SILVANA MANETTI textile designer lab.

Today, I would like to introduce a new brand. This autumn/winter season, the world's first wholesale. In other words, it will be handled by retail stores for the first time under the brand name. SILVANA MANETTI textile designer lab. "Silvana Manetti Textile Designer Lab" As the name suggests, by Silvana Manetti "Laboratory of fabric making with craftsmanship" was founded in Italy in 2001. Since 2007, her daughter Olivia has joined the management, and it seems that the range of production has been greatly expanded. This research institute conducts research and development of materials, as well as design selection and production, all in-house. For a long time, the collection has been offered in the form of collaboration with super brands that everyone around the world knows. I don't know if it's okay to mention the name of the brand, so I'm not going to mention it here, but you can check online for brands that are used by celebrities around the world, and for highly sensitive people, who will be presenting their collections in Paris and Milan. It's the brands that do. If it mentions the name, it will be Zurazura. And this SILVANA MANETTI is the world's first wholesale start this season, so of course I had no way of knowing, and I was contacted unexpectedly. I have a brand like this, but what about it? and. I was approached by such a person, and it was good that I had high expectations, so I went to the venue where I could see it, with high expectations in my heart. A room somewhere in Tokyo. I got behind the guide, opened the door, and entered inside. I faint in agony. Far from exceeding my expectations, I have exceeded my expectations by 500 billion times. However, at that time, the line-up for the autumn/winter season had already been decided, so although it was quite unusual, when I was shown this, I had no choice but to handle it. And there was no choice not to introduce it to people who visit our store. A large muffler that no one has ever seen. Its characteristics are super high-quality materials carefully selected from the world's famous excellent raw materials collected in Italy. I used it as a raw material "Neither woven nor knitted", super original fabric. yes. Neither woven nor knitted. So it's not "thread" that forms this fabric. "Super high-quality material" forms the fabric in "the state of the fiber itself". Overwhelming power emitted from the muffler. Be stunned. And the heat retention is the best of the best, which is a must-have for the coming season. Furthermore, it is ultra-lightweight, and due to the characteristics of the fabric, it is wrapped roughly and does not slip off easily. Although it is super excellent, it is a muffler with transcendental power. 3 types. SILVANA MANETTI textile designer lab. PAINTING 400 material _ CASHMERE 50%, SILK 50% color_BROWN,GRAY MELANGE First of all. 50% cashmere, 50% silk, and hand-painted from the top of the silk surface. The white part is silk fiber. Hand painted over it. On the other hand, this side is all cashmere. yes. It is a muffler with completely different materials on both sides. This is GRAY MELANGE. Here is the cashmere side. what's going on As mentioned above, "Neither woven nor knitted". And of course there are no seams. this. Tamamono by original technology developed in-house by the brand. It's a special bonding, or rather, it's entwined like felt, or it's because there's no such thing as the same thing, but anyway, it's stuck together. Also, I would normally like to call this unique way of standing hair "fluff", but I think that fluff stands up from the spun yarn, so I guess it's "bulging hair". smile Fiber is the stage where it becomes fabric, Fiber → spinning → weaving or knitting If it is normal, it is spun as a thread to make it into a fabric, and it is woven or knitted. Normally. Normally. But no matter how you look at it, it's not made into thread, it's not spun. The raw materials are used exactly as they are. Therefore, the outline of the edge of the fabric is not perfectly straight, and there is a unique fluctuation. This is a new discovery for everyone. Everyone will take you to the unexperienced zone that was unknown so far. Super moving. And this is also washable. that's why, I washed it. I washed it once. Then the whole thing blew up. At first, it has a unique texture. But it disappeared. And I got the ultimate softness. The material is the material, so I think everyone can easily imagine that the touch to the neck is the strongest. I can't escape anymore. It landed in another dimension. But the paint is a little thinner. smile When I washed it, a color I had never seen before melted into the water, but I wonder if it was the paint. It gives the impression that the hand paint, which was strong in the new state, has melted a little into the whole. this. New on the left. The one on the right is the one I washed and always wrapped around my neck. I think you can see that the wrinkles are completely different. Brand new. washed ones. The cashmere hair that can be seen from the armpits is also very dynamic. The clump of cashmere hair, which is not a bundle of thread, wraps the neck perfectly. And this muffler. I have a way of thinking that is absolutely not in Japan. "Tear it okay, tear it okay". Well, due to the structure, I think there are things that can be avoided if you intentionally tear it apart. But after using it for many years, even if I naturally avoid it, it has come to be established. It hasn't been long since I started using cashmere fiber, so I still experience hair loss, but I think it's a good way to deal with it. If it is torn and you are concerned about it, you may want to sew it yourself. Also, it becomes softer after washing, but as you use it, it gradually becomes "felt" due to the heat of the user's body temperature, steam, and the outside air. That's why I feel that some parts of mine have a felt-like hardness compared to when they were freshly washed. I think it's just this muffler. It's going to change like that. SILVANA MANETTI textile designer lab. PAINTING 300 material_ WOOL 50%, SILK 50% color_BEIGE,BLACK This is the same material but different. Wool instead of cashmere. Maybe because this one is wool, it feels thicker. The cashmere I mentioned earlier wasn't sure if I should call it felt, but this one is more felt. Hand-painted on the silk surface as before. If it's black, you can see well that the white silk is transparent. This wool type may be good for those who are looking for a firm and solid weight against ultra-lightweight cashmere. Not heavy at all. In terms of size, all of them are quite large with a width of around 75 cm and a length of around 200 cm, but they are very light. It is a feeling of wearing that does not seem to have that size. If you look at the edge of the fabric, you can tell that it feels like felt. This lump of wool. And silk that swells softly. All of these meet strict brand standards. After all, I feel that Italian brands don't have characteristics in Japan, but I think that it works very positively. Roll it around without thinking about it. SILVANA MANETTI textile designer lab. LIGHT 100 material _ WOOL 80%, SILK 20% color_BLACK/BLACK,BLU TUAREG This is a series without hand painting. Both sides are the same color. Since there is no paint, the material stands out more, so it looks a little like Japanese paper. This is the texture of the fabric. Wool fibers are entangled and bundled. This one has a higher proportion of wool in the blend ratio, so it feels dry on the skin, but I think it will change greatly after washing and using it. Also, I think that the price is relatively acceptable as a gift if it is a type without paint. some people. All of them are things that can only be experienced at this brand, and for the past few years, we have put a lot of emphasis on these things, and since we have selected the products we handle, we are able to offer a “discovery” that we have never experienced before. I think there is Brand new items have power, but they are pieces with great potential, so bring out that potential. If you like it, please take a look.
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