I have a lot of things to prepare for the beginning of the year.

I'm going to release the stock of the material little by little.

I received a notification from a certain brand.

The content is to start a new brand.

Despite the unexpectedness, I had heard that there were multiple people involved in the industry who had mature skills and experience, so it made sense right away.

And when I went to see it, I was like, yes, it's very easy to understand, but it's very difficult to understand.

However, they definitely make clothes that cross the line, and they are a classical garment brand for men that piques your curiosity about what comes next.

I already said a little,

Its name is The CLASIK.

The Classic.

A newcomer who uses luxury brand fabrics and original fabrics to create wardrobes for men who reign as vintage garments and authentic wear.

There are many brands like this, but I don't think there are many that exude such a clear quality.

Sometimes it's meticulously tweaked, and there's no mere homage to the old.

In this genre, there is a tendency to become uncle-like, but it has a very clear air. A rare type of NEW BRAND.

FISHTAIL fishtail.

The so-called mods coat.

It's a classic mod coat made with the theme unique to this brand.

"If high-density cotton cloth, 'Ventile', had been developed in Japan instead of England."

The outer material is super high-density cotton made based on this.

The fabric, accessories, sewing specifications, and patterns have been greatly updated while maintaining the original specifications of this garment.

The attached pig nose leather parts and leather for the zipper pulls are all British bridle leather.

The fastener body is Italian LAMPO.

Fully lined.

The THOMAS MASON tag indicates that the black lining fabric is Thomas Mason.

I think you should be able to figure out what's going on with this amount of information.

2B BLAZER Two-button blazer jacket.

I often see things like drop-shoulder types and things with pads and interlinings removed, but compared to those things, this one is a lot more complicated.

For the time being, it is suitable for the spring and summer seasons, and the lining is unlined, so there are some parts that are light, but considering how to use the padding on the shoulders and how to use the interlining, it is perfect as an SS jacket.

Honkiwa of course.

And there are some strange places, but the cuffs are not framed.

What all the clothes of The CLASIK have in common is the traditional way of thinking about clothes.

This part is easy to understand. For example, when you wear a jacket for many years, you can pass it on to your child.

In that case, I don't think the sleeve length is exactly the same, so I take a larger amount than usual so that the sleeve length can be adjusted.

The fabric is FOX BROTHERS.

FOX AIR is dry and firm for spring and summer.

Strongly twisted wool of FOX quality. It is a fabric suitable for a well-ventilated jacket.

Of course, the hand stitching on the shoulder is still alive.

It's well made.

The CLASIK will be on sale at stores from January 2nd (Thursday), the first day of business in 2020.

Due to the intention of the brand, it cannot be sold at the online shop, so please look at the actual product and choose.

In addition to this, HARRINGTON JACKET will also be lined up.

A drizzler type blouson in a soft beige color made from Dormeuil's strong twisted wool.

I didn't take a picture.

Look forward to it from the 2th.

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