Investigation into "Cotton Fabric"

The P.(P).C with AUBETT, which was released at the end of November, went to Kaneta Orimono, which I think has the highest quality in Japan, and Kaneta produced cotton textiles that no one in the world could imitate. To have the fabric made with the technology of "

And through that, I wanted to let people know even a little about the process of fabric production and the upstream situation of the industry.

Fabrics that everyone knows, owns, and has worn.

"Cotton fabric".

Because cotton is the most familiar genre of fabric, I wanted people to experience the wonderfulness of things they had never experienced before, and to make them realize, "I can do this with clothes."

It was about a year and a half ago that I started thinking about such things and taking action.


At the same time, I had been thinking about something since then.

"Japan" and "World".

Exploration of cotton fiber and fabric called cotton in both.

A Japanese weaving shop that provides fabrics to brands around the world.

In the field of fabrics in the wide world, a famous ultra-prestigious machine shop.

This is the quest for fabrics that "produce" in "Japan" and "world".

Pursue it yourself and see it for customers who choose our store.

I wanted to do this as a "clothing shop".

"Providing overwhelming products".

in the first place,

Cotton fiber, or cotton, was originally a product from a flower called "cotton".

Cotton sprouts in a vast field, grows, and blooms.

After that, the flower dies and the seed emerges from inside.

In order to protect the seeds, "fluff" grows from the seeds, the official name is "lint".

"Lint", which is the majority of this fluff, becomes "cotton fiber".

By the way, the short, small hairs that could not be removed at that time are called "cotton linters", and when melted and used, they become raw materials for cupra.

Cotton is cultivated in various regions of the world, but in many cases the roots of the "parent" are the same.

Depending on the region in which it is grown, the climate and soil affect its characteristics, and as a result, the name it is called as cotton is different.

Nowadays, there is a field called "long-staple cotton," which everyone seems to agree on. It refers to longer lengths, but I think it's good cotton, such as Subin and Supima.

just by using it

Fine. Or the best. the best. It's easy to say that, and I think that expressions that make you think that clothes that use that variety are "high quality", "exquisite", and "best" are prevalent.

However, I don't think that variety is so well-known when looking at the variety of cotton, and of course that's not the only thing that's important "as clothes."

The most important thing is how to use the raw materials and what kind of "clothes" you are aiming for.

For example, Kaneta Orimono's ZZ hard-twisted two-ply yarn the other day is a blend of two types of rice cotton: 60% American pima and 40% American upland cotton. It's not that it's long.

However, it produces such wonderful quality fabrics.

It's not that short fiber cotton is inferior or long fiber cotton is superior.

The type of clothes that can be created using cotton as a raw material is important.

Is it a shirt, is it a T-shirt, is it chino pants, is it jeans, what do you think?

In other words,

"What kind of fabric do you make?"

"What kind of clothes do you make?"

The idea of ​​​​that becomes the most important, and it is the raw material that constitutes a part of it.

Therefore, there is a higher quality than higher quality, and the quality of clothes cannot be judged accurately based on raw materials alone.



If you're a Han, even so, aren't you interested in the "upper world"?

A limited, one-time life, something I want to touch and own.

There are many genres of things that can be used as hobbies, not just clothes. I think it's good.

In my opinion, there are three varieties of cotton fiber that are the best, considering all aspects.

This is not the world's three major cotton that comes out if you look it up on the Internet.

・Subin Supreme Cotton

There is Soobin's parent, Soobin Gold. The parent of that Subingold.

・Sea Island Cotton

It is the rarest cotton in the world, and limited raw materials are not distributed at all.

・Giza Cotton 45

Cultivated in the Giza region of Egypt, the level is the highest in Giza.

All of these overwhelmingly surpass the level of cotton in the general image.

Look, feel, durability.

If you can make good use of this raw material and make clothes that are suitable for it, once you wear it, you won't want to take it off.

Not only in Japan, but also in the world, as a manufacturer or brand, only a handful of people can use it.


this time,

Among them, I arranged Giza 45.

In the first place, Giza 45 is officially called "GIZA 45 (Giza Forty Five)".

Is it a number from 1 to 95? It is a cotton that exists until now, and the number is determined in the order it was found.

The younger the number, the older the breed.

Currently, not all of the 90 or more types exist, and it seems that only three types, GIZA 45, GIZA 87, and GIZA 93, are being produced.

As the number suggests, GIZA 45 is the oldest variety currently cultivated in Egypt. It has been distributed since 1951 and is said to be the "best quality" among many Giza cottons.

That's why it's been around for 70 years, even though there are many extinct Giza varieties.

By the way, the existing GIZA 87 was created in 1997 by crossing GIZA 45 and GIZA 77 and aiming for the same quality as GIZA 45.

GIZA 93 is fairly recent. It seems that it was born in 2013.

And the reason why GIZA 45 is called "highest quality" is "when it becomes thread".

In terms of fiber length, GIZA 93 is superior, but when it is spun into yarn and made into fabric, the level of GIZA 45 rises dramatically.

GIZA 45 is a cotton that was researched and developed under the influence of the competition to own the older and more historical Sea Island cotton, but it is a breed that was created by crossing GIZA 7 and GIZA 28.

When it was completed, it was transcendental.

The person who developed it will be surprised.

Therefore, it is positioned as cotton that reigns at the top now.

And the bottom line.

How to cook using the GIZA 45 that I arranged this time as a raw material.

who will do

Well, I can't avoid "numbers" when I run a clothing store like this.



I mean,


Anyway, I wanted to pursue the "numerical value" that everyone can see with the raw materials.



330-count thread is twisted four times.

Our shop is the highest quality 100% cotton fabric that we can arrange at the moment.

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