20AW first shirt release The CLASIK

As I announced the other day, the one I was looking forward to will be on sale from this Saturday, the 4th.

And before that, let me guide you.

Regarding parking.

Our store has a parking lot.

A garage in front of the store entrance and a large parking lot next to it.

If you are in the garage, you can park in an open area.

It's a big parking lot next to the store, but the parking lot number 1 to 4 is our parking lot.

These are the 4 locations closest to the store.

Please do not park in parking lots with other numbers.

If you don't know, please call the store number or ask the staff inside.

TEL: 086-243-5607

Thank you very much for your kind support.

Will begin the main subject.

The first shot of our autumn/winter season will start from now on.

The CLASIK is a brand that debuted in the 2020SS season.

This spring/summer season, The CLASIK debuted as outerwear only.

Since our debut season, we've been making really good products, so I was wondering if you could make a shirt for us.

Then he made it beautifully.

And it's not half-baked. at all.

If you get it, I think you will be very satisfied. surely.

As I mentioned earlier, there are two types.


material_COTTON 100%

fabric _ GIZA 45 200/2 (DAVID&JOHN ANDERSON)



A type of Egyptian cotton and a treasure of Egypt. Giza cotton.

Using 45, which is the best item among them, 200-count Ultra Miracle Hyper Thin Amazing Thread is used for stripe fabric.

Well, I talked about the details of the fabric and the threads a little earlier, so please take a look at that.

This shirt has alternating thick and thin stripes on a white base.

The button is a white butterfly, of course hand-made.

The collar is a stand-up collar, but it has a buttonhole that looks like a classical detachable collar.

I can't tell from this photo.

The cuffs are shaped with rounded corners.

As I explained before, the interlining of the cuffs is temporarily glued.

But it's been washed once, so it's equivalent to a plush. This is important.

The comfort changes completely, and the appearance when the years pass is completely different.

So don't worry.

I think that the needle movement pitch is fine enough (about 18 stitches in 3 cm) to the extent that it is not overdone.

And the sleeves are sewn separately on the side line of the body and the inner sleeves.

Normally, the sides of the body and the inside of the sleeves are sewn in one go, but this is done after the body is made.

To some extent, this will have a positive effect on the movement of the arm.

However, when you try on this shirt, you can feel that the arms look very neat compared to the width of the body.

As a result, if you actively move your upper body, you may feel a little tight in your back.

Therefore, when wearing this shirt, it is wise to refrain from strenuous and stoic activities such as bouldering and lifting barbells.

However, the standing posture when wearing it will be wonderful, such as how the arms fall and the fluctuation of the body.

Well, I didn't take a picture of me wearing it, so just imagine.

It's a stripe with an air that makes you feel a little intelligent.

This shirt allows you to directly experience the splendor of Giza 45's soft and lustrous fiber.

I think it's a good way to pass the wind, so I think it's perfect for wearing it with sleeves rolled up in the summer.

In particular, TT is perfect for innerwear because it's so comfortable that you'll doubt your own skin. Tank top.

And one more thing.


material_COTTON 100%




here. A shirt with a white collar.

When it comes to shirts, the first thing that comes to mind is a regular-colored white shirt.

I think it's something that always exists in the world, but it shouldn't be like this.

At our store, we have finally managed to handle a white regular color shirt that has a shape close to the standard within the framework of "white shirt" and is firmly infused with the brand's uniqueness.

Ever since Komori's Komori shirt?

The details are roughly the same as the COLLARLESS stripes earlier. Cufflinks, placket, sleeves, etc.

This is a cotton fiber diamond, sea island cotton, so natural that it's a lie, but it's really not just a thing, it's the highest quality fiber.


As a characteristic of DJA shirt fabric, it is said that it is a little firmer than other dress shirt fabrics.

At first, it's a stiff fabric, but every time you wear it, every time you wash it, it might take you to the world of the finest cotton.

Only at Sea Island, you can experience that.

No matter where you look at it, it's the finest fabric.

It is proof that each Sea Island cotton fiber that forms the 140-count two-ply yarn demonstrates its full potential.

It might be more correct for us to say congratulations instead of thank you to those who were able to own it at the time of its release because of its value.

This Sea Island poplin fabric has more stretch than the 200/2 striped fabric.

It may be a very clean start to the start of the new season.

I think that if you wear and wash both of them repeatedly, they will lead you to a more wonderful world.

I'm one step ahead to that world

First of all, the 200/2 stripe that I saw for the first time from hand washing.

I feel more flexible.

The smoothness does not change at all. Did you wash your hands twice? After that, I thought it was enough and dived into the washing machine.

In addition to fine wrinkles from washing, the bulges unique to this interlining have appeared, making it feel better on the skin. cuffs and collar.

The stitches were also buried in the fabric little by little due to the swelling of the interlining.

good good good I really like it.

I've been wearing sandals for nearly two months until the other day, and I'm already wearing nothing but boots. I guess

No, it's hot, so let's borrow the help of FEIT sandals and see-through beach sandals.

Well, as you can imagine, this shirt will go on sale in stores from the 4th (Sat).

Regarding The CLASIK, online sales are prohibited, so if you live far away and have any questions or requests, please contact us by phone or email after the 4th.

looking forward to.

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