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Today, I would like to inform you.

Fortunately, I have a connection with Taiga Takahashi, and I have been handling Taiga Takahashi since the brand's debut Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

As many of you may know by now, designer Taiga Takahashi passed away in April of last year.

At that time, I wrote about various things on this blog, but even now, I still remember clearly the first time I met Mr. Takahashi.

It was an exhibition where the brand's debut collection was unveiled.

That moment is still vivid in my mind, and although I meet many different designers on a daily basis, I thought that they had a very unique "eye".

That's a rare feeling among clothing "designers." That's what I thought vaguely.

Then, a few years later, he made his debut as a "contemporary artist."

Is that what happened at that time? That's what I thought.

However, in the year that Takahashi made his debut as a contemporary artist, he suddenly passed away.

As everyone has said, I think he was a very talented person, so it was a very unfortunate incident.

However, the clothing brand Taiga Takahashi was actually run by the talented Taiga Takahashi team even before Takahashi was alive.

Also, Mr. Takahashi himself was a very methodical person, so he left behind many notes and traces.

That's why the "inheritance" took place so beautifully, far beyond anyone's imagination.

From now on, we would like to introduce it to you at our store.

Taiga Takahashi from this year's fall/winter collection.

With this start, the brand name also changed from Taiga Takahashi.

Go to "TT".

TT has successfully inherited the founding designer, Mr. Takahashi's intention of ``reviving relics from 100 years ago into the present day and preserving them for the next 100 years.''

It is a half-month period of 16 days from September 30th (Sat) to October 15th (Sun).

Normally, when we hold an event like this at our store, we usually hold it for nine days, sandwiched between two Saturdays and Sundays.

This time, it was for 16 days.

That's because we want everyone to see TT's clothes, but we also want as many people as possible to experience the "space" that will be prepared during this period.

We also have the advantage of distance, and some of the customers who actually come to our store have probably been to TT in Kyoto, so in addition to that mood, we want to combine what we want to convey at our store CASANOVA&CO. Expand.

We hope you will experience ``TT'', which includes not only the clothes, but also everything else, and has been further improved by a talented team.

I'll let you know again.

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