Please let me know today. If you like it, you may know, but a new brand will debut this autumn/winter 2021AW season. It's a brand started by a Japanese designer living in NY. "TAIGA TAKAHASHI" These clothes are created with the idea of ​​"making clothes that will last 100 years." The reason why I started handling this brand is because the designer's personality is unreservedly reflected, and I felt a very deep originality. This leads to the elements of making TAIGA TAKAHASHI clothes. He graduated from the world's prestigious fashion school St. Martin's, and while he was in school, he had experience at Phoebe Philo's Celine and Haider Ackerman, and has a very fashion background. You've been talking about your debut for a while now, but in fact, as a women's brand, it seems that you were presenting a collection on a gorgeous stage in Paris, but the designer has changed so much, I've never met before in my life. I'm also the No. 1 vintage collector in people. Therefore, rather than women's clothes, we have changed our mindset to make clothes in the men's world that we have collected ourselves, and made a new debut this time. Japan is a country that finds "beauty" in things that are old and lacking. That "Japanese aesthetics" is at the root of TAIGA TAKAHASHI. The brand concept is to “excavate future archaeological objects by reviving the relics of the past”. He's a designer who makes things that are overwhelmingly biased, and when I met him, I instantly felt that. And when I saw the clothes, I immediately realized that I was right. I'm a designer who has collected more than thousands of clothes from about 100 years ago. Here, I say "designer", but the designer himself seems to think of himself as an "archaeologist". I myself set a very high hurdle for a brand that puts a lot of effort into each and every piece of clothing like this, and I look at them with a strict eye, but this was a good encounter. A Japanese designer has experienced European cutting-edge fashion and creates an American vintage that is ingrained in him. American garments that use beautiful techniques that can only be produced in Japan because they are Japanese, and the elements of mode are very active and take shape. All of the elements of Japanese and European fashion and American old vintage are necessary for this brand, and TAIGA TAKAHASHI's clothes are made of them. At our shop, we will start in the form of a launch installation from Saturday, August 14th. We will also let you know.
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