About Taiga Takahashi

There was an official announcement the other day, so as some of you may already know, Taiga Hashi of Taiga Takahashi passed away at the age of 27 on April 9th.

Everyone was really surprised and very shocked.

We heard about it just one week before the official announcement.

In late April, I got a call from the Taiga Takahashi team asking me to set aside time after Golden Week.

As a brand, please let me go directly to the 6 stores that have been handling it since the debut season and talk.

I never received a phone call like that, and at the time I had no idea what was going on, so I said, "Why don't you call me and tell me?"

At that time, I was imagining things more in the business category, and well, no matter what I was told, if they would come directly to me, I would have no choice but to take the content. I was thinking about such a useless thing.

Then the reality was completely different.

It was far beyond my imagination, and when I heard it, I was at a loss for words.

Actually, when the announcement was made, I wanted to tell you what I was thinking as a store that handled it, but I decided to make it a little calmer and wrote it on this blog today.

I have met Hashi-san three times, but I remember all of those times clearly.

The first time we met was before the debut season.

They sat face to face with each other and spoke powerfully about their own experiences, what they wanted to do as a brand, and what they wanted to do.

While looking into his eyes and breathing in the same air, I could feel the strength of Mr. Hashi's eyes and where his heart was headed.

In order to realize the world that Mr. Hashi is aiming for, I thought that if my shop could be of use, I would like to realize what I envisioned together with Mr. Hashi. was

I can't think of such an arrow.

I think it's really regrettable that I was cut off in the middle of my ambition and in the middle of the road.

It's really a pity that someone who was full of ability and talent, and who was aiming for something very meaningful on top of that, ended up in this situation.

As a brand, I feel that he was a person who was able to give a very positive effect to the hearts of many people in his second season, and that's why after this was announced, there was a big reaction in the world. I think it's

Even during the corona crisis, I imagine that he believed in what he should do, so he flew around the world and all over Japan and devoted himself.

I believe that Mr. Hashi left a brand called Taiga Takahashi in this world.

Furthermore, Mr. Hashi is not only a designer, but also an archaeologist and a contemporary artist. Something.

And the "Team Taiga Takahashi" who supported Mr. Hashi are also very talented people.

We were close in age, and so was Mr. Hashi, but everyone in the team was young, and the level of the team was very high.

As a brand, "Taiga Takahashi" is thinking about what Mr. Hashi left behind, "to inherit the will".

In the official announcement of the brand, it was properly stated, but in the announcement from other media, it was completely omitted.

Here, too, we received written information on what kind of announcement the brand would make in advance.

And I heard they would announce the same thing to media relations.

However, I thought that it was not mentioned anywhere in the announcement from the media.

I think the media media should convey a little more proper and accurate information.

That's why I was wondering if the "inheritance" that Mr. Hashi envisioned would be properly announced, but I felt that it wasn't.

When this became public, I thought that our customers were a little misunderstood.

Taiga Takahashi will continue as a brand.

Mr. Hashi, who passed away, apparently thought that one day he would not manage the brand and would like to pass it on to someone else.

Therefore, even in the huge amount of archives he owned, he had a methodical personality, and it seems that he wrote memos in detail.

Of course, no one expected it to happen so quickly.

But I think what the remaining people should do is to properly inherit Mr. Hashi's will and pass it on.

I'm sure Mr. Hashi doesn't want the brand to disappear after his death.

After Golden Week, after talking with the Taiga Takahashi team, it is clear what we can do as a store that carries our products.

Clothes are not a world where you just dress up and consume.

People who are serious about it are literally putting their lives on the line, cutting themselves down and wearing them down.

That's why I think people's hearts move.

Looking ahead, the next collection for the 2022AW season is already in progress and we are taking orders at our store.

And it seems that Mr. Hashi had already completed the production of the collection that corresponds to the 2023SS season.

That season will be Mr. Hashi's own posthumous work, but "Taiga Takahashi" will continue to aim for the future.

I believe that it will surely move the heart of those who receive it.

Of course, if you already have Taiga Takahashi clothes, please keep them.

All the details of the clothes are reflected by Mr. Hashi's thoughtfulness.

Revive the relics of the past in the present age, relive it, and leave it for the future 100 years from now.

It's clothes with that as a "philosophy".

Please look forward to "Taiga Takahashi" in the future.

All of us at CASANOVA&CO sincerely pray for the repose of the soul of Taiga Hashi.

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