Today, I would like to introduce SILVANA MANETTI. The brand just started around the same time last year.


I have written about this before on this blog, but it was founded in 2001 as an Italian "fabric research and development center." And from the 2021 fall/winter season, it is the first brand to enter Japan.

Well, even though it's all over the world, the fabrics made by SILVANA MANETTI are all things that no one has ever seen before. "Overwhelming creation". For this fall/winter season, we have continued last year's line-up, so there are some items that have been continued at our store, but this time we have greatly increased the variations of SILVANA MANETTI.

The reason was because my heart was throbbing too much. A brand that has a career of more than 20 years is making things with the fabric of stoles and blankets. I wrote about last year's continuation model in last year's blog, so I'd like to introduce this year's new model.


material_CAMEL 40%,CASHMERE 35%,WOOL 25%

First, this. SILVANA MANETTI has many characteristics, one of which is that it is neither woven nor knitted.

If you look at it like this, I think you'll understand. The fibers are stuck together. This is our original "felting technology".

Therefore, the color change and the edge of the fabric are all ambiguous. It switches vaguely like a gradation.

In general, when you "weave" or "knit", except for silk, it is essential to spin natural materials into "thread". However, this is not the case, but the state of "the fiber itself".

So, well, the amount of fiber used in one stole is not overwhelming, but it is surprisingly light. This is unique to SILVANA MANETTI. Also, the amount of fiber is large, so the heat retention is outstanding. It's so warm.

Bordered on both ends. A pattern that switches to stripes in the center part.


material _ WOOL 80%, SILK 20%

Next is this. The width is larger than the previous model called BARBARO.

This is also made by felting the fibers. Compared to the previous model, as you can see, this type has a more marbled color tone.

This model called LIGHT 100 has two sides, one with a clear color and the other with a strong gloss, on the front and back. The clearer coloring is the wool side. Silk fiber felting is used for the glossy surface.

A feature of SILVANA MANETTI is that there are places where the fibers are firmly attached to each other and places where there are gaps.

And although it's all OK to wash, especially the models with felted fibers, the more you use them and wash them, the more they become felted. Also, it is a stole that will naturally become felted by the wearer's heat and steam. That's why new products have a unique mood of blank space, but it's a fabric that changes in an unprecedented way by using it.

Well, if it's a normal stole or muffler, it feels like the thread swells and becomes softer and softer as you use it. Of course, that's all very good. But that kind of thing is always possible if you use materials of a certain quality or higher.

That's why you can already see where you've used it. From the brand new state, I think the answer is clear. I think that the sense of security of such things is very important when shopping, but I feel that I can't meet more than that through the thing itself. My heart doesn't waver there. The market is flooded with such things. Everything ends with the word change over time. Like. Because natural fibers change when you use them. smile

Not only stoles, but also clothes, I often wonder if they really take responsibility for making things like that. What I want to see, know, and experience is that only a few people in the world have the skills, techniques, and ideas, and I can feel it through things that have been created with my hands and time. Clothes and things that have an "internal effect". Because there is a reason to use such things and a value to use.

That's why I want to see the "change in appearance" that physically occurs when such things are used very heavily. That's paradise for me. Well, what I'm trying to say is that through SILVANA MANETTI, you'll be able to experience scenery that you can only encounter in your life.

It's also a "mass" of the world's first-class quality fibers, and because it's Italy, it's a brand where you can get such quality fibers.

This is the LIGHT 100.


material_CASHMERE 95%, WOOL 5%

Next is this. The one I introduced earlier and the one I handled last year is the "fiber felting" series. This is a model based on a fabric called cashmere canvas. Super lightweight. The reason why the coloring is "AS SAMPLE" is because there was something like this in the sample, so I ordered something like a sample.

The white base is cashmere canvas. A fiber is put on it and fixed. The color is as you can see.

Well, even if you say cashmere canvas, there is no canvas feeling at all. kinda soft.

The base woven fabric has felted fibers on it. This bumpy feeling is super cool.



material_CASHMERE 100%

As before, this one is also based on white cashmere canvas. This is oak 100.

3 color stripes. and

border surface.

The material is the material, so it's a luxury area, but in addition, the colors and patterns are super creative. However, there are quite a few stoles in the 100,000s, and sometimes 200,000s, of this kind of material, but it's not that much, so if you have an understanding of this genre, I think you'll be fully convinced.


material _ CASHMERE 64%, SILK 27%, CAMEL 9%

And here is the black base. This model is also a model with a woven fabric on the base.

You can't really see the base because of the felting fiber, but the structure is different from the previous one, "cashmere mesh". It is a thin and small mesh structure. On top of that, brown that looks like a vague and ambiguous light.

The edge still draws the distinctive outline of felt.

It looks heavy, but with this look, it's a lie. The real thing is super lightweight. I think this kind of raw material is unique.


material _ WOOL 65%, SILK 20%, CASHMERE 15%

Finally this. The brand's first blanket. As a blanket, the thickness and size are increasing. PLAID 01 is stripe.

The stole I mentioned earlier was incredibly lightweight, but I think you can feel the solidity of this stole compared to the stole.

However, it is about the same size and is overwhelmingly lighter than a blanket made of woven fabric using threads. That's why SILVANA MANETTI may be characterized by a mysterious feeling. There may be a big difference between the appearance and the feeling when you actually touch it.

A comparison of the size of the blanket and the stall is like this. Totally different size. So blankets are not suitable for wrapping around your neck. Although it's suitable for putting on quickly.


material _ WOOL 70%, SILK 30%

And on the same blanket, PLAID 02. There are many color variations here. White base check.

Multiple layers of felt fibers are on the felt base.

All models have a corresponding power, so I think it's very good for those who like this kind of thing.

It looks like this when you wrap the stole around your neck. It's not particularly compact, and I don't think it's a bad fit. It's like this, so when you use it, it's best to just hang it around your neck, or just wrap it around, so that it looks like you're wearing it.

There are various ways to wrap a stylish muffler, but for SILVANA MANETTI, it is better not to do that. The material used is luxurious, and the real thing has a sense of luxury. That's enough.

And this is what I've been using since last year. It had been washed several times and thrown around. A hand-painted rectangular block of cashmere and silk fibres.

Since it has just started lined up in stores, please take a look at the full lineup. I think that you can experience the world that only SILVANA MANETTI can offer.

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