TAAKK T-shirts are back again this year. I don't think there are many other brands that create so much within the limited space of a short-sleeved T-shirt.

I think some people might think it's too much to wear because it looks just like it looks, but I think that's what TAAKK's creations are all about.

If there is something that everyone can accept, it is easy for everyone to accept it because they have the experience of seeing it. Morikawa-san, who I'm aiming for, doesn't pander to everyone.

That's why it's reflected in a simple piece of clothing called a T-shirt. There are 6 types for the 2020SS season.

EARTH ⇔ PEACE TEE color _ WHITE, BLACK size _ 1,2 T-shirt with sequins. One of TAAKK's iconic sequin series.

The reversed sequins change the characters that appear on the front. The theme for this season is EARTH and PEACE. And it's a full print on the front, which has never been seen before.

PET BOTTLE? TEE color _ PINK size _ 1,2 This is a PET bottle type with a front print for the 2020SS season. It is labeled as a sustainable package.

LION TEE color _ BLACK size _ 1.2 As you can see, this is a lion printed T-shirt. The king of beasts, the lion, lives in the jungle. The words "WEAR THE EARTH" are also placed on the left sleeve.

By the way, this "wearing the earth" is the theme of the 2020SS season. This plastic bottle t-shirt and lion t-shirt have a smoother touch than the sequined t-shirt. It's thin with a fine texture, isn't it?

EARTH SEE-THROUGH T-SHIRT color _ YELLOW size _ 1,2 Half earth and half see-through T-shirt.

It is a product that makes full use of the opal technique (a technique of melting materials) that TAAKK has been working on in recent years. The see-through part is polyester. The yellow part is cotton.

The base is polyester mesh and it feels like cotton on top. The T-shirt is made by using a special chemical to dissolve only the cotton on the surface, exposing the base mesh. I think it's very TAAKK-like. This T-shirt.

Borders that appear to melt randomly. It's what I'm aiming for.

EARTH SEE-THROUGH T-SHIRT color _ BLACK size _ 1,2 This is a different color. Black, isn't it? Black is easier to style.

It's a T-shirt that changes depending on what you wear inside, so you don't have to choose a combination than yellow. I think yellow is the more one-shot OK.

It's a little hard to see if you wear it alone, but you can wear it with a printed T-shirt, a striped T-shirt, or even a shirt as an inner layer, and it will look very special. I can't wear it alone.

Please see our Instagram for photos of the actual wear.

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