Imperial alpaca

A few days ago, I started selling yak wool clothes with Yamauchi, and I am very grateful that many people who like my products have seen them.

It's almost sold out already, but right now we only have the pants in stock.

We have one size 2 and two size 3 in stock, so if you like it, please take a look.

Today, I would like to introduce another wonderful fiber.

The Inoue Brothers Last November, The Inoue Brothers and NEAT jointly held an event titled "Inoue and Nishino", and at that time, The Inoue Brothers' most rare fiber, NATURAL PURE BLACK ALPACA, was released. Did.

It was a natural black alpaca fiber that had not been dyed at all.

Sweaters, stoles and knit hats.

That was good too. really.

And just one week after "Inoue and Nishino", there was the Inoue Brothers' 2020AW season exhibition at the beginning of December last year.

Event → exhibition → order It was quite hard.

You did a great job, me.

So, at that time, I ordered the lineup of The Inoue Brothers, which is currently being sold in stores.

The 2020AW season.

In the brand's collection, there was one that stood out, no, the most brilliant.


natural white imperial alpaca

As the name suggests, it is a "natural white alpaca".

While the Natural Pure Black Alpaca I mentioned earlier is the rarest alpaca fiber, this white alpaca fiber is named "Imperial".

"The Finest Alpaca Fiber"

In other words, it has the best texture among alpaca.

The Inoue Brothers' book "We change the world with the power of fashion."

At the time of its launch, it had not yet taken shape and had unexplored quality, but it seems that the brand has finally reached this point.

"Imperial Alpaca" The alpaca quality used by Inoue Brothers in their collections and used by the world's top maisons is "Baby Alpaca".

The quality of animal hair such as alpaca and wool is judged by the fineness of the fibers.

In Alpaca, Super Fine Alpaca: 25.5-26.5 microns

Baby alpaca on top: 21.0 to 23.0 microns

Above that is Royal Alpaca: 18.5 to 19.0 microns.

By the way, the 50% yak in Yamauchi's yak wool, which was released the other day, is 18.5 microns.

So that touch.

Well, that fabric is amazing because it's done with that plus alpha.

By the way, I seem to be addicted to it lately. micron.

After all, it is a process that cannot be avoided when pursuing high-quality fibers.


The imperial alpaca introduced today is of alpaca quality of 17.3 microns or less with an average of 16 microns.

Pure white alpaca.

Just by looking at it, you can feel the fluffy swelling and outstanding luster of this fabric.

Long ago, the Inca Empire was built in Peru and Bolivia in South America.

This Imperial Alpaca is said to have been presented to the king.

Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most famous landmarks of the Inca Empire.

It seems that there are many mysteries.

This alpaca fiber has been reigning as the name suggests since that time.

Alpaca has the highest fineness.

In order to take full advantage of the fiber level, Inoue Brothers does not bleach or dye the fiber, which is usually done on the fiber.

It is not a chemical white, but a very natural white with a slight, faint, soft beige tone.

This white is a world that exists only here.

It is woven with twill, tightly packed, and you can see the twill, but the appearance is overwhelmingly gentle.

However, it is a transcendent fiber that exudes extraordinary luxury.

Since the fibers are thin, the amount of fibers used is not overwhelming, and this large stole is amazing.

100% fabric with such fineness.

So this heavy feeling is coveted by those who like it.

And see what this imperial alpaca fineness really is.

17.3 microns or less, imperial alpaca fiber.

Even with a microscope, you could tell that it was thin and soft.

It's so thin that when the light hits it, it's already see-through.

I also have a comparison.

This is a baby alpaca.

The Inoue Brothers representative brushed scarf (¥ 10,000- +tax) fiber.

In terms of fineness, it corresponds to 21.0 to 23.0 microns.

Compared to Imperial Alpaca, it feels thicker and the fibers look harder. Feeling.

It's not really stiff at all.

And this.

It's common wool.

In other words, it's basic wool.

When you look at it like this, it looks like a wire.

Also, you can see some scales like wool scales.

When it comes to very high quality, it is much thinner than this, but from this level it will be something that can be divided whether it is tingling or not.

Not at all.

All three were taken at the same magnification.

It is a well-known fact that the finer the fiber, the better it feels on the skin.

But simply being thin doesn't mean it's "good".

For example, wool tweed is quite prickly and irritating to the skin, but it is also a fabric that can be passed down to children, grandchildren, and the next generation.

It can be said that the durability is high because the fiber is thick.

However, I think it would be difficult to wear without lining.

On the other hand, this imperial alpaca is the finest skin touch.

However, when it comes to fibers, they are not very durable.

That's why we use a large amount of fiber, spin it, thicken the thread, and give the thread itself durability.

In addition, the weave structure is a twill weave, resulting in a thicker and more sturdy fabric.

And since the smoothness of Imperial hits your skin, you can experience the finest world.

The highest quality alpaca created with the Pacomarca Institute, a partnership of The Inoue Brothers, so that the "Imperial Alpaca" can be used daily.

There will not be anything using this level of alpaca in the world.

Imperial quality with an overwhelming texture that goes beyond just a large white stole.

Soft, large, gentle drape.

And it's amazingly familiar with the skin.

I wore a natural pure black alpaca sweater and Yamauchi yak wool pants.

Both are unstained.

I'm not aiming for a natural oriented at all, but this is what happened when I searched for fibers.

As for the stole, it has a considerable amount and is enough to wrap the upper body.

Of course, it is okay to wrap it around your neck as a large muffler.

The price is the most expensive in the brand's collection, but I think there are people who like this kind of thing, so I'm selling a few items.

Take a look.

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