The world's highest price "330 No. 4 children"

The "world's best cotton fabric" that I announced the other day, 330-count four-twist twist.

It was created by "DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON", which was founded in England in 1822, about 200 years ago.

DJA is now affiliated with the Italian Albini Group, which owns the world's ultra-luxury goods, and produces the best products among the world's highest peaks.

DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON begins by gathering the highest quality raw materials from around the world, and only those that are carefully selected are used.

So, this time it's GIZA 45.

Egyptian cotton is classified as "long-staple cotton", but it is characterized by its small proportion in the first place.

When it comes to GIZA 45, only 0.4% of the total amount of Egyptian cotton is harvested.

What's more, from the GIZA 45 harvested, DJA selects these three elements of "length", "thinness" and "strength" with extremely high standards.

Only 2% of GIZA 45's production volume is of high quality that meets DJA's standards.

Only the selected GIZA 45 is adopted.

But that's where it started.

The selected GIZA 45 is spun into yarn at Albini Group's spinning mill, which has the world's most advanced technology.

Of course, the threads produced there are incredibly thin.

However, well, No. 330 is a different dimension even in such a situation.

Actually, this 100% cotton fabric this time.

I wrote it on my blog the other day, but it reminded me of a year and a half ago.

I started from there, but if it was the original plan, I was planning to use something different from this time.

The raw material was solidified with GIZA 45. The first thing I had planned was DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON's best series called "GOLDEN JUBILEE".

It has 330-count four-fold warp. The weft is also 330-count four-child twist.

It was a tremendous thing of 330 × 4/330 × 4.

It was sleeping in Italy.

Therefore, when we asked the brand that we are working with to secure the entire amount and proceeded with production, a big problem occurred.

I can't use the remaining fabric.

I got a call from Italy.

The reason is simple.

No one in the world has ever ordered that many meters.

I thought it was possible, but when I asked them to check the stock of the fabric, the fabric was full of weaving scratches and I could not meet the request.

He said.

That's what happens when it comes to this level of fabric.

That's right. It is extremely difficult to weave the world's top raw materials to such a fine count, and no one else in the world can produce it.

Even DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON, who have a history of 200 years in the coming year and have reigned over the world's finest counts, were no good in this class.

But, but, but I can't give up on that. With a chance like this, it's time to reach "the best in the world" just a little bit more.

I was itching and fidgeting because I wanted customers to see this fabric.

And as a clothing store and myself, I absolutely wanted to achieve this as someone who explores clothes and cotton fabrics.

That's why I begged the brand that tried this wonderful thing together this time. .

At this level, you will be able to create a class of superlatives that are loved by celebrities around the world.

It is a weaving shop that targets those customers.

The world top responded to us.

Only one roll.

He made it for me.

It makes full use of all the latest cutting-edge technology, and provides excitement beyond that too much excitement.

DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON's true value series called "GOLDEN JUBILEE", which is completely worn by Hermes super VIPs, Hollywood celebrities, and Arab oil kings.

We have created a super ultra hyperpa fabric that is positioned as the best product at the moment.

As mentioned above, the original target is the production process that assumes the world's leading celebrities.

However, it is our shop CASANOVA&CO that sells it.

Yes, in other words, DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON will be the first in the world to release the highest quality "100% cotton" fabric available today.

I was very moved that DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON moved.

Well, I think there was an impact because the brand told me to buy all the fabrics that I usually only get orders for one or a few clothes.

However, for that reason, I can assure you that everyone reading this blog was able to prepare a fabric that they have never experienced in their lives.

It would be different if the oil tycoon saw my blog.

As a matter of fact, the fabric we prepared for you this time is 170-count two-ply yarn.

The weft is 330 count four twisted.

It is a numerical value.

If you could make many prototypes and reduce the number to about 240 before we could produce this, we could use the same count for both the warp and weft.

I was told that, but I absolutely could not give up on this inexperienced figure of "330th".

So I made it happen no matter what.

For that reason, only the warp thread count was lowered, and in order to complete the fabric, we asked them to change it to 170 count two-ply yarn, but the weft thread remained at 330 count.

This "330 count weft" is a very important keyword, and the fabric this time is twill weave. Yes, twill weave exposes a lot on the "back side" where the weft touches the skin.

In other words, most of the surfaces that come in contact with the skin come to No. 330.

And the twill weave has not changed from the original idea this time.

The reason is that if you use a plain weave to make this much ultra-fine count fabric, it will be very thin.

That's why I wanted to make it a fabric that people would feel comfortable wearing, so I asked them to weave it with a twill weave.

That fabric is this.

Overwhelming brilliance and softness, every time the fabric flickers, it reflects light.

The flowing surface of the fabric and the twill that is not flat make it look solid.

and on the skin. Furthermore, it is difficult to see through.

This is an ultra-count so far, but when you wear it, I think you will feel that it is a very reliable fabric.

It is partly because of the twill weave, and because DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON used the finest raw materials, the simple and robust roots of England were beautifully demonstrated.

We promise that you will be blown away.

When it comes to this kind of thing, we can't weave with old looms, and as I wrote earlier, we make full use of the world's most advanced machines.

However, even though it is cutting-edge, it is said that instead of weaving at high speed, the speed is slowed down to the limit, and a skilled craftsman with advanced technology always attends to one loom to finish weaving.

I wanted to publicize the production process of this fabric as much as possible, but DJA is in a position to be chased from all over the world. We have been doing this for about 200 years in order not to imitate that technology, so we couldn't overturn it.

But, of course, the "tracing" is done by hand one by one with ultra-fine threads, and they took a lot of time to weave the fabric.

After that, the final finish to make this fabric touch seemed to be an important item.

It seems that it was extremely difficult just to weave the fabric, but after weaving it, he performed the traditional finishing of the Italian textile industry, which can be compared to "alchemy".

But they didn't tell me that either. .

However, when you hold a piece of clothing made from this fabric in your hand, and have it slipped through your sleeves, it will be an "unforgettable" experience in your life.

I got a word.

And this time, the overwhelming splendor of this fabric, an area that I had never experienced even though I had touched various fabrics.

it under a microscope.

170-count two-ply yarn for the warp.

330 count four children on the weft.

The fabric woven with the left twill.

A wet-like luster at the fiber level that can be felt even when viewed under a microscope.

The two-ply warp threads are tight, and the four-twisted weft threads have a surface that looks like scales.

And the fact that DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON is praised as the king of the finest yarns in the world is because they are not just thin.

Recently, we often see things that pursue only thinness, but likewise, Armo and Calro Riva are not just thin numbers, but the texture of the fabric on top of that. This is very important.

It can be said that the numbers stand out because of this spectacular texture.

See this for comparison.

this. I don't know if it's Japan or China, but it's a twill shirt with "160 count" warp and weft.

Although it is said to be 160 count, the thread is uneven and has a lot of fluff.

Thick and thin areas, and even different densities.

As a result, it feels smooth to the touch for a moment, but when you wear it, it's not.

Because of the unevenness of the thread, you will feel unsatisfactory even if you wear it.

There are a lot of fabrics with the slogan of "only numbers" like this.


The fabric for this time earlier.

I think it was taken at almost the same magnification, but I think it looks completely different.

The difference in appearance under this microscope is directly linked to the difference in how you feel when you wear it.

DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON's wonderful point is the quality of the finish that supports this "number".

Expand further.

Fuzzing from the thread is hardly seen even if it is further enlarged.

And each thread, every fiber, shines.

Created by DJA's unique "cooking method" that makes the super high-quality GIZA 45 stand out even more.

Also, if you look closely at the horizontal weft threads, you can see that the four threads are tightly twisted.

and break it down.

The picture in the title shows the 330-count four-twist weft yarns, each of which is disassembled into individual pieces.

this. It was difficult to photograph with a microscope.

My fingers cramped many times.


Four very thin threads.

This one by one is the numerical value of cotton count 330.

By the way, the silver object in the picture together.

This is the tip of the needle. smile

It's dangerous, isn't it? this thinness.

The tip of the needle is the same as the tip of a needle that you see in general, so it is the same thickness as the needle that you can immediately imagine.

The tip of the needle looks very thick. smile

It's that thin.

I don't think I can meet this level anymore.

As I said the other day, 100% cotton fabric is the "best" available at our store.

I don't usually use the word "best" like that, but this is it.

There were quite a few hurdles to come this far, but I managed to overcome them.

Actually, I wasn't the one who got over it.


I think we were able to create something that would never have been possible without collaboration with Mr. Tanaka of The CLASIK.

And we had them take shape with special specifications that our shop likes the most, which is not done in the collection.

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