TT About "Aido dyeing"

"TT" event currently being held.

Although only about half of the exhibition period has passed, we are happy to be able to see the new "TT" at our store among the people who visit our store every day.

During this period, we would like to create a space that combines the mood of Gion's TT and our store's CASANOVA & CO, so that you can experience "TT" for yourself.

We are also selling some of TT's 2023AW collection, which we saved for this purpose, and Taiga Takahashi's debut season collection.

In addition, as previously announced, in stores, LIMITED EDITION

"Indigo dyeing"

We are accepting orders for those who would like these four types of series.

The new TT collection is named "Between Sky and Soil," and it is a collection that symbolically captures Taiga Takahashi's thoughts up until now.

"Sky" = Indigo dyed

"Soil" = mud dyeing

A mixture of these two.

Both are done at a dye factory in Amami Oshima, but the color is neither indigo nor brown.

I think the color change that occurs after using the clothes is amazing.

There is a production limit for this series, and depending on the size, we have already reached the maximum number of items that can be ordered at our store. We received multiple inquiries from people every day.

Therefore, we have set up a page that can be viewed only for members only during the period when the event is held at our store, so that you can view it exclusively on our online store.

This time, you can take a look at TT's "Aido Dye" series, and if you are interested, you can place an order from this dedicated page, but since it has been created and set up, from now on, I'm thinking of using it in a different way.

To view this page, if you have already shopped at our online store, please enter your information on the login screen.

Even if you are not, you can still see it if you register.

If we receive your order, we plan to deliver it around mid-December.

We are making it available for viewing starting today, so we would appreciate it if you would consider it.

Please see below.

TT Indigo dyeing LIMITED EDITION details page

We will continue to hold events at our stores, so if you are able to come, we look forward to seeing you there.

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