Brothers Standard Pocket T-shirt material _ Cotton 100% (WILD PIMA COTTON) color_Black size_S,M,L,XL price_¥9,900-(tax included) Although it is called a standard pocket t-shirt, it looks relatively standard, but the fabric is not a standard pocket t-shirt at all. Available in two colors, Khaki and Black. It is very silky with very well-proportioned stitches. I think that the goodness of the original Pima cotton fiber, which is called wild cotton, is utilized to the maximum. Not only the material but also the knitted fabric is noteworthy for this T-shirt. Normally, the center of the fabric commonly used for T-shirts is called "Tenjiku knitting". But this is different. "Double-sided knitting". In other words, it is also called "smooth knitting". When you look at the tenjiku from the front, you can see the "vertical" grain of the fabric, and when you look at it from the back, you can see the "horizontal" grain of the fabric. In other words, the fabric looks different on the front and back. That is "Tenjiku weaving". On the other hand, I think it would be nice if this was conveyed in a photo, but the front and back look almost the same. As the name suggests, it is "double-sided knitting". This is Khaki. The grain of the knitted fabric is "vertical direction" on both the front and back. As a result, the thickness of the feeling fabric increases, but there is an overwhelming benefit. That is smoothness when worn, good stretch, and good return. It's elastic enough to make you wonder if there's rubber thread in it. this is a surprise. And yet, this initial touch of fabric continues. Most people wear just one T-shirt. Some people may be able to wear a tank top under it, but it's the season to wear it, and you'll sweat and wash it after you wear it. That's why it's the one that gets washed the most out of all the clothes. inevitably. In other words, the potential of the fiber is put to the test. Even if the unwashed product looks and feels just right, the more you wash it, the more the level of the fiber becomes apparent. . Nowadays, there are many kinds of T-shirts in the world, and all of them have been devised in various ways. is obvious. There are all kinds of T-shirts out there, but if you don't want to be disappointed with a cotton pocket T-shirt, I think this one is great. Length with front and back difference. The back has a continuous herringbone tape for reinforcement. And the opening of the breast pocket is similarly reinforced with herringbone tape. Khaki too. It feels like summer right now. It doesn't sag easily, and I think you'll be able to wear it not only this summer, but also next summer and the summer after that. With this softness, I think you can only meet The Inoue Brother's wild cotton series. The Inoue Brothers Pack Tank Top material _ Cotton 100% (WILD PIMA COTTON) color _ Nativo Heather, Gray Heather size_S,M,L,XL price_¥9,900-(tax included) me too. This is also a tank top that was also available last year, but from this year it has become a pack. It's a set of 2. There are various colorings, but in our store, it is the development of only this combination of colorings that is the most unusual. I'm planning to introduce it at a later date, but from today we're selling OLDE HOMESTEADER T-shirts and sleeveless tank tops at the same time as The Inoue Brothers Wild Cotton Series. In terms of sleeveless series, we have two choices for this summer: The Inoue Brothers and OLDE HOMESTEADER. Both are excellent selections. Or rather, I asked them to make OLDE HOMESTEADER. I will introduce it later. Color of Nativo Heather. Gray Heather. Both are coloring that makes sweat stand out. However, nothing is more beautiful than the sweat that pours out of Han's passion. Everyone is sweating anyway, so don't be afraid to sweat. A classic tank top, or rather, the word "running" might suit you. Also, the armhole may be set a little wider. This is Tenjiku. That's why, unlike the T-shirt I mentioned earlier, the front and back look different. Also, the fabric is thinner. Due to the nature of the shape, it is supposed to be used as an inner layer. The previous T-shirt is set as an outer T-shirt. Also, unlike last year, this year's fabric is biased. I think this is to prevent it from slanting when you wash it normally. So when you wear a shirt over it and open the front button, it might look a little interesting. Of course, this tank top is also durable enough to withstand washing, and the texture of the fabric will not deteriorate from new to new. I think you can use it with confidence. I think that the one made by OLDE HOMESTEADER and this The Inoue Brothers tank top will be very comfortable and cool for those who wear shirts in the summer. Take a look.
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