"CLASSIC SHIRTS SPECIAL LOT" with The CLASIK and CASANOVA&CO, which we announced the other day.

This time, I started thinking about it at the same time as the original fabric with AUBETT, which was released at the end of November.

"Japan" and "world" cotton fabrics.

In "Japan", the production of original fabrics at Kaneta Orimono, which boasts an absolute position in the "strong twist".

And when it comes to the "world", it's still shirt fabric.

When it comes to shirt fabrics, DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON are among them.

Although it is the world's finest thread count, its "quality" is more than just thinness.

This time, I wanted to try to reach that "world".

That's why "330th" will surprise everyone.

However, I would like people to use it with a reason to keep wearing it, not just because it is a thin count fabric.

For that reason, "product washing", "plush core", and "sleeve attachment".

It is only natural for us to create clothes that will satisfy customers even when they are brand new, and that will make them feel more than the price.

However, the moment you pick it up is the "starting line".

Wash and wear this.

By continuing to wear it like that, you should be able to feel the splendor of a "100% cotton" shirt.

I started believing that a year and a half ago.

Therefore, everything is a specification for "wearing and washing".

I don't think there will ever be a shirt with a count of 300 or above that is based on that idea.

I think we have created something suitable for this timing of the new year.



material_GIZA 45 100%

warp yarn count_170/2

weft yarn count_330/4




Height 167 cm, weight 53 kg and size 46. I feel like I can wear 46 with some leeway.

Extreme luster in the "natural category" that you can feel when you wear it.

I think that this is the first thing that you can feel.

A balance that makes the shoulder line drop just a little bit.

As I told you the other day, the base shirt is the CLASSIC SHIRT that exists in The CLASIK collection.

This is because I didn't feel the need to change the balance of this shirt at all.

And, as I said earlier, even if it's brand new, I think you'll be satisfied.

Even at the time of sale, after the product is completed, it is washed once and then lightly pressed with an iron, but that is just a run-up.

This is what I'm already wearing.

I also posted a video on Instagram.

I wore it 7 times and washed it 7 times when I took the video, but in this photo, I just finished the memorable 10th wash.

A plush core collar that opens softly.

Around the neck and wrists, the touch is transcendentally soft and stress-free. Of course, the overwhelming smoothness of the fabric touches the skin directly, but if the inside (interlining) is hard, it will be canceled out.

That's why the touch of this fabric and the plush core coexist, and in addition to washing at home.

By doing so, we promise to bring everyone who wears it to "Paradise".

There are natural wrinkles from washing and bleaching, but it still has a "glow" that cannot be completely hidden.

The "brilliance" of the fabric is also the gift of the width of the body where the margins of The CLASIK are removed. But it's not just a loose size.

A shirt that sways in the wind.

A dazzling "superb view" that catches your eye every time it shakes.

A very balanced shirt style.

The arm has a slim and sharp impression.

All photos are unprocessed. All shot in natural light.

It was crazy cold. smile

It's natural light, so I hope you can imagine yourself wearing it, but I don't think you can see it through the whole picture.

Puckering from washing has also run through the placket.

I really like the ultra-level matching of wrinkles and luster with no ironing, but if you don't like wrinkles due to washing, you can get an instant dressy finish if you iron it.

I will leave the handling after washing to the person who can handle it, but no ironing is recommended.

Well, it's a rare opportunity in life to have a shirt of this quality washed and bleached.

Experience it to the fullest.

The upper body is the "world".


The lower body is "Japan".

Kaneta Textile Co., Ltd.

"THE New Year Style" of "Kohaku".

And this time, "CLASSIC SHIRTS SPECIAL LOT" will be handed over in this box.

Mr. Tanaka from The CLASIK prepared it for me.

Finally, the dimensions of sizes 46 and 48 are listed below for your reference.

<Size 46> Shoulder width: 50cm Width: 59cm Sleeve length: 61.5cm Length: 75.5cm

<Size 48> Shoulder width: 51.5cm Width: 61.5cm Sleeve length: 63cm Length: 77.5cm

That's it.

The dimensions are just numerical values, so when you wear it, you can feel the three-dimensional structure.

Also, I will list the actual size of 46 that I hand washed 7 times.

<Actual size after washing 7 times> Shoulder Width: 50cm (no change) Garment Width: 59cm (no change) Sleeve Length: 61cm (0.5cm shrinkage) Dress Length: 75cm (0.5cm shrinkage)

Hand washing was done with OLDE HOMESTEADER detergent in lukewarm water because my hands get too cold, but there is no shrinkage in the lateral direction.

Vertically, there is a 0.5 cm shrinkage in the sleeve length and the dress length.

This may be due to seam puckering.

But I don't think there are many people who understand this 0.5cm.

In order to stabilize the condition after washing, we wash the product, so it would be nice if you could rest assured.

And about sales, as we have announced, it will be on sale at stores from 11:00 on Sunday, January 2, 2022 in the new year.

From 12:00 on the following day, the 3rd (Monday), we will start mail-order sales by e-mail or phone if you wish.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this time, please only send an email to our email address, a phone call, or these two.

The CLASIK products cannot be sold online using the cart button, so they will not be sold at the online store.

Finally, the price. We have received many inquiries, but the selling price is \77,000- (tax included).

The price is the price, but frankly speaking, the fabric value per meter is by far the most expensive "100% cotton" I've ever seen.

In general clothes making, at this price for 1m, the finished clothes will definitely exceed 100,000 yen.

And the amount of fabric used for one shirt is more than 1m, so more.

In addition, plush core and sleeve specifications. The attached shell button is also a first-class product.

It is up to the customer how they perceive this price, but in cooperation with Mr. Tanaka of The CLASIK, we are now selling the "best quality" that we can achieve with a "shirt with a white collar" at this price. increase.

There is a high hurdle to getting it in your hand, but I hope that this shirt will give you an "impression" that you can feel through clothes.

Clothes are such a wonderful thing and a very cultural thing.

And by wearing it, I think it will definitely have a positive effect on the inside of your "mind". That's what I want to convey to everyone through this shirt.

If you like it, I would appreciate it if you could consider it.

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