The Inoue Brothers "NATURAL COTTON"

When I think of Inoue Brothers, I think the image of alpaca is strong.

Made from alpaca native to the Andes Mountains of Peru, the garments are made in innovative ways wherever you look in the conservative and conventional fashion market. .

Cotton is what Inoue Brothers has started as the next approach.

It's a natural material for clothes, and even if it's not, I think there are countless things around us that are made of cotton.

However, it has been said for more than ten years that the production of this cotton fiber, due to its nature, causes soil contamination as well as adverse effects on human beings.

However, even so, the production of cotton fiber does not end because it is the fiber that is so needed.

In such a situation, organic cotton attracted attention. Cotton fiber that is so-called organic cultivation.

Organic cotton is grown in soil that has not used pesticides for more than three years and is certified after a strict examination.

It has attracted attention as a wonderful material for both the earth and the people involved in its production.

Speaking of the good texture of the fiber, it is a fiber that everyone will be captivated by.

However, before we knew it, the world was overflowing with such organic cotton, and it has become a matter of course. There are so many that the word organic cotton as a slogan is impossible.

Originally, only those that were officially certified by such institutions can be called, and moreover, the organic cotton-like one is different from the real thing.

The difference in touch and the shine that comes out of the fibers.

So I think it's hard to believe which one is really the case anymore.

In such a situation, our shop prepared this cotton. The Inoue Brothers "NATURAL COTTON" series.

Normally, cotton is grown in vast fields with a large amount of pesticides applied.

A much larger amount of pesticides are used than the vegetables we usually eat.

However, this natural cotton is not cultivated by artificial manipulation. Supernatural cotton that originally grows wild in the Amazon basin in South America.

It is a cotton that is grown in the most natural way, without the use of pesticides and a lot of human intervention.

100% cotton that you've never experienced before, overwhelming skin feel.

It has an ultra-gentle touch, yet looks high-quality as you can see. And shocking durability. For example, boy A, who was born and raised in the big city of Tokyo, and boy B, who grew up like Tarzan in the jungle, which is the most beautiful and strong human body.

This cotton is also a series where you can feel the vitality inherent in cotton fiber as you wear it.

I think you can tell from the photos.

This feeling looks good because it looks.

There are currently two long sleeve types, BROWN NATIVO and WHITE.

There are two types of T-shirts with pockets, NATURAL and BLUE.

Also, there are gray and white ones that are a little thin for innerwear.

In the future, we plan to develop another color of T-shirts and tank tops.

When you wear this cotton, you will be amazed.

They are lined up in stores and posted on the online store, so please take a look.

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