Let me introduce you to something special today. Seya. gray outerwear. But gray is not artificial. natural grey. Moreover, the material is animal hair. yak. Undyed gray yak. Let me introduce you to that coat. Seya. DOUBLE FACE YAK COAT material _ YAK 100% color_ UNDYED GRAY YAK size_L,XL ※L is sold out Last year, an undyed brown yak coat was in the collection, and I handled it, but this year is this. An undyed gray that has never been seen in previous collections. "UNDYED GRAY YAK". I thought that brown yak was the only yak, but it seems that they are very rare, but they do exist. gray yak. The first time I saw. I can't get enough of it, so it doesn't seem to be a rare thing. It's an undyed gray, so it gives the impression of a slightly brownish gray. Also, the shade of gray in clothes is an inorganic color, so normally it would be a cold color. However, since this is the natural coloring of the yak animal itself, it is a very warm and lifelike gray. The power of the material is overwhelming no matter who sees it. The length is long enough, and a great amount is used. At a glance, in an instant, I think you can recognize the sense of luxury. And the 100% yak fabric used for this coat is made by Mr. Takka of Tukir, a new brand that I introduced the other day. Undyed Inner Mongolian cashmere, silk that has been faded in the sun for two months after being dyed in indigo, and one of the super materials of the weaver who deals with such luxury materials. But this coat isn't just made from undyed natural gray yak wool. Double. Officially double weave. Super ultra hyper specification with two pieces of fabric made of 100% undyed gray yak. And there is no lining so that you can feel the double layer of yak fabric. Once you know this, it's over. No, it's the beginning. I can't go back Recently, I've been introducing only undyed items on my blog, but each has its merits. However, this coat competes straight by making the most of the quality of the material itself. Doesn't it look like you're doing a positive design? A deep color that is impossible artificially, and raw hair that is hand-combed and collected so that even the slightest dust does not damage the fibers. Useless dirt attached to the fiber is removed, and it is slowly spun and woven little by little. And we do not do excessive things only with necessary processing. The fabric is carefully and carefully woven with a sense of tension so as not to damage this megaton-class fiber. That's why it just reflects light naturally, doesn't have any luster, and has a moderately wild feel, making it perfect for the skin. But clothes don't end with just the fabric. It's very important how you use the fabric to build it to completion. Its structure is also wonderful. Just by looking at the photo, those of you who know a lot about clothes can guess that there are no stitches in this coat where the parts are joined together. table too. the back too. how do you assemble it? The edges of the double-weave fabric, the seam allowance, are peeled off by hand, made into two pieces, and sewn from there. Sewing specifications with a very high degree of difficulty. This is called "river tailoring". Of course, the lining of the clothes that have this sewing specification, and if I remember correctly, the interlining such as fusible interlining was not used inside the clothes, so it is very light and the clothes are finished with fluctuations. This is all the fabric edge of the coat. For the ends, just like the joints, one piece of double-weave fabric is peeled off to make two pieces, and both are folded inward and hand-made. Yes, the edges of this coat of fabric are all hand sewn. It's a very generous coat. I have to sew very long distances. Amazing things are happening. However, for that reason, the finish will surely impress those who receive it. Please let me know the specifications. The collar is detachable with a button. But for men, no, if you take the collar off, it might look a little too neat, so I don't think you need to remove it. The button is a translucent water buffalo horn. Stitches are not exposed at the joints of clothes, but stitches are included in the collar and waist pocket. Pocket hold stitch. The front only has one translucent water buffalo horn. There is a hand-knitted loop on the other side, so use this to fasten the front. front shoulder. back shoulder. Neither have shoulder lines. But there is a mysterious switching part under the armpit. This has great benefits when worn, so I'll explain later. The fabric with the right half on the back side. The left half is the surface fabric. The only difference is whether the twill is right twill (rising to the right) or left twill (rising to the left), but it is almost the same. Both are slightly fuzzy. The amount of yak fiber used is enormous, and because it is double weave with 100% animal hair, it is light and soft when worn, but it doesn't have the drape that is common in long coats like this. When you touch the fabric, you can feel the unique bounce. I mean, it's repulsive. It feels like there is a core in the depths of the dough. I don't have interlining. That's why you don't have to worry about it getting wrinkled right away, and since it's a self-supporting fabric, the undyed yak will gradually become familiar with your body over the years, giving you a "real" feeling. This is also completely the result of river sewing. I'm wearing L size. 167 cm tall, 2 mm shaved, weighs 52 kg and L size. Originally, seya.'s brand sizes are L and XL for men. However, the lineup other than this coat is developed in M ​​and L sizes. Or rather, the XL is gone except for this coat in the size development of the brand. The reason is simple. because it was big smile. Originally, when I left Christaseya, I started as a women's brand, and when the men's line-up started, Mr. Seya approached me. rice field. So, Seya-san asked me in advance whether XL was necessary for this coat, so I politely told him that it was necessary and absolutely necessary. So the XL coat remained. In my opinion, since it's a coat like this, it's best to wear it loosely rather than having it fit perfectly. Therefore, it is only available in L and XL. Probably, XL is a sleeve length that does not become short even for those who are close to 190 cm tall. I think that most people would wear it generously with their sleeves rolled up gracefully, but I want them to wear it that way. It's made with ribbed sleeves, there are no buttons on the cuffs, and the sleeves are easy to roll up. Don't worry about the collar, blow it in the wind and turn it around. The material is so good that it's best to wear it unpretentiously and without worrying about anything. side view. Good, isn't it? baker trousers from toogood. I really like you. do you understand. Because it is a double weave fabric, the drape feels a little heavy. This drape gives the natural sheen of undyed gray yak. And, as mentioned above, switch from this armpit. It is a part placed between the front body and the back body, but this is very effective. The shape of the sleeves is neither set-in nor raglan, but the shoulders are strongly slanted, and the round and soft outline of the shoulders is insanely beautiful. Wear this and be surprised. However, if you only look for beautiful shapes in patterns and are too aggressive, it will be difficult to move. With this switch, there is no sluggishness on the shoulders like dolman sleeves, and there is a proper range of motion. If you raise your arm, this armpit part will be exposed, Hide when lowered. In addition, a wrinkle (drape) is created from the top of the shoulder to the front body. These drapes are wrinkles that determine whether or not they look beautiful when viewed from the front. It's the part you touch with your left hand. This coat has a perfect drape. And when you stand up straight, the shoulder outline is very soft and the sleeves fall down effortlessly. This coat has a very high level pattern design. Even if it's made of cheap cotton poly fabric, I think it's a coat that can fight with just the pattern alone. Not only the overwhelming quality of the fabric, but also the careful and very technical sewing specifications that took time, and the beautiful outline when worn. This coat is created as a trinity at an extremely high position. The price is the price, so I only ordered one L and one XL, but I still think it would have been better if more people could see this. I think that those who have it in their hands will be able to feel various things. in a positive way. It has a good amount of heat retention, and it feels a little heavy on your shoulder when you wear it, but it's lightweight for this amount of fabric, so you won't get tired even if you wear it for a long time. I think there are a lot of things that a court must have, but I think I've cleared all of them with ease, and I think that seya.'s coat is in an absolute position. Well, it's the face of the brand. This is. All the elements of seya. are condensed. Please consider if you like it.
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