Summer shirt The CLASIK

Today, I would like to introduce The CLASIK shirt.

There are two types.

In January, we made and released The CLASIK and DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON 170/2 x 330/4 shirts, and this time we will use DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON fabrics for the collection.

It was a little while ago that I had it delivered, but I didn't take it out right away and left it there.

The reason is that it was hard to imagine summer due to the climate at that time.

I was thinking of wearing it under the scorching sun in the summertime.

So, when it was delivered to our shop, it is not now. I kept it thinking.

In the meantime, the time has come.

The best shirt to wear in the summer with the sleeves rolled up and the wind in.



material_LINEN 100%



First of all. It's called a gardening shirt.

The collar is a stand, detachable collar.

This shirt looks like a front open shirt, isn't it?

Actually, a pullover. smile

According to Mr. Tanaka of The CLASIK, it seems to be rare in British clothes, but there is a gardener's shirt with something like a breastplate placed inside the front placket.

It is designed to prevent leaves and dust from entering the inside of the shirt during work, and has an unusual shape.

And The CLASIK was the first to use it as a motif.

Some people may not be able to reach for a pullover, but if you can handle it well, you can wear it.

But more than that, this shirt, the fabric is dangerous.


DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON reigns at the top of the world's fine count shirt fabrics.

Until now, The CLASIK has mainly used 200 pairs of cotton, but this time it is linen.

That is also unique to DJA.

In terms of yarn numbers, it is equivalent to 100 count single yarn.

It is a fabric in which a single thread called 100 count is plain woven into the warp and weft.

These days, I don't think it's that uncommon to say 100th, but that's cotton.

Because this is linen.

Linen is a fiber from the "stem" of plants, so compared to cotton, which is fluff, most of the fibers in circulation are thicker.

That's why linen fibers with counts in this class are quite rare.

According to Mr. Tanaka of The CLASIK, the linen DJA uses is from Ireland.

Ireland is a production area of ​​Irish linen, which I briefly touched on yesterday at amachi.

The best area for producing high-quality linen fibers.

Well, the brand also had NAVY as a color variation in addition to WHITE.

But it was a landslide victory for WHITE.

A landslide victory that greatly exceeds Osaka Toin in Koshien.

I thought it would be easier for those who chose NAVY to wear it because I don't have to worry about the transparency.

However, because NAVY is dyed with fabric dyeing, I felt it was a little dry and stiff.

On the other hand, this WHITE has less processing from the yarn stage compared to NAVY.

That's why the level of this raw material is used to the maximum.

Looking back, I also took notes in the exhibition materials from more than half a year ago.

"Overwhelmingly WHT is dangerous".

Half a year ago, I thought so.

And now I think so too.

In general, I think that the image of linen is a fabric that is a little dry and has a firmness in its dryness.

But this time The CLASIK is different.

There is a feeling that the core inside the fabric remains, which is unique to linen 100, but it feels like it slides on the skin and is too soft and comfortable.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think this will change the concept of linen plain weave. Touch to the skin of the best part.

At the same time, the linen fabric of this genre has a unique way of passing the wind.

yes. Wear in the blazing sun.

Wipe off the sweat with your rolled up sleeve.

Throw it in the washing machine when you get home.

Wear it as soon as it is dry.

It's a shirt that suits this movement tremendously. this fabric.

Because the fabric is so beautiful. this.

Magnified with a microscope.

After all, the microscope shines in the SS season.

Compared to DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON's 100% cotton fabric, there is unevenness in the threads peculiar to linen.

The yarn as a whole is made with a count equivalent to 100, but it is not uniform.

In the case of DJA's cotton fabric, everything is perfectly balanced and ultra-fine.

Linen doesn't aim for that.

If you look at the picture above, the "warp threads" that run vertically and the "weft threads" that run horizontally are slightly different in thickness.

This leads to shadowing of the fabric when viewed with the naked eye.

Then there is the density.

This fabric is suitable for spring and summer, making use of the texture of high-quality linen raw materials, so it is not designed to be solid and dense.

Therefore, the wind can pass through this gap, and you can wear it very lightly even in hot weather.

Expand further.

Due to the strength of the fiber, linen tends to fluff on the surface of the yarn.

However, this fabric has so little fluff that you wouldn't expect it to be linen.

When you look at the fabric as a whole, it feels a little fuzzy compared to DJA cotton.

Still not at the level of normal linen.

There is only the exclusive spinning mill in Albini, Italy, where DJA belongs.

Super quality linen.

When you wear this, it's completely different.

You can't see it with the naked eye, but you can feel it with your skin.

Let's talk a little bit about the details of the shirt.

As mentioned earlier, the collar type is a base like a detachable collar.

There is also a buttonhole unique to the detachable collar on the back collar.

I can't see it in the photo.

There is a difference in length between the front and back.

Long design with round front and square back.

Is the opening of the cuffs unique to British workwear?

The width of the cuffs is narrower than a general shirt.

Toogood shirts are like this too.

As usual, the button is a shiny shell button.

A very beautiful texture. The contrast with the glossy shell button is also considerable.

The front doesn't open fully, but I think you'll be amazed by the quality of this fabric.

Because it's such a thin linen thread, it wrinkles easily, and those wrinkles are unique to linen.

However, because the quality of raw materials is high, it may be closer to wrinkling silk rather than wrinkling linen.

In hot weather, it is best to wear it very aggressively and wash it anyway.

Because every time you pass through the water, the linen will be happy.

And here.

Another shirt.



material_COTTON 100%

color _ WHITE × BLUE


this. This shirt uses GIZA 45 200-count two-ply cotton for both warp and weft.

I wonder if it was around the start of the fall winter season 2 years ago? A shirt made of this fabric came out, and since then I've been wearing it very often on hot days.

Even with the sleeves rolled up, it's very comfortable in the summer.

The fine thread made from high-quality raw materials is wonderful, and the lack of fluff makes it feel chilly when you first wear it.

Even if you sweat, the strength of the two-ply yarn makes it easy to wash in the washing machine.

This is why it's a great shirt for summer.

DJA's name is under the brand name of The CLASIK, just like the linen mentioned earlier.

Until now, this striped shirt has been handled in a detachable color type like linen, but this time it is a regular color.

For the interlining of the collar and cuffs, temporary fusible interlining is used for collection line items.

Although it is a temporary fusible interlining, the interlining is adhered with water-soluble glue, and during production, the stitching is stable like the fusible interlining, but the glue melts when the product is washed, and it becomes a plush core when finished.

It's not bad that the fusible interlining is crisp and the collar and cuffs are hard.

When it comes to DJA level 200, I think it's important to hit the neck and have a soft nuance in your hands.

Also, I feel that the temporary adhesive interlining and plush are good because the interlining does not peel off and the collar and cuffs do not become unshaped even after repeated washings at my level.

Cuffs with truncated corners.

Buttons are the same as linen. Due to product washing, it already has natural light wrinkles. Fluffy.

But from here, if you continue to wash it, it will swell even more.

Expect it.

The contrast between the fabric and buttons is so beautiful that you can keep looking at it even if you look closely.

The buttonholes are also very detailed.

Unlike the linen GARDENING SHIRT mentioned earlier, this shirt has a front placket.

I've written about it several times on this blog, but shirts with plackets on the front usually give a more casual impression.

The CLASSIC SHIRT from The CLASIK is designed with a placket that makes you feel simple and sturdy, as the fabric is very dressy, which is the opposite of what it should be. This simple and strong strength is included as an element in all the clothes that the brand makes.

That is the balance of Mr. Tanaka of The CLASIK.

The basic details are the same as the "CLASSIC SHIRT SPESIAL LOT" shirt released in January this year.

For those who saw the shirt at that time, and those who picked it up, the fabric of 200 pairs this time may feel quite "simple and robust".

That shirt was jumping out. smile

But I think that's fine.

Because I think it's wonderful that this 200 pair of shirts will become the standard on top of having 330 four children's fabric.

It's like, "At least, it's 200." smile

Well, it's definitely not just numbers.

However, it will certainly serve as a guideline.

You can really feel it when you look at the fabric through a microscope.

This is the 200 count two-ply yarn this time.

Both the warp and the weft use 200-count yarn.

The warp threads for the stripes are also 200 pairs.

Compared to the linen fabric mentioned earlier, it is obvious that the texture is uniform and very well-ordered.

It can be said that this "well-balanced fabric structure" is not just the "number" of counts.

Therefore, "that touch" when it hits the skin is realized.

Also, DJA's fabric is very durable because of its density, and you can put it in the washing machine without hesitation.

So wash it after you wear it anyway.

This will give your skin a higher rank.

The thread that uses 100% GIZA 45 is very shiny.

A level that can be said to be almost zero fluff.

No matter how much you magnify it, it's still beautiful.

In hot weather, it is best to have the sleeves rolled up.

If you like it, please take a look.

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