The Spring/Summer season as a whole is coming to an end, but The CLASIK is also the final season. Even so, I've had it delivered before, so I've been storing it, so I think other stores have already deployed it. I wanted to see it in real time, so I waited until this timing. This is the brand's first polo shirt. The CLASIK CLASSIC POLO SHIRT material_COTTON 100% size_46,48 color_WHITE,NAVY price _ ¥19,250-(tax included) As the name suggests, the CLASSIC POLO SHIRT is made by The CLASIK. Since the previous season, we've been seeing more and more of the existence of polo shirts. polo shirt. Compared to wearing just a T-shirt in the summer, the collar makes it look nicer. This season, our store has developed several polo shirts, but this polo shirt is full of special items. The fabric is 100% cotton as mentioned above. It's a polo shirt, so it's a pique weave. The type of cotton I use is called diorama cotton. As soon as I say this diorama cotton, I can immediately imagine which big and small manufacturer the fabric is from, but it's very suitable for this polo shirt. As for the standing position of diorama cotton, there are many types of super-quality cotton in the world, but it's not so high-quality that it's ugly. I think that there is a Suvincotton that you often hear now, but it might be good if you think of it as an image that is roughly in the middle of the level of Suvincotton. When it comes to fabrics and fibers, it is not simply the case that the higher the quality, the better the quality of the clothes. If this is the highest rank of Suvin cotton, I think that the fabric will sag if you wear it frequently. and, The cotton is spun as raw material. It is strongly twisted. However, I think that you often hear the word "Kyonen", but there are different types of strong twist. ・Spinning strong twist ・Hon-strong twist I wonder if there were two types? As the name suggests, spinning hard twist is a method of twisting fibers strongly at the same time as they are being spun into yarn. High-strength twisting is a method in which the yarn is set in a special "strong-twisting machine" at the stage when it becomes yarn after spinning, and is twisted even more strongly. There are levels in the "world of hard twist", but a certain brand once said, "You can't call it hard twist unless it's real hard twist." If you go through the process of this strong twist, I wonder if it feels like a so-called "additional twist yarn". perhaps. There are some products in the world that are said to be hard-twisted, but I don't know the percentage of them, but I don't think there are many that are hard-twisted. That's because it takes effort and cost, and I don't think it's made with that much pursuit. perhaps. Well, I mentioned hard-twisted yarn earlier, but it depends on the item, but I rather like clothes made of hard-twisted yarn. I want to The merits of hard-twisted yarn are that it gives the yarn a luster, makes it smooth to the touch, and depending on how you use it in the summer, you can make clothes that breathe. And this polo shirt is made by twisting three of the strong twisted yarn, that is, "three twisted". In terms of numbers, it is 80/3, the 80th Miko. This fabric shows a lot of the strength of the huge and small factory. According to Mr. Tanaka of The CLASIK, if you use this 80-count Sanko thread to make a kanoko, the fabric will look the best, and that's how you came up with it. So look again. It's shiny, and the texture of the fabric stands out. It's not a common Kanoko's normal feeling. this. But it's not too much because it's a fabric that makes ends meet on a casual Kanoko structure. I'm a moderate uncle, but I'm not going too far. I think it's very well balanced. this. And a polo shirt with it. I think there are many polo shirts with ribs on the collar, sleeves and hem, but The CLASIK uses the same fabric. And the two buttons attached to the neck are rare horns. This horn button makes it look a little stronger. This claim may be a point of love and hate, but when you wear it, even if you don't care about clothes, you can see that the buttons are different from the polo shirt that is commonplace, so it is a point that is easy to convey. I can't. The sleeves and hem are folded back and stitched, There are no stitches on the front of the collar. That's why the collar looks a little three-dimensional. The collar is attached by sandwiching it between the body and the octopus binder, which is like a tape made of the same fabric. This is also a slightly unusual point, but the shoulder line between the front body and the back body is lowered to the back. In addition to that, an octopus binder is placed on the back of the switching part of the body located on the shoulder. As a result, the shoulder seams appear slightly three-dimensional when worn. The back looks good too. Behind this. Such a thing. This wrap around the neck and shoulder seams work well when worn. You can prevent the neck from stretching and getting twisted by washing. And here is Navy. Just like white, the navy has a lustrous thread, and the firmness of the tightness of the twist is still there. It's also a horn button, but this one has dark brown coloring. There are a lot of high-quality T-shirts out there now, but people say that you can wear them in the same way as you would wear a T-shirt, and as a result, you can style them in a different way, and cool biz is recommended. You may be able to use it at work. We will be selling today from the 6th. The CLASIK products are prohibited from cart sales in the online store due to the intention of the brand. If you find it difficult to come to our office, please feel free to contact us using the contact form or by phone.
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