seya. spring and summer

Today, seya. has also started, so I will introduce a little. In the previous autumn/winter season, we dealt with various variations, but this blog only introduced the yak coat, so I thought I'd post it here as well. However, the spring/summer season has started from this Saturday, and some denim jackets have already sold out, so I don't think I can introduce them all, but let me introduce them little by little. In the first place, seya. is a brand run by Mr. Seya who lives in Paris. Some people often confuse him with Christaseya, but Mr. Seya is not involved at all at present, and I see Mr. Seya's name still being mentioned in fashion business mysteries, but I wonder why. . Our store carries seya., which started in 2017, but even from a global perspective, most of its developments are women's collections. As a brand, we were originally doing womenswear, but we started menswear a little while ago, and our store has been handling it since then. The selection of how to use the fibers and how to construct them into clothes is outstanding. It contains a lot of soft nuances unique to women. At our store, there are a lot of clothes that have the scent of Han that have been made by male designers who have sharpened their spirits, so it would be nice if you could enjoy the difference. Seya. SUMIRE AIR TRENCH material_COTTON 100% color_CLOUD WHITE/CREAM size_M,L It's a stunningly beautiful coat. this. Long white coat. The body is a plain weave fabric woven with two colors of pure white and ivory. On the other hand, the collar is a twill weave with pure white threads for both the warp and weft. Stitches are evenly spaced on the upper collar only, and none on the lower collar. All buttons have white buffalo buttons. A light and thin lining is placed, but the hem is a plush specification. It drapes well, but it's a coat that creates a light drape that's not too heavy. There is a solid amount of bodice, but the arms look very neat when viewed from the front. And when I put it on, I was surprised. When you reach the sleeves from the smoothly and gently sloping shoulder line, it creates a transcendent arm that suddenly flows down. This is a superb view. Well, I didn't take any pictures. Seya. KURTA SHIRT material_COTTON 100% color _ SUMI GRAY size_M,L,XL *L and XL sizes are sold out. And here. A shirt that Mr. Seya from seya. likes to make. At our store, we had the same hand-stitched Ver. last season. This KURTA SHIRT. This is a fabric woven at a weaving shop that produces Bingo Kasuri fabric. As indicated, it is 100% cotton, but the fabric is woven with very uneven threads. A single thread has thick and thin parts, giving it an overly rich look. Great harvest. The place where the warp and weft intersect is very beautiful, and although it is quiet, it looks like it is definitely in a deep state. It looks somewhat similar to Khadi cotton from India, but this is a fabric with a feeling of thickness, so it has a firmness. However, the textured surface, like Japanese yoryu and chijimi fabrics, might make you feel comfortable even when the temperature and humidity are high. The side pleats are deep, and the back style has more margins than the front. seya balance. Also, this fabric is ink-dyed. that light grey. I think they use something like a mordant, but compared to chemical gray, the atmosphere is completely different. Also, since it has been washed quite strongly, there is no need to worry about color transfer, and the effect of washing gives it a deeper expression. another thing, Seya. TRAVEL PANTS material_COTTON 100% color _ SAXE GRAY size_M,L These pants were called seya pants until last season. From this season, the name has been changed to travel pants. I like the Seya pants from the 2020AW season. this. It's thick pants and powerful, and it doesn't feel like Don at all. It's not "YOUNG" wide pants. These pants are so neat. and, Seya. TOFU JEANS material_COTTON 100% color_SNOW size_S,M denim fabric from seya. It's nothing you've seen before. And the sewing is not denim specification. TOFU JEANS with a very soft nuance. There are no side seams or waist pockets, only the back pockets and darts are exposed. It's denim woven with light gray and white uneven yarn. It's getting late at night, and I'm in a situation where I have to prepare for the next season even if I want to write a blog, so let me introduce it later. If you like it, check out seya.
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