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Today, I will introduce T-shirts. From two brands. AUBETT and tilt The authentics Each one clearly shows the originality of the brand and what the designer thinks. AUBETT Open End Giza Standard T-shirt material _ COTTON 100% (GIZA 87) color_WHITE,NAVY size_S,M,L Just the name on the T-shirt is quite a unique T-shirt. ・Open end ・Giza This is important. Also, the shape is quite different. As for the shape, I posted a picture of me wearing it on Instagram, so it would be great if you could see it. The sleeve length is rather short, and the chest circumference is roomy, but the hem width is relaxed. Also, the roundness of the shoulders is very good. As the name suggests, it doesn't deviate greatly from the standard framework, but I think the way the shape is presented from the chest up gives it a unique and high quality. The price is a little over 10,000 yen including tax, but if you can enjoy this T-shirt, it might be very good. And what I want to tell you today is, as I mentioned earlier, ・Open end ・Giza This is an important item for this T-shirt, so let me introduce it a little. The mix rate is 100% cotton sheeting knit. In this regard, it is no different from a regular T-shirt. However, open-ended. Open-ended is A type of "spinning" process that is performed to turn "fiber" into "thread". There are various types of spinning, Two typical methods are "open-end" and "ring-spun". A typical T-shirt is made by using a method called "ring spinning" to make fibers into threads, what to do with the fibers, what kind of fabric to aim for, and what kind of thread to use. I think there are a lot of In today's world, what is recognized as a high-quality T-shirt is ・Very smooth ・Gloss ・Lack of fluff I think that is mentioned as a special point, Summer in Japan is not only hot but also humid. In such a midsummer season, so-called common, "Superior smoothness with the finest fibers" I think that a T-shirt that has is not suitable. I am The reason is, as I mentioned a little when we released amachi.'s custom T-shirt, it's uncomfortable because it clings to your skin when you're sweaty. T-shirt like that. It is difficult for sweat to dissipate, and it is difficult for wind to pass through. So for those with sweaty hans, I recommend the 'open ended' one. The advantage of the open end when wearing it is that the area of ​​contact with the skin is reduced as a result, and the surface is uneven in a good way, allowing air to pass through. It feels great to wear in the scorching heat. Most of the old American-made T-shirts you find in used clothing stores are open-ended. However, at our shop, it is not at all okay if it is simply an open-end thread. Another reason why this AUBETT T-shirt is good to wear is that the raw material is Giza 87. Usually, American-made T-shirts that you can find in second-hand clothing stores are mostly made from "rice cotton", which is "the most common cotton fiber". think. If that's the case, it's just a dry T-shirt, and I don't need a print that I don't really understand. However, this AUBETT T-shirt, In terms of "cotton fiber level" of Giza 87, "pretty good" cotton is used as raw material and made into open-end yarn. That means The part that hits the skin is also soft and smooth, but not only that, it has a moderate rough feel. This is very important. Plus, regular American t-shirts get ripped easily, but it's woven to prevent that from happening. That's why this AUBETT T-shirt is super safe. This is an AUBETT T-shirt enlarged by 32 times. In the first place, open-end spinning is called "air spinning", and it is a system that uses the power of air currents to twist fibers into yarn. As an image, suck it with a tornado-like air current vacuum cleaner and twist it into a thread. It's like. As a result, the thread becomes fluffy and uneven. It's not like the thread is thin either. As a comparison, This is the same ring-spun t-shirt photographed at 32x. This thread is quite special again, I think that the thickness of the thread and the tightness of the thread are completely different. This T-shirt will be pretty smooth and shiny. This is an oversized T-shirt, so it doesn't feel uncomfortable. Because the thread is thick, the texture of the fabric stands out, and it looks like the body of an old T-shirt. However, it is full of benefits of GIZA87 on the skin. Available in two colors, white and navy, which is close to black. There are 3 sizes, S, M, and L, and S is for small and slim men. S is rather a unisex size. It's not an oversized T-shirt, but in recent years it's more of a refreshing look, but it's M for standard men and L for those over 180cm. However, the shoulder line of the body and sleeves is set to fall. The neck does not stretch, and it is strong enough to prevent twisting. This is the AUBETT T-shirt. And one more thing tilt The authentics. tilt The authentics Suvin GIZA T material _ COTTON 100% (Suvin cotton, GIZA cotton) color _ Melange Gray size_1,2,3 It's rare for this brand, but maybe it's the second time since debut. I want to make a T-shirt like this. Since the debut season of the brand, I have talked with designer Mr. Nakatsu about various things, and we have been handling collections every season since the debut. It's the first T-shirt I've dealt with, but it's pretty well balanced. this. Designed with shape, fabric and purpose in mind. First of all, regarding the shape, I posted a picture of me wearing it on Instagram, so it would be nice if you could see it there. The width of the body has a margin so that the body line does not come out and the fabric does not stick to the body even if you sweat. From the shoulder to the arm, it is not straight like a typical T-shirt, but is designed to be rounded. That's why the outline of the shoulders and how the arms fall look so beautiful. Then there are the sleeves. Depending on the size you choose, it is set in a position that comes to about the middle of the elbow. However, when it comes to T-shirts with sleeves that are close to half-sleeves or about that length, the cuffs are wide and large, and that part is emphasized. However, this is a natural tapered sleeve due to the slant angle of the sleeve and the shaving from the armhole to the cuff. Therefore, I don't think it will get in the way when you wear it and move around, and you won't feel uncomfortable. And the important neck for a T-shirt. When choosing a T-shirt, unless you're aiming for that kind of style, don't you think it's safer to choose a T-shirt that doesn't stretch around your neck? Mr. Nakatsu thinks about that very much. Well, there was a time when I used to collect all the T-shirts that stretched out the neck very quickly to match with the worn-out XX and BIG E. Normally, T-shirts have ribs made of a different fabric on the neck and are sewn together, but this is the same fabric on the neck, with a soft core inserted to sandwich the body. As a result, a neck that does not stretch completely and does not sag is completed. Next is the fabric. It's a heather gray with a strong blackness, but as I mentioned earlier, the material is a blend of Suvin cotton and Giza cotton. I also talked with Mr. Nakatsu of tilt The authentics, and I think that using 100% long-staple cotton is now commonplace. fashion market. For example, not so long ago, Subin cotton T-shirts were very rare and very useful. But now it's become commonplace, and I think it's safe to say that it's the standard for cotton. It's so common. 100% long-staple cotton of a single kind seems to be exhausted. I heard that a large Japanese trading company entered the market and distributed super-long cotton such as Suvin cotton to the domestic apparel market. Otherwise, it's not so commonplace. However, it is very good to be able to easily experience the goodness of such high-quality cotton, but it is also used for clothes. The important thing is. So, this Tilt The Authentics fabric is 100% cotton, but the combination is really rare. A blend of Subin and Giza. I haven't heard which one is 100% how much, and Giza is probably 87, the same as AUBETT? The fabric is very beneficial to the wearer. this. The fabric is moderately fluffy, but you can really feel the fiber characteristics unique to Soobin and Giza. In addition, the kickback that comes back very strongly even if it stretches. The elasticity of this knitted fabric is quite excellent. Mr. Nakatsu of tilt The authentics says that the texture of this material does not change even after repeated washings. When washed, the fibers always get fuzzy, so for example, if the fabric has a strong luster, such as Subin 100, only the fuzziness will be added to the luster. Also, what is common is that when new, it contains a lot of natural oil and is smooth, but once washed, it becomes dry and dry at once. It seems that the unnatural appearance and the change in fabric are different as a brand. That's why it seems that it's important for tilt the authentics not to change as a T-shirt. Well, due to the nature of clothes, when you wear it, you use it hard, and since it comes into direct contact with your skin, the hurdle is actually quite high, so the existence of a T-shirt. Also, yes. In addition to this melange gray, the T-shirt brand also developed a solid black. However, only this gray is available at our store. The reason is that many people shy away from wearing gray in the summer. That's why I think you should choose white or black that is composed of a single color so that sweat doesn't stand out. However, this T-shirt dries quickly even if you sweat. I think there is also a combination of Subin and Giza, but the fibers are soft, but they feel somewhat hard. In terms of the blend ratio, you could call it the touch of a fabric that seems to contain polyester in cotton. However, if polyester is used, when you wear it for a long time, your skin will become dry and irritated, but this is not the case. The thickness is the thinnest of the t-shirts we carry this season, but it also allows the wind to pass through and the fabric is strong so it doesn't sag easily. That's why it's an excellent fabric that dries quickly even if you sweat. After all, if you have this melange feeling, it will give depth to your look, and it may be suitable for those who have never worn this kind of coloring before. I think that many people will wear the same T-shirt for a long time, so I think it will respond to that. If you like AUBETT and tilt The authentics T-shirts, please check them out.
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